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After Obama Deceitfully Demonized GOP For ‘Dirtier Air And Dirtier Water,’ His Occupy Movement Leaves Behind 30 TONS Of Diseased Filfth At Just ONE Site

December 1, 2011

My three-word description of liberals: demonic sociopathic hypocrites.

We’re told by Barack Obama that conservatives want to poison the environment and hurt people:

“The Republicans plan, Obama says, boils down to this: ‘Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.'”

America needs to impeach this vicious, rabid little lying weasel.  While there is still a country left.

Here’s the actual factual reality that smacks Obama’s demagogic lies right in the face:

Occupy L.A.: 30 tons of debris left behind at City Hall tent city
November 30, 2011 |  4:32pm

Sanitation officials said Wednesday that they expect to haul away 30 tons of debris from the Occupy L.A. encampment –- everything from clothing to heaps of garbage to oddball curiosities left behind by the protesters who lived at the City Hall tent city for two months.

Andrea Alarcon, president of the city Public Works board, said workers already have removed 25 tons of belongings from the City Hall park, all of it heading straight to a landfill.

Sanitation crews also have vacuumed up about 3,000 gallons of water that had washed into a catch basin in recent days and are testing it for hazardous materials, she said.

The sheer volume of personal belongings left behind after the early morning Los Angeles Police Department raid has astonished city workers: books and CDs, luggage and boom boxes, mattresses and dining chairs, cellphones, electric razors, a small red guitar with its neck snapped –- all surrounded by dozens of collapsed and empty tents.

A steady flow of people stopped by the park Wednesday to take photos and video and watch workers in white hazmat suitsrake trash into neat piles.As workers broke down tents and placed them in trash cans, Ramir Delgado, 25, snapped photos out of curiosity.

“It’s a shame how I see all trash around here,” he said. He pointed to his head. “People don’t understand that the freedom starts here in your mind.”

Delgado said he was disappointed in Occupy L.A.

“You know why this is filthy and not clean is there isn’t leadership,” he said.

A few feet away, crews in the hazmat suits raked trash of discarded protest signs, nail polish and jars of peanut butter.

“This looks like pure anarchy,” Delgado said, adding, “in a Hollywood way.”

Donna Spurgeon, who snapped pictures on her phone, said she was surprised by the mural in the center of the south lawn.

“How did that get built” she asked of the structure that city officials built around an historic fountain, a structure protesters turned into an art piece.

“If you’re here to protest, don’t deface public property,” Spurgeon said.

She said the aftermath looked like a “little war zone, a little ghetto.”

Allow me to show you what the Democrats’ plan is for cleaner air and cleaner water:

Thanks a lot Barry Hussein, you dishonest liar, but if it’s all the same to you, I’ll keep breathing in the Tea Party air and drinking the Tea Party water.

The saddest thing of all is that it was hard to find those photographs – because the dishonest media has so completely refused to do their job.  I saw conservatives calling for photos documenting what the Occupy movement was really doing, because the media ISN’T doing it.  The media is supposed to document reality and show us the facts; but they are so rabidly dishonest and partisan that instead they dedicate themselves to covering up stories and images they don’t want you to see while fixating on the most niggling allegations about conservatives as long as those allegations paint conservatives in a bad light.

We do have a small handfull of stories about what “clean air” and “clean water” means to Democrat activists, though:

From The Washington Examiner, November 28:

The National Park Service posted warnings at two Occupy DC campsites claiming that the protesters are attracting rats, urinating in public and using illegal drugs, sparking new speculation that authorities may be considering evicting the demonstrators.

 The National Park Service insists there are no plans to force the protesters from McPherson Square or Freedom Plaza. The service posted warning letters at both sites warning protesters that camping, defined as sleeping and cooking in the park, is illegal. 

The warnings also noted that there are “increasing problems of public urination and defecation, illegal drug and alcohol use, and assaults.” Rats also are a problem even though the Park Service removes trash from both sites three times a day, the warning states.

And we’ve got lice and the threat of the plague of Typhus that wiped out so many Jews in the Nazi death camps:

Occupy Portland made an announcement during their general assembly that there is apparently and outbreak of head lice and body lice.


The “Honeybucket” port a potty company has advised the OWS encampment that they will be removing the port a potties on Monday due to constant vandalism. The union that is paying for the plastic crap o lets begged the company to leave them through the weekend, but is unwilling to pay the increased rates the company is demanding to deal with the destruction. An OWS announcement flier detailing this is detailed in the 3 minute video – quite an amusing read.

Also uploaded on 11/5 is a video detailing the trash and filth at this encampment – it should be visible in the related video section to the right of the page at link. It offers a great “on the street” video documentary of the filth that these deprivates are creating.

