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McCain-Palin Supporters Are Truly Evil; Just Ask The MSM

October 9, 2008

Rush Limbaugh presented an audio montage of journalists who are “all upset about what’s happening with McCain-Palin supporters”:

MITCHELL:  McCain crowds have been increasingly rowdy.  Someone shouted, “Off with his head!” about Obama.

ROBERTS:  She’s inciting people to anger at these campaign events.

GERGEN:  These crowds and these ugly scenes that have occurred in these rallies.

MATTHEWS:  Appeal to the nuts.  When you hear people yell, “Kill him, terrorist,” yelling out from the crowd.

VOICE:  People gather shouting out comments about Barack Obama like, “Kill him, terrorist, treason.”

WITT:  Kind of incited these crowds and I think that does get into dangerous territory.

KORNBLUTT:  A full bore attack on Obama’s character, suggesting he’s yellow, disloyal, and doesn’t belong.

WRIGHT:  Inciting hatred, division, fear.

The media narrative pretty much goes like this: if you are a Republican, you frankly ought to be ashamed of yourself.  And if you don’t know that, you are too angry, ugly, hateful, and racist to know anything.

Rush Limbaugh singles out the first name on the above list of journalists – Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times – for a revealing dose of derision.  He points out how biased and just how truly hypocritical she is by citing her September 14 column:

“Sarah Palin,” she wrote, “makes me sick.  I hate that she was able to steal Barack Obama’s mojo just by showing up wearing rimless glasses and a skirt. … Sarah Palin makes me sick because although black Democrats have been responsible for giving white candidates the boost they needed to beat their Republican opponents in tight races, these voters are now being insulted by feminists who say they will cross over into the McCain camp because of her.” So she says, “I hate… Sarah Palin makes me sick,” and she’s not inciting anybody, is she?  How many anti-war Bush rallies at the Pentagon or in Washington have there been where Bush is hung in effigy?  This notion that… You people in media really are a bunch of cowards.

And that’s a lot of what’s going on: bias and hypocrisy.  Where have all these journalists been for the last 8 years, when even Democrats in the United States Congress felt free to liken President Bush to a Nazi?  Where have they been reporting the dizzying level of hatred that Democrats have had not only for Bush, but for Republicans such as Tony Snow?

Now, I don’t know if some isolated person in a crowd of thousands happened to shout the things the media use to characterize all of McCain-Palin supporters or not, but I do know that journalists are on the whole a bunch of no-good rotten skunks who WILL NOT be fair or objective to Republicans.  They get their talking points from liberals, and then they dutifully go out and try to create one biased narrative after another.

The reality is, the more hateful, bitter, angry, divisive, and just-plain vicious Republicans become, the more they will be acting like Democrats have been acting for the past 8 years.

Sarah Palin Makes For Happiest Republican Convention Ever

September 6, 2008

A few days ago I wrote an article titled, “Sarah Palin: Enter the Happy Conservative Warrior.”  My point was that the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s Vice President has unified and energized the party as it has never been in my voting lifetime, right when we need it most.

Now I find that Newt Gingrich has a similar take on recent Republican energy levels:

This was the happiest convention I have attended.

In seven conventions going back to 1984, I have never seen delegates as happy.

I have seen them eager, energized, committed, determined but the underlying mood last night was sheer joy.

There was joy that Senator McCain had had the courage to pick Governor Palin. (more…)