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Why Democrats REALLY Want To Increase Debt Ceiling (Hint: You Won’t Like It)

July 22, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there goes my appetite.  Probably for the rest of my life:

Increasing the debt ceiling so we can study gay men’s penis size
Gil Guignat
Phoenix Conservative Examiner
July 18, 2011

While the state of Arizona is drowning in a Watergate-like scandal of  biblical proportions in operation Fast and Furious and the country is collapsing economically,  the Washington Hillbillies could not sink any lower.

It would appear that more stimulus funds to study the penis size of gay men  have been budgeted. Incidentally, we call the DC hillbillies the Washington  ruling class democrat or republican who are so over educated and indoctrinated  that they exhibit a stupidity that makes them totally unable to live a life of  common sense; yet, these hillbillies are in charge of our futures.

The federal government helped fund a study that  examined what effect a gay man’s penis size has on his sex life and general  well-being.

The study was among several backed by the National Institutes of Health that have come under  scrutiny from a group claiming the agency is wasting valuable tax dollars at a  time when the country is trying to control its debt. This particular research  resulted in a 2009 report titled, “The Association Between Penis Size and Sexual  Health Among Men Who Have Sex with Men.”

The study reported, among its findings, that gay men with “below  average penises” were more likely to assume a “bottom” sexual position, while  those with “above average penises” were more likely to assume a “top” sexual  position. Those with average penises identified themselves as “versatile” in the  bedroom. ‘


While the DC hillbillies are negotiating the future of our country, they see  fit to earmark funding to study the penis size of gay men. At the same time the  Obama administration has turned down IBM on a plan to cut $900 billion in  government waste.

“We could have improved the quality and reduced the  cost of the healthcare system by $900 billion…Isaid we would do it for free to  prove that it works. They turned us down, “IBM chairman and CEO  Samuel  Palmisano said during a Sept. 14, 2010 taping of the Wall Street Journal’s Viewpoints program.

FOX News confirmed that a second meeting  between Palmisano and Obama administration officials yielded the same result:  “No thanks!” – even though the proffered “fix” would have eliminated 90 percent of the nation’s health  care deficit – and cost taxpayers nothing it didn’t perform as  guaranteed.

Yet Medicare/Medicaid fraud is still  rampant. More…

If you think there is a future in raising the debt ceiling, you might want to  think twice when the DC Hillbillies put as a priority to study the penis size of  gay men. These are the same hillbillies who want to raise the debt ceiling with  no conditions attached. These are the same hillbillies who have gotten us into  this mess. What is going to change if we let them have their way?

Dick Morris has said it best this morning:” No retreat! No surrender!”where he states that the  Republicans have all the power to get what we want and put a dagger in the heart  of the Obama juggernaut once and for all. Instead members of the DC Hillbilly  class like Senator McCain, McConnell, and Kyl want to give President Obama all  the authority to raise the debt ceiling at will. When they are in favor of  giving Obama more money so the penis size of gay men can be carefully studied,  you know we have reached the line in the sand. We cannot let these hillbillies  continue.

Under no circumstance should this debt ceiling be raised with this kind of  stupidity going on. They are not qualified to negotiate on our behalf and they  won’t. On the contrary. If we raise the debt ceiling, we will guarantee a  default of biblical proportions.

Now we know why we can’t have a balanced budget amendment.  We would never get to know how this soap opera drama of a study turns out (Will Bill with the small penis ever get to be “on top”?  Stay tuned in for our next multi-million dollar study funded by you the American taxpayer…