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Secular Humanist Liberals Who Try To Hijack Christmas Are Like Klu Klux Klansmen Who’d Like To Hijack Martin Luther King Day

December 26, 2013

Let me just point out an obvious historical fact: Christmas is a federal holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Democrats – who despise God, despise the Bible, despise Judeo-Christianity, despise Western Civilization itself and whose favorite “art” is “Piss Christ” – most despise the nativity scene that depicts the birth of Jesus when they rain their hell on Christmas.

That said, Democrats hate Santa Claus, too.  Because Santa Claus was based on an actual historical white Christian male named Saint Nicholas, after all.  And truth is just something these people WILL NOT tolerate.

But they hate Jesus far more.  Because Jesus put it best when He pointed out, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first” — John 15:18.

What is it about allowing a nativity scene that forces people to bow down and pray against their wills?  I have no freaking clue.  Apparently Democrats believe more in the power of the Christmas spirit than conservative evangelical Christians do.

Demanding that other religions or other people be honored as much as Jesus is honored on Christmas is no different than demanding that we give equal honor to the equivalent day for the Soviet Union when we honor the day our Declaration of Independence (which is filled with references to God, fwiw) was adopted in America on Independence Day.  It’s like demanding that we give equal time to Nathan Bedford Forrest (the founder of the Ku Klux Klan) on Martin Luther King Day.  In other words, it is a frankly insane and evil thing to do.

So stop and think about the liberals who come unglued over a holiday that honors the birth of Christ.  Tell me precisely how they’re different from Ku Klux Klansmen (the Ku Klux Klan being the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party, for the factual record) wanting to bring their agenda into a holiday that honors the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Take a look at the KKK’s history:

As a secret vigilante group, the Klan targeted freedmen and their allies; it sought to restore white supremacy by threats and violence, including murder, against black and white Republicans. In 1870 and 1871, the federal government passed the Force Acts, which were used to prosecute Klan crimes.[20] Prosecution of Klan crimes and enforcement of the Force Acts suppressed Klan activity. In 1874 and later, however, newly organized and openly active paramilitary organizations, such as the White League and the Red Shirts, started a fresh round of violence aimed at suppressing blacks’ voting and running Republicans out of office. These contributed to segregationist white Democrats regaining political power in all the Southern states by 1877.

It is a historical fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican who publicly campaigned for Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Democrats responded by whitewashing – literally white washing – history to turn truths into lies and lies into truths.  Such as that Democrats should get the credit for voting for the Civil Rights Act when history documents that Republicans deserve overwhelmingly MORE credit.

But what should one expect from the Party of lies and liars???  What should one expect from the Party of homosexual sodomy worship and baby murder???

The beast, the Antichrist of the end times who will be the ultimate big government bureaucrat and who will promise a liberal Utopia but instead create hell on earth, will be cheered by every Democrat.  Count on it.

I feel I need to point it out again: Christmas is a federal holiday honoring the birth of Jesus.  You don’t have to honor Him as the Son of God adding a human nature to His deity by being born of a virgin, as I do; you just have to recognize that the Man who had the greatest impact on all of human history was BORN.  Just like Martin Luther King day is a federal holiday that honors the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If Democrat judges need to impose “Festivus” or whatever the hell else the demons in them itch to push to undermine Christmas, they should just as vigorously support the right of white power groups to impose their agenda on MLK day.  The fact that they don’t merely supports the thesis I have argued hundreds of times: that the quintessential ingredient to liberalism is abject hypocrisy.

It is simply a FACT that our founding fathers were Christians and very much intended to forge a nation upon the foundation of Judeo-Christian morality:

If You Think Founding Fathers Didn’t Want This Country To Be A Christian One, Put This In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Whose Country Do We Want: Our Founding Fathers’ Or Our Secular Contemporaries’?

