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Trinity Magazine a Trumpet Call to Obama’s Link to Extremism

May 20, 2008

The ties between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ are not going away – because they shouldn’t. There’s just too much meat on that rotting carcass.

Prior to the revelations of Obama’s associations with the Rev. Wright and Trinity, I was one of the substantial majority of conservatives that feared and distrusted a Hillary Clinton administration far more than an Obama presidency. Other than his documented liberalism, I had no axes to grind with the junior senator from Illinois.

But as soon as I started hearing the words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and started to understand the twenty year relationship Barack Obama had with a purveyor of hatred, bitterness, and racism, that changed like a dirty diaper.

I immediately knew that: 1) I’d never heard anything remotely so vile come from any pastor I’ve ever sat under; and 2) that I would have got up and walked out of any church in which I ever did hear anything so vile.

And right from the start, I simply could not believe that a man as intelligent and articulate as Barack Obama clearly is – a graduate of Harvard Law School and editor of the Harvard Law Review – could be so completely ignorant of the basic theology and teaching of a church he attended for over twenty years.

The progress of this story is telling:

In a campaign appearance in early March, Sen. Obama initially said, “I don’t think my church is actually particularly controversial.” He said Rev. Wright “is like an old uncle who says things I don’t always agree with,” telling a Jewish group that everyone has someone like that in their family.

In a statement made to the day the Wright “statements” began to come out, Obama’s press spokesman Bill Burton said, “Sen. Obama has said repeatedly that personal attacks such as this have no place in this campaign or our politics, whether they’re offered from a platform at a rally or the pulpit of a church. Sen. Obama does not think of the pastor of his church in political terms. Like a member of his family, there are things he says with which Sen. Obama deeply disagrees. But now that he is retired, that doesn’t detract from Sen. Obama’s affection for Rev. Wright or his appreciation for the good works he has done.”

The attitude of the Obama camp was really more selective outrage that the press would cover Wright’s outrageous remarks than over the nature of the remarks themselves.

But within days, it was evident that Barack Obama had to distance himself from his longtime pastor.

In his Philadelphia speech, delivered March 18, Obama said:  Given my background, my politics, and my professed values and ideals, there will no doubt be those for whom my statements of condemnation are not enough. Why associate myself with Reverend Wright in the first place, they may ask? Why not join another church? And I confess that if all that I knew of Reverend Wright were the snippets of those sermons that have run in an endless loop on the television and You Tube, or if Trinity United Church of Christ conformed to the caricatures being peddled by some commentators, there is no doubt that I would react in much the same way.”

He went on to say of Wright, “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.

These people are a part of me. And they are a part of America, this country that I love.”

But Jeremiah Wright proceeded to go from forum to forum to prove that Obama’s characterization of Wright’s remarks was a flat-out lie.  Rather than “the snippets of those sermons that have run in an endless loop on the television and You Tube,” Wright proceeded to defend every single one of the hateful “soundbites” that had been seen coming out of his mouth.  It turned out that Trinity United Church of Christ really HAD “conformed to the caricatures being peddled by some commentators.”  It turned out that those commentators had been far more accurate and honest than Obama was.

And as Jeremiah Wright repeatedly and passionately defended his views – and demonstrated that they had represented his key beliefs all the time – Barack Obama finally did come out and denounce the man who had been his spiritual advisor for over twenty years.  We can only surmise that he has not yet denounced his grandmother (a.k.a. that “typical white person.”

The question is not whether Obama believes exactly the same things that Jeremiah Wright believes (we frankly don’t know what Obama believes, given the massive disconnect between his words and his actions).  The thing that bothers me is the fact that Wright said one hateful thing after another, and somehow nothing seemed to trigger sufficient outrage to walk out and denounce the pastor as well  the church that gave this pastor his pulpit.

What would it take to make you vote with your feet and say, “That’s it.  I’m out of here”? The fact is that somehow, in this absolutely toxic environment, Barack Obama never heard anything that reached his threshold.

