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Please Vote Democrat So Illegal Immigrants Can Take Over America

October 26, 2010

Mexico is an imploding hellhole.  And in the spirit of redistributionist Democrat Party liberalism, America should be an imploding hellhole, too.

If you don’t think America should implode just like Mexico, you’re a racist.

Obama once stated it magnificently:

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,” Obama said.

“That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen,” he added.

And under his leadership, great progress has been made.

Mexicans sweat in the heat and walk in the dust as they slowly starve.  And you vile American scum should damn well sweat like a pig in the dust without food, too.

You can help make it happen.  You can assist in the takeover of America by illegal immigrants who bring their culture of corruption along with them as they openly usurp our once-sacred vote.

And all you have to do to “fundamentally transform” America in Mexico’s image is vote Democrat.

In Wash., illegal immigrants canvassing for votes
By MANUEL VALDES, Associated Press Writer Manuel Valdes, Associated Press Writer – Fri Oct 22, 11:26 pm ET

SEATTLE – When Maria Gianni is knocking on voters’ doors, she’s not bashful about telling people she is in the country illegally. She knows it’s a risk to advertise to strangers that she’s here illegally — but one worth taking in what she sees as a crucial election.

The 42-year-old is one of dozens of volunteers — many of them illegal immigrants — canvassing neighborhoods in the Seattle area trying to get naturalized citizens to cast a ballot for candidates like Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, who is in a neck-to-neck race with Republican Dino Rossi.

Pramila Jayapal, head of OneAmerica Votes, says the campaign is about empowering immigrants who may not feel like they can contribute to a campaign because they can’t vote.

“Immigrants really do matter,” Jayapal said. “If we can’t vote ourselves, we’re gonna knock on doors, or get family members to vote.”


In close elections across the country, the immigrant and minority vote is considered key for candidates, especially Democrats.

One picture from a pro-illegal immigrant demonstration says it all.  This is the way it ought to be!

This could happen in your town: the Mexican flag flying majestically above; the American flag upside-down in distress beneath it.  Isn’t it beautiful???

I look at this picture and finally fully understand the words of my heroine, Michelle Obama:

“For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”

Hope IS making a comeback!

It’s taken Democrats a generation, but the party of Big Brother is finally close to its most cherished goal, which might be best expressed by the words of liberal Democrat and ACLU founder Roger Baldwin:

“I have continued directing the unpopular fight for the rights of agitation, as director of the American Civil Liberties Union…. I am for socialism, disarmament and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is, of course, the goal.”

PLEASE help the Democrat Party further undermine “the Great Satan” on November 2.

On Barack Obama’s Whining That McCain Won’t Defend His Wife

June 19, 2008

Barack Obama had this to say yesterday (June 17, 2008) regarding his wife:

So the fact that people have tried to make her a target, based essentially on a couple of comments in which she was critical of what’s happening to our American dream and the enormous difficulties that people are experiencing — the difficulties that she hears directly as she is traveling across the country, I think is really distressing. And you know I’ve said publicly before, and I’ll say it again – I think families are off limits. I would never consider making Cindy McCain a campaign issue, and if I saw people doing that – I would speak out against it. And the fact that I haven’t seen that from John McCain I think is a deep disappointment.”

I would argue that a man who is running for president of the highest office in the world whining that his opponent won’t stand up for his wife is the real disappointment. Man up, dude.

Those “couple of comments” probably include the following:

“For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.”

That line, by the way, came out of a prepared speech that Michelle Obama delivered several times. It was not an extemporaneous line, mistakenly misspoken once.

And from an interview with Michelle Obama in the New Yorker:

Obama begins with a broad assessment of life in America in 2008, and life is not good: we’re a divided country, we’re a country that is “just downright mean,” we are “guided by fear,” we’re a nation of cynics, sloths, and complacents. “We have become a nation of struggling folks who are barely making it every day,” she said, as heads bobbed in the pews. “Folks are just jammed up, and it’s gotten worse over my lifetime. And, doggone it, I’m young. Forty-four!”

Cindy McCain presented a slightly different view toward America than Michelle, saying:

“I am proud of my country. I don’t know about you, if you heard those words earlier. I am very proud of my country.”

Frankly, I can understand why Barack Obama doesn’t want the candidates’ wives being examined.

But Barack Obama is just flat out wrong on his “families are off limits” junk. Like the hypocrite he is, he wants to have it both ways. He wants her to be out aggressively stumping and campaigning for him, but he wants her to be above any analysis or criticism. He wants her to be allowed to say flat-out nasty things about John McCain, George Bush, and – yes, America – but he wants any reaction to her to be considered anathema.