It is simply a historical fact that of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 54 were confessed Christians and members of Christian churches. And 29 of them had seminary degrees and were ordained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They didn’t throw their faith into the trash can and they didn’t seek to have their faith – a faith that influenced them to defy the mightiest nation in the history of the world up to that time to found a nation – being banned from influencing the government they had founded.  Only genuinely morally insane people would believe that.  Rather, our founding fathers sought to provide a climate friendly to religion and in fact FOUNDED upon religion as George Washington famously expressed it:

“Of all the habits and dispositions which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.  In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars.” — George Washington, Farewell Address

The central project of America was to create a moral and religious citizenry:

“We have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and true religion. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams

Did our founding fathers intend to create a “theocracy”???  NO.  When the founding fathers used the term “religion” (as in the question, “What is your religion?”) they in fact understood “religion” to refer to a Christian sect.  There simply weren’t enough non-Christian religions in America, for one thing, while there were NUMEROUS Christian denominations.  And the founding fathers – who did NOT want a “Church of England” situation arising in America – were wise enough to realize that they had to prevent one denomination from being allowed to use government power to overshadow any or all of the others.  That was all they sought to do.  The did NOT seek to ban religion or even Christianity in a general sense from influencing the government.  Only a true fool believes otherwise.

Democrats are truly evil people who have sought to subvert and frankly to pervert the project of the founding fathers who gave us our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  That is why Democrats have sought to impose socialism that would make our founding fathers frankly puke; that is why they have sought to overturn the 2nd Amendment in a manner that makes our founding fathers spin in their graves; that is why Democrats have sought to create an all-powerful central government that is more of an enemy to America than the imperial England EVER was to the founding fathers; and that is frankly why Democrats have sought to impose godless Marxism which replaces “God” with “the State.”

The Democrat Party is the Party of genuine, demon-possessed evil in America.  It has ALWAYS been, since the day that Democrats wanted the “freedom” to own slaves:

The Democrat Party was the Party that waged a brutal Civil War to continue black slavery with a United States led by Republican President named Lincoln.  The Democrat Party was the Party that spawned the Ku Klux Klan as its terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party under Woodrow Wilson actually RE-segregated the US Military and government service (after Republicans had de-segregated them and allowed blacks to serve).  The Democrat Party in 1924 was SO completely dominated by the Ku Klux Klan that the Democrat National Convention was called “Klanbake.”    The Democrat Party under FDR and their New Deal was rife with racism and unions and Democrats used it to prevent blacks from getting jobs.  The Democrat Party continued to be THE Party of hard-core racism for the entire history of the republic.  The racist horror story of “Mississippi Burning“ was OWNED by Democrats from the Governor right on down.  In fact, the state Democrat Party in Mississippi was limited to whites only.  And the fact is that a FAR higher percentage of Republican Congressmen and Senators voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act than Democrats.  Democrats were the Party of keeping the black man down until they cynically – incredibly cynically – saw that there was another way to keep exploiting black people to keep them on their plantation and keep them down.

Again, the evidence that the founding fathers clearly and overwhelmingly intended for Christianity and for religion to be the dominant form of morality in America is so crystal clear that it is beyond unreal.

The Democrat Party’s war against Christ and Christianity has so many fronts no human mind can possibly keep track of all of them.

The attack on Christmas is merely one of them.

But I think it makes me roll my eyes more than any of the other demonic attacks by Democrats.  Because if honoring the birth of Jesus somehow imposes “religion” against non-Christians’ wills, then honoring the birth of Martin Luther King forces non-black people to become black people against their wills.  It is simply such a stupid and asinine allegation that all the barf bags in the world aren’t enough to contain the response of a rational thinking soul.

Planned Parenthood uses MLK Day To Pimp Abortion (Question: What Would Have Happened If MLK Had Been Aborted???)

January 17, 2012

Martin Luther King Day is a great day to examine Planned Parenthood:

Came across this title from

Planned Parenthood Uses Martin Luther King to Promote Abortion
by Ryan Bomberger | Washington, DC | | 1/16/12 5:37 PM

Today, we honor a man whose words agitated, illuminated, inspired and liberated millions. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights warrior with weapons, not of blade or bullet, but of ideas. In 2012 those ideas are spoken by many, yet followed by few. We’re still obsessed with the hue of our skin, while ignoring the more valuable substance that lies within. Some call it “judging a book by its cover”. We’ve all done it, many times to our own embarrassment.

Martin Luther King Jr. was no different. He became enamored with the façade of Planned Parenthood and its glossy cover of family planning and the false assurance of eliminating poverty. Birth control promised equality. It failed. Instead, the divide that King fought so passionately to mend became a chasm filled with communities ravaged by out-of-wedlock births, exponentially high STD/HIV rates, and rampant fatherlessness.

I am grateful, beyond words, for King’s tireless efforts to elevate humanity. His ultimate sacrifice, his very life, reminds me that there are things worth dying for. I know our collective memories of America’s civil rights champions are sacrosanct. But extraordinary people like Martin Luther King Jr. are not omniscient. They were, and are, quite fallible.

