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Interesting What Was Shouted At Democratic, Republican Conventions

September 6, 2008

Having listened to the speeches of both Presidential candidates, something strikes me:

Did you notice what the crowd shouted repeatedly throughout John McCain’s speech?


And what did they shout repeatedly during Barack Obama’s speech?

“0-BA-MA!  O-BA-MA!  O-BA-MA!  O-BA-MA!”

Or, as one liberal site put it:

Killfile notes: “You will never hear 75,000 people so quiet” as the crowd is silently observing the video about Obama.

And Obama is out! The crowd is going wild, I see a sea of Blue Obama/Change signs waving wildly in the front of him. His first words are thanking the crowd, and met with even more thunderous applause, and his attempts to quiet down the crowd aren’t working, no matter how many times he says “Thank you so much, thank you very much, thank you”. His attempts to start the speech are only met with a chanting of “O-bam-a, O-bam-a” Two minutes the crowd has been going, and Obama finally is able to speak.

It just strikes me as being interesting.  I guess you get to see what the different parties really care about most.