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One Possible Republican Response To The Incredible Cynicism Of Obama’s Jobs Speech

September 8, 2011

Many recognize that Obama’s jobs speech tonight is little more than the lowest form of cynicism.

As low as Obama is in the polls, Congress is even lower.  So what does Obama do?  Call a joint session of Congress so he can rhetorically position himself (and run against) Congress.

And this plan that Obama announced before he even actually had any plan – the one that the White House was “scrambling” to put together – the one that was going to be $300 billion and then $400 billion and now possibly even $450 billion: what is it but the most cynical attempt to create a scenario in which he can claim that he had “the solution” if but Republicans hadn’t put their partisan political interests ahead of the nation and passed it?

It is common knowledge that there is no possible WAY IN HELL that Obama’s jobs plan will actually be implemented.  Remember that Democrats – when they controlled the House as well as the Senate and the White House – couldn’t pass a tax hike in December 2010.  The fact of the matter is that this has nothing to do with substance – with actually helping so much as one person actually get a job – and everything to do with the lowest and most cynical sort of political rhetoric.

Well, here’s how Republicans COULD respond to Obama’s plan: with equal cynicism.

What if the Republican leadership issues Obama and the Democrat Party the following challenge: “Okay.  We’ll agree to pass your plan.  And all we ask for in return is a date CERTAIN by which YOU, Mr. President, YOU, Mr. Vice President, and EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT in Congress who votes for this package will resign from office in abject disgrace if it fails to turn the economy around – as it WILL fail just like all of your other failed Keynesian crap has failed?!?!?

When will you resign?  The last time you had a massive failed stimulus, you promised that you could create millions of jobs and bring the unemployment rate down below 6.7% by now if we passed your $862 billion stimulus?

What specific performance measures will you guarantee and by which date will every single Democrat leave office if you fail like you have already repeatedly failed???