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Allen West, Willie Horton, And Demonic Liberal Hypocrisy

August 10, 2012

Let’s simply begin with a tale of two ads:

The ad used against Republican Representative Allen West:

The “infamous” ad used against Democrat presidential candidate Dukakis:

Factually, absolutely EVERY single claim that George H.W. Bush made about Michael Dukakis was 100 percent correct. And yes, Dukakis DID let out convicted murderer Willie Horton and in fact it was on one of those weekend passes that Willie Horton terrorized that couple and raped the wife over and over again.

It didn’t matter if it was completely factually true: you see, Bush was “racist” because on the liberal view he incited people to hate and fear the black man, etc.  It was a “racist ad.”

And then the same damn party that made that argument depicts a black man repeatedly punching defenseless elderly white women in the face.

And of course it doesn’t matter that, unlike Willie Horton, Allen West never came CLOSE to ever actually doing what he is repeatedly depicted as doing in this vicious ad.

The ad comes from Patrick Murphy.  Would it surprise you that this Democrat who depicts a black man beating a white woman is even more lilly white than George H.W. Bush?

Liberals and Democrats CONTINUE to demagogue the Willie Horton ad as a “proof” of “Republican racism.”  Here’s Rachel Maddow literally citing Willie Horton just a couple of days ago:

The modern Republican Party is built on a bedrock of racism. Most political observers know about the Southern Strategy. In 1964, Barry Goldwater and the Republican Party began using “states’ rights” as a code word for their anti-black and anti-voting rights strategy to win the Southern states away from the Democratic Party. Nearly 50 years later, the Republican Party is still attacking voter rights in their attempts to suppress minority voting.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan kick-started his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, with a speech about states’ rights. Philadelphia is where Civil Rights activists Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman were killed in 1964. Reagan also created imaginary Welfare Queens to infuriate white voters with this idea of black women somehow getting a free ride in this country. In 1988, the infamous Willie Horton ad made fear of black criminals a mainstay of George Herbert Walker Bush’s presidential campaign.

Now Mitt Romney is using “obvious dog whistle racism” to attack Barack Obama, lying that Obama is dismantling Welfare to Work, and we should not be surprised. Melissa Harris-Perry joins Rachel Maddow to discuss this and rightfully includes Bill Clinton in the history of this Republican-created racist strategy. For the Republicans, racism has been a mainstay of their presidential campaigns for the past half century. When might it ever stop?

How the hell is it that these hypocrites are so enraged over a completely factually true ad and so completely oblivious of an unhinged racial attack against a black man???

Democrats aren’t just “hypocrites.”  They have degenerated far too low for that.  They are DEMONIC hypocrites.  They are dishonest liars without shame or decency.

The fact of the matter is that Allen West represents the political party that fought a war to end slavery and Allen West’s opponents represent the political party that fought a war to KEEP slavery.  The fact of the matter is that Allen West represents the party that was attacked by the Ku Klux Klan and Allen West’s opponents represent the party that the Ku Klux Klan CAME from.  The fact of the matter is that Woodrow Wilson was the Democrat President who RE-segregated the military and the government after REPUBLICANS had de-segregated them and allowed blacks to serve.  The fact of the matter is that it was the DEMOCRAT Party that was so dominated by the Ku Klux Klan that the 1924 Democratic National Convention was literally called “Klanbake.”  The fact of the matter is that FDR’s New Deal was rife with racism and unions and Democrats used it to prevent blacks from getting jobs.  As we enter the 1960s do you recall the infamous Klan murders depicted in the movie “Mississippi Burning“?  Yeah, the corrupt state that looked the other way was OWNED by Democrats from the Governor right on down.  And the FBI had to come in because there was no way in hell the corrupt and racist Democrat machine in Mississippi was going to genuinely investigate those Klan murders.  In fact, the state Democrat Party in Mississippi was limited to whites only.  And the fact is that a FAR higher percentage of Republican Congressmen and Senators voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act than Democrats.

And yet somehow with ALL this history to the contrary, the Democrat Party is somehow universally viewed by the mainstream media as the party that fights for black people and the Republican Party that has stood for black people for 150 years is just as universally viewed as the party of racism.

You simply have to be demon-possessed to believe that.  You have to be demon-possessed to think that it’s not only appropriate but even PRAISEWORTHY for a party to viciously tee-off on a black man who is a decorated military veteran merely because he’s a conservative.

Allen West has described the modern Democrat Party as a “plantation.”  Blacks in the Democrat Party are fine as long as they know their place and think and believe the way they’re told to think and believe.  Allen West is a black man who doesn’t want to be told what to think and believe.  Somehow that uppity black man started thinking that he had the right to think for himself.  How damn DARE a black man believe he has the right to be a Republican?  And the problem is that Allen West is the kind of “negro” who will NEVER say his name is “Toby” no matter how savagely the Democrat machine tries to whip him or whip people up against him.  The Democrat machine says, “Black people have to all think like THIS, Toby!”  And as they whip and whip and whip on Allen West, they point to all the black people who are happy on the Democrat plantation in spite of the fact that they are now serving the party that put them in chains and the party that has tried to keep them under bondage and then under control for the next 150 years.  And you’ll simply have to kill Allen West first.