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Schumer Shows Democrat Hypocrisy Over Demand for MidEast to Pump More Oil

April 25, 2008

Sen Charles Schumer of New York demanded that OPEC pump more oil to ease the cost of gasoline, or he will hold up valuable arms deals with Arab countries.

Just wanted to point out the three examples of mass hypocrisy:

1) Democrats oppose any new drilling in the United States, but they are demanding that Arabs pump more? Isn’t that just dripping with hypocrisy? And they’re upset that OPEC can inflate the price, but they refuse to allow a the creation of a stable source of oil that we can control?

2) Democratic candidates for president are urging Sunni Arab countries to trust the United States to protect them and NOT develop nuclear weapons to balance the power of a Shiite Iranian program. But they then turn around and say, “We’ll cut your weapons supply off?”

3) Democrats scream about jobs, but then they threaten to cancel arms deals that employ so many American workers? Don’t they want American jobs?

Democrats drive up the costs of American business by demanding higher worker pay and benefits, by refusing to limit their costs of even frivolous litigation, by imposing one regulation after another on them, and by imposing incredibly expensive environmental restrictions. But its Republicans fault that companies are shipping jobs overseas to lower their costs. And then on top of that they use American contracts with foreign countries as a bargaining chip to score a cheap political point?