Little did Martin Luther King Jr. know that his words (or arguably Coretta Scott King’s) in 1966, immortalized in ink and praising Planned Parenthood, would literally turn blood-red.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one killer of African-Americans (more die by abortion than all other causes of death combined), boasts of King’s support at the 1966 inauguration of the Margaret Sanger Award. Abortion wasn’t legal then and married couples adorned the covers of Planned Parenthood’s printed propaganda.

In an advice column he wrote for Ebony magazine, from 1957-1958, King recognized the wrong of abortion in a response to a young man who compelled his girlfriend to the crime. He advised, in part: “One can never rectify a mistake until he admits that a mistake has been made.”

Taking cues from his own advice, supporting Planned Parenthood was King’s mistake. There are disturbing questions that have to be asked, such as “How much did MLK know about this eugenics-birthed organization?” Surely he knew that its founder, Margaret Sanger, prided herself in speaking before the KKK on behalf of her organization’s mission. Did he know about the failed Negro Project? He had to be aware that the president of Planned Parenthood, during the time he accepted the award (via his wife, Coretta), was Alan Guttmacher, former Vice President of the irrefutably racist American Eugenics Society. Certainly he knew eugenicists were forcibly sterilizing women, disproportionately black, across the country, work involving many Planned Parenthood affiliates. Did he not know that all of the peaceful protests, sit-ins, and boycotts in the South were aimed at eugenics-based Jim Crow laws?

Or was he, like many others, too fixed on that glossy cover to turn the page and find out what was inside?

Sadly, his lack of awareness of Planned Parenthood spurred on an even more insidious injustice than that which he challenged with such spiritual fervor. We honor a great man while acknowledging he wasn’t always right. Abortion is now epidemic in the black community. In New York City, abortion occurs 5.8 times more among blacks than whites. Sixty percent of all black pregnancies in NYC, the home of Planned Parenthood, end in abortion. It is epidemic. This certainly isn’t the “dream” MLK spoke of, but a nightmare reality that feeds the abortion industry’s bottom line.

Planned Parenthood commits heinous injustice every single day. When the nation’s largest abortion chain invokes King’s name, to justify the slaughter of over 1.21 million innocent lives each year, it mocks the sacrifice of one who fought, and died, for human dignity.

Martin Luther Kings Jr’s words from decades ago still ring powerfully true: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”

The last debate sponsored/hosted by ABC News was a complete mockery of objectivity: the panelists spent a shocking percentage of the overall debate time demanding answers to questions on abortion and gay rights from a decidedly liberal perspective.  Newt Gingrich at one point raised a type of question that he would have liked to see these same panelists ask of Democrat candidates: the gist of what he said was wouldn’t it be nice if Democrats got asked during their debate if the state should drive the Catholic Church out of helping people by forcing Catholics to violate their faith in providing abortion and importing the gay rights agenda into its operations?  And, of course, ABC has NEVER been so objective as to aks hard hitting questions on social issues to Democrats.

One day virtually every single journalist will burn on the very bottom level of hell where the fire is the hottest. These cockroaches were tasked by our founding fathers with the duty to ask questions that exposed the truth; but instead what we see from them is a smokescreen in which they attack virtue from every angle while doing their utmost to hide wickedness.

But here is another question for objective journalists who like to ask tough questions to ask Democrats: How, Mr. or Ms. Democrat candidate, would you have felt about Martin Luther King Jrs’ mother deciding to abort her son such that the man who transformed the civil rights debate had never been allowed to be born?  How would you have felt about Martin Luther King Jr. being butchered in his womb before he ever got a chance to change the world?

I live in a world of ideals in which Martin Luther King and – for that matter, Jesus of Nazareth – were born into the world because that is what ought to happen with God’s precious babies.  The Virgin Mary became the Virgin Mary as a very young single mother, for the official record.

My Savior lives, having conquered sin and death and hell according to the mission He was sent as a fetus in Mary’s womb to fulfill; the liberal Savior was aborted and perished violently in the womb.

The Republican Party stands for life; life is part of its platform. The Democrat Party proudly champions the homicide of 54 million innocent human beings in the womb in America since Roe v. Wade was rammed down our throats in 1973. Democrats have murdered nine American babies for every one Jew Hitler murdered in the Holocaust.

And many of those innocent babies that have perished in this ugly Holocaust of life were black babies.