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I Will Be (Holding My Nose And) Voting For Mitt Romney

April 10, 2012

Well, it’s all but official at this point.  Rick Santorum just bowed out (to my relief) and Newt Gingrich will very likely follow Santorum to the exit.  Ron Paul, of course, will stay in the race and as long as he doesn’t wake up deciding to run as a third-party candidate, that’s fine.

I predicted Mitt Romney would be the nominee back in December – not that that was all that incredibly bold of a prediction.

What happened to the conservative Republican candidate?  Well, let’s put it in terms of a dog fight: the conservative dogs chewed each other up and ate each other’s votes while Romney ploughed ahead as the moderate.  At times, amazingly, Romney was literally untouched in debates as the conservatives bashed each other to shreds trying to position themselves as the “real” conservatives with their rivals being pseudo-conservatives.

What I kept hoping to see was a GOP nomination in which all the candidates took on Obama’s failure of leadership and Obama’s failed policies and let the electorate see who could do a better job taking the fight to Obama.  But such was never to be.  It is for that reason that I am relieved to see a nominee emerge – even if I am anything but happy with that nominee.

Romney could still jazz me up with his VP pick, mind you; that’s what happened when “Maverick” (that’s code for “R.I.N.O.”) John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.  If Romney were to pick a Marco Rubio or a Nikki Haley, it would do much to improve my mood.

I wanted a real conservative to win the nomination.  I was hoping that we would have a Reagan rise up the way we had the last time an abject Democrat failure (that would be Carter) brought the nation to its knees.  It never happened.  It never happened; in fact, in hindsight I believe I can say that such a candidate never even ran to begin with.

So what do I want now?  I want Obama out of office.  I want “God damn America” to be in the Hall of Shame.

It’s not that I believe in my gut that Mitt Romney will be a great president; it’s that I believe in my gut that this nation cannot survive another term of Obama freed from having to worry about re-election and able to impose his “fundamental transformation” as the nation collapses all around him.  If you think that what’s been happening has been bad (88 million Americans simply dropping out of the workforce altogether; real unemployment at 10.9% if measured by the labor participation rate that Bush handed to Obama), you aint seen nothin’ yet.

In the God damn America that Obama has shaped this nation into, you don’t get a terrible president versus a great candidate; you get a terrible president versus a less-terrible candidate.  A line from a book I’m reading points out this dilemma is hardly anything new:

Hitler and Mussolini were rivals for the political affections of different constituencies in Austria, namely the Austrian Nazis and the clerical-authoritarians gathered around Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss.  For many Austrians, the Dollfuss regime presented them with the familiar dilemma of supporting, or tolerating, a lesser evil to forestall something infinitely worse. — Moral Combat by Michael Burleigh, p. 29

And welcome to the hell of choosing between merely mediocre Mitt or genuinely evil Obama.

Which is why as uninspired as I am by Mitt Romney, I am very inspired indeed to replace Barack Obama.

Before Obama implodes America with mindboggling debt that is only going to soar even more out of control with ObamaCare and other incredibly foolish policies.

One more thing: what will be Obama’s strategy against Romney?  To demonize him as no candidate has ever been demonized before.

Obama ran on “hope and change”; it was all a lie from hell – the kind of lie of glorious false promises and empty rhetoric that the world will soon see again when Antichrist comes:

Obama has been going from fundraiser to fundraiser in unprecedented fashion to raise a billion dollars that will allow him to demagogue and demonize like this earth has never seen.  Obama knows that he cannot possibly win on his failed record; he knows he has to pour fiery hate on top of the gasoline of pitting races against one another, pitting men against women, and pitting income level against income level ala Karl Marx. 

Here is a tried and true secret to how to run against a R.I.N.O. (that’s “Republican-In-Name-Only”) Republican: deceitfully frame him as an ultra-conservative.  Obama did this to John McCain and he’s already starting to do it to Mitt Romney, and here’s why it works: actual conservatives already know full damn well that it’s a hilarious lie that Mitt Romney is a “dangerous right-wing conservative” and are de-energized to support him, but the far more moderate and far more ignorant masses don’t know that – and Obama can use his giant campaign warchest that dwarfs anything history has ever seen because Obama has sold out America to special interests to turn the Republican nominee into a “right-wing bogeyman.”

A lot of Republicans are WISHING Mitt Romney were anything remotely CLOSE to a right-wing bogeyman.  But the people who still haven’t even yet bothered to tune into the election aren’t going to know anything.  And between an ocean of Obama attack ads and the mainstream media they’ll “know” exactly what they’re told to know.

Obama is going to try to frame Mitt Romney as a candidate who only cares about the rich.  But LOOK AT OBAMA’S TOP DONORS TO SEE THE TRUTH: Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan!?!?!?

How DARE this whore who has grabbed more money from more rich people than ANY political leader in the history of the human race play class warfare.  But the two things that Obama knows are that the mainstream media are his propaganda wing and that the American people are ignorant and willing to believe lies.

So you’re not inspired by Mitt Romney?  Please join the club.  But you’d better vote for him or you’re going to get hell on earth.