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If You Want A Safe Society, Let’s Do Something About Dangerous Liberals And Their Demonic Kids.

January 8, 2013

Here’s a story for you:

Member of Biden’s Gun Control Task Force Has a Son Convicted of Planning School Mass Murder
Katie Pavlich
News Editor, Townhall

President of the National Assocation of Police Officers and Boston Police Officer Thomas Nee is a member of Vice President Joe Biden’s gun control task force, which was created by President Obama in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Nee’s son, Joseph Nee, was convicted in 2008 for planning to commit mass murder of students and teachers at Marshfield High School in Massachusetts, similar to that of Columbine in 1999. After spending nine months in prison, Nee’s conviction was upheld by the Supreme Judicial Court.

Nee told police the plan involved taking ammunition and explosive devices into the school, securing the school’s exit doors with bicycle locks, and shooting students and staff.

As the blog SipseyStreetIrregulars first pointed out, Nee may have planned to carry out murders of his classmates with his father’s service gun.

Boston Police plan to contact authorities investigating the alleged Columbine-style attack plot at Marshfield High School to determine if a gun that one suspect allegedly showed to another student was a .40-caliber handgun issued by Boston Police.

A female student told Marshfield Police that Joseph T. Nee, one of the two suspects in the case, pulled what she thought was a black, .40-caliber handgun from his waistband as she was getting off a school bus this past spring and told her “how the school was going to be shot up,” John P. McLaughlin, an assistant Plymouth district attorney, said at Nee’s arraignment Monday.

Nee is the son of Thomas J. Nee, president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, the city’s largest police union. Boston police officers carry .40-caliber Glock handguns, according to a department spokeswoman.

Yesterday, Boston Police Lieutenant Kevin Foley said news reports that Joseph Nee was carrying a .40-caliber handgun “was really the first we’d heard of that particular allegation.”

Thomas Nee is serving as an expert on gun violence for Biden. Attorney General Eric Holder, Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department Charles Ramsey and others have also been tapped to provide their expertise to the task force.

Guns don’t kill people; liberals and their warped children kill people.

And it sounds like Daddy Nee of Biden’s gun control task force is going to have to throw gun control out the window and arm himself to be safe from his own murderous whackjob son.  If said murderous and whackjob son ever gets out of prison for trying to murder a bunch of of kids at school, anyway.

Hey, I think every liberal ought to have their names and addresses released by the newspapers.  You know, since their kids are clearly so dangerous and evil.  Because shouldn’t people have a right to know that there’s a dangerous liberal with a recklessly out-of-control and evil kid living in their neighborhoods?  And does anybody know how to make one of those interactive maps so they’d be really exposed to anybody with a grudge against them the way they just did to us?

If conservatives acted like liberals, we’d to that.  We’d also publish the names and addresses of every homosexual and every woman whose had an abortion along with the anti-gun crazies in America.  Because these people are dangerous and destructive, and we should be informed exactly where they are.

What’s funny is that fascist Nazi liberal newspaper that targeted gun owners by treating people who were exercising their constitutional rights like child molesters now thinks that while nobody else ought to be protected by guns, THEY ought to be.  Which first of all proves that the single quintessential ingredient of any liberal is abject personal hypocrisy, and second of all that liberals are actually FINE with guns; it’s guns in the hands of anybody who can fight back against their fascist takeover which bothers them.

In the regions that “benefitted” from the Journal News’ fascist publication, there has been a giant surge in requests for gun permits.  Because people damn well KNOW that guns stop criminals and they don’t want criminals thinking that they’re going to be helpless the way the Democrat Party wants you to be the next time thugs terrorize you in your home.

The list of gun permit names and addresses that liberals published – because liberalism is evil and what do you expect – has been shown to be inaccurate (in many cases, the permit holders moved and the current residents of the home have nothing to do with guns OR liberal fascism; in others people are outraged that the names of their dead parents are being used by the paper).  It has also been shown to put numerous police officers in direct personal jeopardy as their names and addresses are now criminal knowledge.  Inmates have found out about the addresses of their prison guards.  It’s really, really bad.  And we clearly need to do something urgent about the incredible threat posed by liberals.

