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ABC Reporter Wonders When Obama And Democrats Will ‘Man Up’

February 5, 2010

So here’s the deal:

ABC’s Tapper Waiting for the Pres to ‘Man Up’

By Don  |  February 4, 2010

ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper irked Robert Gibbs when he questioned whether the president is going to ‘man up’ and make the tough decisions.


A couple of comments from a Free Republic posting put things pretty well.  One said:

I like Jake’s choice of wording around that “Man Up” bit too. The Democrats own all of Congress and the White House and they continue to use George Bush and the Republicans as the reasons things aren’t getting “better.”

Let the Democrats do the unpopular things, as Jake said, and be willing to show the world your real colors so that your party gets voted out in the Fall.

That’s my takeaway.

And the other said:

Surely they don’t expect the guy who voted mostly ‘present’ to make tough decisions.

I’m sure that Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs, and the Democrat Party don’t understand why the Republicans won’t play ball with them.  After all, all they’ve done is demonized Republicans, repeatedly attack them for their “failed policies,” shut them out and marginalized them, refuse to consider their ideas, lie about them, and then demonize them some more.  And all the while they have demanded that Republicans abandon their core principles and embrace “failed policies” that the American people have clearly rejected.

For one thing, Democrats did everything they could to stall Republican progress without bothering to offer ideas of their own – and then attacked Republicans for not making progress:

Likewise, Mr. Press complained that opponents hadn’t put their own reform plans on the table. “The people who are there to protest–what are they for? Are they for the status quo? The Republicans haven’t put any other plan on the table.” But did congressional Democrats offer their own alternative to President Bush’s 2005 Social Security plan? When a fellow Democrat asked Rep. Nancy Pelosi when their party would offer its own Social Security plan, her answer was “Never. Is that soon enough for you?” Democrats would not even negotiate until personal retirement accounts were taken off the table. Why should Republicans act differently today, regarding the “public option”?

For another thing, it isn’t true that Republicans have ever been “the party of no” and offered no ideas:

Despite the “lecture” by the commander-in-chief, as one member described it, Republicans had the opportunity to articulate the proposals they’ve sent to the president over the past year.

And for the first time, Obama acknowledged that House Republicans had crafted measures to stimulate the economy, reduce the budget deficit and reduce health insurance costs.

At a number of times during the rare, televised, question and answer session with members, the president said that he had read many of their proposals.

“I’ve actually read your bills,” the president said to a packed banquet room at Baltimore’s Marriott Renaissance hotel.

In other words, it is now a matter of public record that Democrats have been intentionally lying, misrepresenting, slandering, and demagoguing Republicans all along.  Why on earth should Republicans have cooperated with these vile people?

For all the constant whining of the Democrats there’s a saying that applies: “Let them hang on their own petard.”  These damn Democrats undermined the Republican majority and George Bush for years.  And now all of a sudden it’s immoral for Republicans to make their own stand?

As for Barack Obama, all he has done is constantly blame his massive failure on George Bush.  It has become beyond ridiculous: even the election of Republican Scott Brown and the transformation of Camelot into a Red State was Bush’s fault! It is almost as if it has been George Bush, and not Barack Obama, who has been president all along, while poor Barry Hussein has been some powerless, pathetic pawn.  At some point Obama will either stop blaming Bush and take responsibility for his own situation, or else he will be the worst president this country has ever seen – and take the whole country right down the toilet bowl with him.