I have never heard the kinds of things that Wright has said come out of the mouth of any pastor I have ever heard.  And if I ever were to hear such remarks, I would be out of that church as fast as I would be out of a toxic dump facility.

Obama has continued to maintain that – although he heard certain “controversial remarks” (being careful to never ever mention the specific content of said “controversial remarks”) – he has never heard any of the outright hate that he now acknowledges have “outraged” and “saddened” him.

But that story has seemed so implausible.

And now its even more implausible.

Now we know that Obama has repeatedly appeared in a church publication called Trumpet Magazine, a magazine that has repeatedly featured one Barack Obama on its pages, and even on its cover.

Now it’s not just a matter that Obama didn’t bother to hear.  It’s that he didn’t bother to read either.

Stanley Kurtz has a devastating piece titled, “Jeremiah Wright’s ‘Trumpet’“: The content of the magazine produced by Barack Obama’s pastor reveals the content of his character.

Kirtz says, “Wright founded Trumpet Newsmagazine in 1982 as a “church newspaper”–primarily for his own congregation, one gathers–to “preach a message of social justice to those who might not hear it in worship service.” So Obama’s presence at sermons is not the only measure of his knowledge of Wright’s views. Glance through even a single issue of Trumpet, and Wright’s radical politics are everywhere–in the pictures, the headlines, the highlighted quotations, and above all in the articles themselves. It seems inconceivable that, in 20 years, Obama would never have picked up a copy of Trumpet.”

Kurtz provides a littany of the absolute poison that this magazine contains.

Another arcticle is titled, “Obama Featured With Farrakhan MANY Times on Trinity’s “Trumpet” magazine cover.”

The article – after linking Obama to the Black Panthers by way of statements from the Panthers – concludes: “This is the disaster of Barack. Instead of transcending race, he has embraced and lived in the heart of a radical theology that preaches racial division and black dominance. I’ll stick with Martin Luther King. I want to be judged by the content of my character, not the color of my skin. Malik Shabazz certainly does not believe that.”

Another article on the same vein is title, “Obama, The Fulfillment of Black Liberation.”

A very valuable resource of Barack Obama’s future electibility problems is titled, “Barack “I-didn’t-know” Obama.”

Now, it’s bad enough that Barack Obama is linked to all of this.  But now it turns out that someone at Trinity has been scrubbing the church webstite to delete embarassing ties between Barack Obama and the church, prompting ABC’s Jake Tapper to ask the question, “Who’s Scrubbing the Trinity United Church of Christ Website?

Interestingly, Trumpet used to have a web presence and now it doesn’t seem to.

Here’s the Google cache of the Trumpet Magazine heralding Louis Farrakhan (“When Minister Farrakhan speaks, Black America listens,” says the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright,likening the Minister’s influence to the E. F. Hutton commercials of old. “Everybody may not agree with him, but they listen…Minister Farrakhan will be remembered as one of the 20th and 21st century giants of the African American religious experience.”)

Through a web archive search I also found THIS ARTICLE from the September 2005 Trumpet, in which Rev. Wright wrote: “Conservative fanatics line up on the side of al-Qaeda or they line up behind George Bush. Both are terrorists! Both believe that war is the answer. Both believe in murdering innocent people…”

Who’s scrubbing the web to sanitize this story?

Ever hear of Watergate?

Duane R. Patterson posts a longer story detailing more information.

An article by Aaron Klein subtitled, “Magazine’s reinforcement of anti-American rhetoric
casts doubt on senator’s insistence he was not aware
” contains still more ammunition.

Most Americans have only seen the tip of the iceberg of facts establishing a connection between Barack Obama and all kinds of hateful ideas, people, and groups.

Let’s hope that the Democratic Party – which is well on its way to anointing this man as its presidential nominee – is in the process of pulling off a modern day “Titanic.”