Liberals need to have their identities and residences posted so everyone can know the threat that lurks near them, and be able to deal with those liberals, their families, and their property however they wish.  It’s the only reasonable thing to do, given the actions taken by the Gannett-owned Journal News.

We also need to strip our politicians and judges of their gun protections and armed security so they are as helpless as they citizens they wish to render helpless.  Maybe if these turds actually had to experience the vicious and murderous effect of the laws they passed they’d pass more sane laws and fewer evil ones.  Do you think Obama would be so damn hungry to take your right to own a gun if he and his family would be as defenseless as you and yours would be?  If Obama doesn’t think we need these semi-automatic guns to keep safe, why do his Secret Service guys have fully automatic ones?  We also need to strip the guns from all the police officers.  That way, when they force their way into the wrong homes because they screwed up so royally, they won’t have anything more than harsh language to shoot the innocent people cowering inside with.  The dogs of these innocent victims of police screw-ups and shootings of innocent familiies will be relieved when guns get seized from the cops, too.  Maybe the police officers wouldn’t let their damn unions spout off about gun control if they didn’t get to carry, either.  And if societies that take away guns from their citizens are the way to go, let’s take away all the weapons from our military, too.  Because guns are evil and America ought to be like that sculpture of the three monkeys when it comes to evil.

Has it ever occurred to you that when it comes to gun control, liberals are ALL as abjectly hypocritical of the Journal News that was so angry about people having guns that they published the names and addresses of every registered gun owner along with a fancy interactive map to go with it.  And then they decided guns were a pretty damn good idea after all and loaded themselves up with the very selfsame armed security that they want to strip from all the people who AREN’T fascists like they are.  And, you see, when you treat people like child molesters just for exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and then you bear arms the very next moment, well, you’re the real child molesters here, liberals.

I think it would be far more helpful to take away all the liberals, though.  And far more constitutional, too.  Because the Constitution guarantees me word-by-word the right to keep and bear arms; it doesn’t say anything about being forced to keep around and bear with liberals.

Liberals are saying that people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms need to explain themselves to the families whose children were murdered by the Sandy Hook psycho.  I’ll tell you what: I’ll go do that as long as you liberals go talk to the families of the more than one hundred million innocent people who were brutalized and murdered by the Nazis and the communists because you don’t think anybody ought to have guns but the state.

When the Antichrist comes and starts grinding humanity into dust, just remember that it was Barack Obama and the Democrat Party who left you helpless to resist the ultimate big government tyrant whose coming is soon at hand.

Gun dog

Outrage: Left Shows Why They Absolutely Cannot Be Trusted To Be Anything Other Than Fascists Even As They Call On Us To Surrender Our Arms

December 27, 2012

It was Christmas Eve, but liberals were neverthelesssssss – because they are serpents – trying to prepare the way for the coming big-government beast of Revelation.

Newspaper Publishes Gun Owners’ Names and Addresses
By Colleen Curry | ABC News Blogs – Mon, Dec 24, 2012

A newspaper in New York has received a wave of criticism from its readers after publishing the names and addresses of all of the individuals with handgun or pistol permits in its coverage area.

Hundreds of residents in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties were surprised to find their names and addresses listed on a map posted by The Journal News on Sunday. Users can click any dot on the map to see which of their neighbors has a permit for a gun.

The map sparked more than 500 comments from readers within a day of its appearance on the website, many of them voicing outrage at the paper’s decision to make the information public.

“This is CRAZY!! why in the world would you post every licensed gun owner information?? What do you hope to accomplish by doing this. This is the type of thing you do for sex offenders not law abiding gun owners. What next? should i hang a flag outside my house that says I own a gun? I am canceling my subscription with your paper today!!!” said commenter Curtis Maenza.

“How about a map of the editorial staff and publishers of Gannett and Journal News with names and addresses of their families…,” wrote commenter George Thompson.