Hey, Barack Obama: You want your wife to be “off limits,” keep her out of the spotlight. We’re not talking about little 8-yr old Chelsea – who was sheltered by her parents throughout the Bill Clinton years. We are talking about an adult woman who is actively campaigning on your behalf.

The very next day (June 18) after Obama’s “Why-oh-why won’t John McCain defend my wife for me?” spiel, Michelle is appearing on national television on The View.

A Chicago SunTimes article titled, “Michelle gets stronger all the time,” bears the subtitle, ‘I don’t want my girls to live in a country based on fear.’

The article references her vicious swipe at Hillary Clinton over her husband’s pathetic “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” encounter with one Monica Lewinsky:

At another stop, in Atlantic, Michelle said she travels with her husband in part “to model what it means to have family values,” adding “if you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House.” She didn’t elaborate, but it could be interpreted as a swipe at the Clintons.

… You know, kind of the way this post “could be interpreted” as a swipe at Barack Obama.

Newsflash: Hey, people who dish it out really ought to be able to take it.

Don’t flaunt your wife in front of the gun sights and cry “foul!” when the opposition pulls the trigger. And don’t you dare call out a man who spent six years in a North Vietnamese hell-hole standing up for his country because he won’t stand up for your America-bashing wife.

If you can’t stand up for your own wife, drop out. We need someone with a little bit of toughness serving as our commander-in-chief.

This whole thing underscores a bit of a problem for Barack Obama.

As Maureen Dowd wrote some time back:

This will be known as the year macho politics failed — mainly because it was macho politics by marshmallow men. …

Talking about hope and opportunity and inspiration has propelled Barack Obama into the presidential arena. His approach seems downright feminine when compared with the Bushies, or even Hillary Clinton. He languidly poses in fashion magazines, shares feelings with Oprah and dishes with the ladies on “The View.” After six years of chest-puffing, Senator Obama seems very soothing.

Based on Dowd’s take, I can understand why Obama is calling on McCain to stick up for his wife. He’s sure not tough enough to do it.

Maureen Dowd was in the midst of another revealing scene giving us insight into Barack Obama:

Obama is very sensitive about his press. After his press conference, he headed toward New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and chided her — in a kidding way — for a comment in the 12th of 14 paragraphs in an Oct 21 column. She wrote that Obama’s “ears stick out.”

“I just want to put you on notice,” he said.

“I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.”

Said Dowd, “We’re trying to toughen you up.'”

I found the classic Obama line on Bizzyblog, with a link to the video Rush Limbaugh keeps:

OBAMA (off mic): You talked about my ears, and I just want to put you on notice: I’m very sensitive about — What I told them was, ”I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.”

Obama is very Sensitive about his press“? Stop and consider the sheer vicious nastiness George Bush has been forced to endure as president. I can see the Ayatollah and President Ahmadinejad chanting over and over again, “Whatever you say, President Dumbo-ears!

Maybe we don’t want to put a guy who still has traumatic childhood issues over anyone mentioning his ears having his finger poised over the nuclear button?

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others have mocked the fact that Barack Obama says his ears are off limits, his race is off limits, his church is off limits, his pastor is off limits, his new pastor that replaced his former pastor is off limits, the visiting pastor who spoke at the invitation of the new pastor who replaced his former pastor is off limits, his “typical white person” grandmother is off limits, his great uncle is off limits, and now his wife is off limits.

One thing’s for sure: some 17 months later, Barack Obama still needs to “toughen up.

Last thing: Michelle Obama’s views are not irrelevant to those of her husband.

During one tense period on the campaign, we have the following scene recorded by the New Yorker:

Someone who was involved in the preparation of the speech recalls a more nuanced dynamic, as Michelle calmed an irritable Barack. “We were spending intense sessions tinkering with wording and commas,” the person says. “It was pretty tense, because everybody was picking at Barack and making suggestions. He was getting a little irate. Michelle was in the room, and she was kind of handling both him as well as some of the speech.” The observer went on, “She was listening intently and, without being overly directive, was somebody that he could glance over to, almost a telepathic kind of relationship. He was clearly looking to her for reaction.”

In addition to what we’ve heard from her on the campaign trail, we also have Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton, written under her maiden name of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, which reveals how racially-fixated she has been.

More than anyone on earth, Michelle Obama has Barack’s ear. And given Barack’s choice of friends and associates – such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Michael Pfleger, William Ayers, Emil Jones, Rashid Khalidi, and Tony Rezko – and given the fact that his own wife seems to share the extreme views of these men,  maybe we should take a good hard look at this potential first lady of the United States.

Postscript: A New York Times New Service article titled, “Campaign tries to soften image of Michelle Obama” by Michael Powell and Jodi Kantor hints at the whitewash campaign that began today on The View to conceal the real Michelle Obama.