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Harry Reid: When Democrats Run The Country, 36,000 Jobs Lost Is Good News

March 6, 2010

We must be in the Chinese hell of Incredibly Low Expectations.

Updated March 05, 2010
Reid: 36,000 Lost Jobs in February ‘Really Good’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is catching heat for portraying Friday’s labor report showing 36,000 jobs lost in February as “really good” news.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is catching heat for portraying Friday’s labor report showing 36,000 jobs were lost in February as “really good” news.

“Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good,” Reid said Friday on the Senate floor.

Republicans drew attention to the remark, which was captured in a YouTube clip, while bloggers railed against the Nevada Democrat.

Other officials appeared a bit more tactful in their interpretation of the February jobless numbers, which showed the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.7 percent despite prior suggestions that February’s record snowfall might drive that number up.

President Obama called the report “better than expected,” but he added that the number of unemployed is still “more than we should tolerate.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer noted that in February 2009, the country lost 700,000 jobs, and that the past month’s report shows job losses are slowing.

“Nevertheless, millions of Americans remain out of work, and Congress will continue to focus on creating jobs,” Hoyer said in his written statement.

Did somebody say “Youtube“?

“Unexpected” has become the mainstream media’s favorite economic adverb.

I guess they got sick of things always being worse than “expected” with Obama.  So now they say it might be really bad, and then terrible news becomes REALLY GOOD news.

There’s another important measure of unemployment that went the opposite way of down, Harry.  From the Washington Post:

Truer unemployment rate rises to 16.8%

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the official U.S. unemployment rate in February remained unchanged from January at 9.7 percent.

The truer measure of unemployment in the United States rose from 16.5 percent in January to 16.8 percent in February.

There are a lot of people who have used up their benefits and simply dropped off the roles.  Some of these people who would like a job very much haven’t had one in two years.  The rate measuring these people went up to 16.8%.  Which is to say that more than one out of every six Americans are either completely unemployed, or are stuck in part-time jobs when they would like to be full time.

That isn’t realy good at all, Harry.

In other jobless news, you also have to hand it to Obama for defeating that terrible job-killing snow such that unemployment didn’t rise by as much as some thought it would.  That damn global warming! As we know, snow is something that this country has rarely ever seen, which makes it perfectly okay to blame bad economic numbers on the weather even though we’ve never ever done anything like that to explain bad unemployment figures for someone like – oh, I don’t know – like George W. Bush.  But I’m confused: should we blame Bush like we’ve BEEN doing for everything bad that has happened, or should we blame snow?

Well, shoot, it’s Winter.  Let’s blame the snow now, and then return to blaming Bush in the Spring.  We’ll give Bush derangement syndrome a rest for a couple of months, and that way when we start blaming him again it will seem fresh and new again.

Now, if the mainstream media can only allege that Dick Cheney has a weather machine in his basement, we could blame Bush for the snow, too.

The way the rationalization campaign of Obama’s mishandling of the country as “really good news” is going, pretty soon it will be, “Well, Obama didn’t start a nuclear war today.  And I consider that really good.”

Of course, on the down side, Obama’s not far from suffering from that failure, either.

Hey, kids, here’s a game you can play at work: try telling your boss that you’re going to lose $fifty thousand dollars of his money Monday.  And then when you only lose $36,000 of his money, he’ll immediately be thrilled about how well you did.