All of the names and addresses were compiled through public records. The paper also requested the information from Putnam County, which is still compiling the records for publication, according to The Journal News’ website.

In a statement to ABC News, The Journal News said its readers “are understandably interested to know about guns in their neighborhoods,” because of the conversation about gun control on its website after the shooting in Newtown, Conn., last week.

“We obtained the names and addresses of Westchester and Rockland residents who are licensed to own handguns through routine Freedom of Information law requests. We also requested information on the number and types of guns owned by permit holders, but officials in the county clerks offices in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties maintained that those specifics were not public record,” the statement read.

“New York’s top public-records expert, Robert Freeman, disagrees,” it added.

The paper declined to answer further questions about the map.

Try to imagine the outcry had a rightwing newspaper published the names and addresses of all the homosexuals.  Batter up, gay bashers: here’s where they at.  Go bash them and if they’re hiding out you go bash their cars and vanalize their homes.  Imagine if they had published the names of all the anti-gun zombies and made sure the public understood that these were the people trying to take away the security of their homes and threatening their families.

You know whose names WEREN’T in “the list” that liberals leaked hoping that other liberals would target these families with vandalism and other forms of intimidation?  Criminals who don’t bother with laws and who want to prey like the coyotes they are on defenseless homes and families.

The message of the left is this: surrender your guns to us or we will demonize you and expose you to physical assault and vandalism until you do.  And what they just screamed is that we need guns more than EVER to protect oursleves from these fascists for whom our God-given constitutional rights are nothing.

The fascist left – more technically known as the Democrat Party – have done this trick repeatedly.  They used the exact same tactic to target law-abiding Americans who exercised their free-speech rights to support Proposition 8.  Democrats blacklisted businesses, publicly boycotted them, publicly disgraced them and privately vandalized them.  To quote the exact words of the party of hell: “there will be hell to pay.”  And the party of hell knows how to unleash hell on their enemies (defined as anybody who disagrees with them).

Democrats and liberals are people who feel that “free speech” only applies to THEM.  If you are a conservative, they feel righteous to shout you down.  They feel righteous to go into churches and universities and shout down their opponents.

Democrats are Nazis who have already murdered more than nine times more babies in America than Germans murdered Jews in Germany.  If you are a Democrat, you will one day stand before a just and holy God and answer – while the fire and smoke of God’s wrath billows from His throne – for YOUR part in the murder of 55 million of the most innocent of all human beings.  And eternity isn’t long enough for you to suffer: you will burn for a trillion times a trillion times a trillion years for every nanosecond of each one of those lives you viciously snuffed out with your vote.

Did I say “vote”?  Democrats point at the Constitution and say that the right to vote is somehow sacrosanct.  They conveniently forget that the right to keep and bear arms “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”  And yet these same future citizens of hell tell us WHILE THEY’RE URINATING ON THE SECOND AMENDMENT that it is somehow a terrible thing to so much as ask for an ID in order to vote.

Does it matter to them that far more people have been murdered – because, for instance, the Nazis were elected to power by voters – by votes than have been killed in America by armed crazies???  Of course it doesn’t.  And that’s because “Nazi” stood for “National Socialist German Workers Party” – and a perfect synonym for “Democrat Party” today is “National Socialist American Workers Party.”  And that’s because, just like the Nazis, modern Democrats are socialist to the core and modern Democrats demagogue “workers” the exact same way the Nazis and the Marxist communists did before them.

A tiny union shut down two of the largest ports in the nation last month during the busiest period of the year.  That strike cost the U.S. economy a billion dollars a day for a total of $8 billion that America will never get back.  And now Obama’s union thugs are about to exploit the system again on the other side of the country.  Because they are fascists nation wide.  As godawful terrible as Obama’s abject failure of leadership to preside over an actual deal regarding the fiscal cliff is, it is still just a drop of piss in Obama’s urine ocean of the ruination of America.

There are workers who would count their blessings to earn a THIRD of the salary and benefits of these union thugs; but businesses are as helpless against union terrorism as Democrats want to make the rest of America against criminals who know we’ve just had all our guns taken away.