The Daily Caller put it this way:

As if the robberies, rapes, fistfights, arson, squatting, vandalism, knocking down old ladies, and other forms of peaceful protest weren’t enough, now the Occupy movement can lay claim to another glorious achievement: the spread of bodily parasites.

Give me that clean GOP air and water, PLEASE!!!  Don’t make me breathe in or drink that diseased Obama filfth.

This isn’t just about the Occupy movement being filfthy and diseased.  Damn near ALL the liberal events are the same way.

The article above contains this paragraph to contrast the Tea Party and the Glenn Beck events:

“It’s a rather stark contrast to the way all the evil capitalist wreakers of environmental doom left the capital after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally. By their fruits you will know them.”

The “fruits” of liberals is their feces.  And they’ll throw it at you or smear it on your wall if you won’t “redistribute” the money you worked hard to earn to them.

Liberals and Democrats are not just abject hypocrites; they are the most vile people in America.  They are a fifth column bringing us down to our doom.  And if we as a nation are depraved and naive enough to vote for Obama again, they will surely succeed.

The American Left Personified By Occupy Movement: Vile, Violent Fascist Thugs

November 7, 2011

“Occupy” as in “occupation”; vile and violent people taking over and threatening and intimidating and attacking anyone or anything that stands between them and what they want.

What follows on the video ought to remind you that the left have been using tactics exactly like this since the 1960s.  Just as they have been going to conservative events and “demonstrating” what they think about free speech or the rights of others by barging in on the other sides’ events and acting like the fascists they truly are.  And if you try to stand your ground for your own rights they fall on the ground and pretend they’re martyrs.

The Joseph Goebbels propaganda of the mainstream media repeatedly characterized the Tea Party as violent; it never was, as the complete absence of arrests shows.  Day after day, night after night, we are seeing that it is the LEFT and the DEMOCRATS who are match their vileness with violence.  There’s violence and fires everywhere they go; and they mock the police chanting that “you have to arrest all of us.”  Like the vile mob of thugs that they are.

Here’s the Occupy DC mob – while also keeping average (and black and with a two-year old in the car, for the record) working people from going home and assaulting women and children – physically and violently “occupying” a Tea Party event (Defending the American Dream Summit) and injuring elderly people (such as the elderly woman who is shoved down at 2:30 into the video).

“You son of a bitches” is right.  You vile, fascist sons of bitches:

Democrats are showing America what they are: genuine vermin.

In the last minute of the video, another black driver (i.e. over a 90% likelihood that he is a Democrat) apparently got fed up enough to use his car to go through a blockade.  And the same people who had no problem shoving down elderly women and assaulting mothers and children immediately proceed to use the manufactured “crisis” they created by illegally blocking the street to depict themselves as victims.

The leftist Occupy DC vermin actually used their own children – including TODDLERS – as human shields to block people and even cars in.  They intentionally put their own children at risk.  That is cockroach behavior.

In non-Occupy violence, a liberal vandalized a statue of Ronald Reagan in Newport Beach while another liberal was arrested for threatening to rape the wife and harm the family of Republican (and Jew) Eric Cantor.  At the Portland Occupy mob event there is an outbreak of lice among the demonstrators (one vile form of parasite afflicting another even more vile form of parasite) while the lice-ridden demonstrators are going to lose their port-o-potties because they couldn’t resist acting like the fascist vandal thugs that they are:

Apparently the lice are starting their own ‘Occupy’ movement.  As Nancy Pelosi said, “God bless ’em.”

Keep in mind that it was the left who started the next typhus epidemic (mind you, they’ll blame Bush for that, too).

Where’s Honeydipper Dan when you need him to deal with the filthy, vile, putrid stench of liberalism???

You liberals are just pure FILTHY fascist scum and the least three years (actually going back to 2007 when you took over the House and the Senate) is proof positive  that whenever you get any power whatsoever nothing but bad happens.

The question becomes, “How should decent people respond to this?”  And decent people (i.e. people other than liberals) will disagree.  Should we “do unto them as they do unto us” and employ violent thug tactics to disrupt their events?  Should we become as vilent as them?  Or maybe fall down and get taken away in an ambulence if they touch us so we can press charges or sue later? 

History proves that the tendency of civilized society is to cave in to such vile, violent minorities because the majority simply isn’t willing to stand up for themselves.

At the same time, as a Christian, I believe that we cannot act as the demonic world system (i.e. liberalism) acts.  God called us to be better – just as He has a far better destiny in store for us.

On the one hand, we have to be willing to stand up for our own rights and freedoms.  Because otherwise our rights and freedoms will be taken away to appease the screaming, violent left.  But we can surely do it in a better way than what we’re seeing from “Occupy,” can’t we???