Democrats can stomp all over the Constitution and still deceitfully call themselves champions of “freedom”; Republicans can’t even politely ask for IDs as Democrats exploit the same electioneering tactics that gave Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood and a fascist constitution based on sharia law.

It’s too late now; Democrats WILL take our rights to bear arms away because that will be essential to the beast of Revelation to come so his big government can utterly crush an unarmed and defenseless people.

The agenda of the Democrat Party is the agenda of Romans chapter one.  And God is damning this land even as He allows the world to have the Antichrist that it wants so damn much.

This has been God damn America for the last four years.  And we aint seen nothin’ yet.  Things will get worse and worse under this president; but he is a man who spent the last four years blaming everything on George W. Bush and is already showing that he will spend the next four years blaming everything on Republicans.  It’s all the House’s fault, Obama will say; forget the fact that when things went to hell under George W. Bush, Democrats dominated not only the House, but the Senate as well.

God said to America, “You don’t need Me; you’ve got Obama now.”  But wait, like in the game shows, there’s more: there’s four more years of abject God-damn-America misery cynically exploited by one of the most skilled demagogues in history.

Obama is going to exploit the impossible demands he gave to the House Republicans who also won the 2012 election by retaining control over the House and the purse strings that go WITH winning the House.  But he’s a liar;

I wrote an article well over a year ago titled, “Why I Call Barack Obama A Fascist.”  And that only scratches the surface of what we’ve seen from the left ever since.  The Antichrist to come will have the big government liberal system in the history of the world: he will so take over the economy that no man can buy or sell without a government-mandated mark.  Liberals will take over the economy just as they always dreamed of doing – and then use that power to crush anyone who gets in their way just as they always dreamed of doing.

Obama has publicly demonized so-called “assault weapons” as “weapons of war.”  It’s a rhetorical ploy intended to suggest the question, “Why does anybody need a weapon of war?”  It omits the FACT that WHAT THE HELL WERE GUNS WHEN THE FOUNDING FATHERS ENSHRINED US WITH THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR WEAPONS OF WAR???

Should our military lose the right to keep and bear those arms?  Should the Navy SEALs surrender their assault rifles?  How about the FBI and the police?  Why should THEY be allowed to carry such “weapons of war”???  Based on Obama’s rhetoric, aren’t our police at war with America?  If these guns are so evil, how are they not warping the souls of our military and our SEALs and our police officers???

If you’re going to suggest to me that our military and our police need to have those weapons to deal with evil people, well, dumbass, so the hell do American citizens.  We need to not only protect ourselves from violent criminal predators, but we need to protect ourselves from the fascism that Democrats are now shrouding every aspect of America with.  We need to protect ourselves against “the lists” that Democrats are publishing to target us.

A pissed-off Connecticut lawyer just published the names and addresses of all the fascist journalists who published the names of the people who legally owned guns in its New York coverage area.  I wonder if any of them are scared about what could happen as angry people try to take vengeance.  And I wonder if any of them realize that what they did is utterly and completely evil because THAT’S exactly what they were trying to do in publishing the names and addresses of gun owners.

Ultimately the left is going to win this political war that will result in the extinction of America.  And the reason is that – one lawyer aside – the right simply will not stoop to the vicious and vile level of the left.  No conservative newspaper will publish the names and addresses of anti-gun people and invite the ensuing carnage.  We’re just not that despicable or that evil or that depraved.  That’s why the left is going to win.  And that’s why the beast will be here soon.

And just like the Jews found themselves with no way to defend themselves against socialist Adolf Hitler when he began implenting his Final Solution, those left behind to face the Antichrist won’t have guns to protect themselves against the  most evil regime the world will have ever seen.

Interestingly, Obama has twelve armed guards protecting his daughters.  You get to protect your daughters with harsh language.  As long as none of it offends a liberal.

Also interestingly, it will be interesting to see which homes get targeted in the future: the ones where the robbers know the owners are armed and can defend their homes or the ones where the robbers know that the victims are unarmed and defenseless.