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Please Don’t Bother To Vote: Pharaoh Obama Already Re-Elected (Putin Alert)

February 25, 2012

Obama is pretty confident that he’s going to be re-elected just like his fellow Marxist traveller Vladimir Putin:

Obama: I’ve got ‘five years’ left to solve immigration
2/23/12 12:31 PM EST

In an interview with Univision Radio, President Barack Obama said that he has “five years” left in his presidency to figure out issues like comprehensive immigration reform. Striking a confident note about his reelection prospects, Obama assured a largely Hispanic audience that he has not given up on getting an immigration bill done — one that would provide a pathway to citizenship.
“My presidency is not over,” Obama told Univision’s Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo. “I’ve got another five years coming up. We’re going to get this done.”
Obama also said that Hispanic voters would ultimately face an easy choice in deciding between him and the Republican nominee in November — emphasizing his support for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship.
“So far, … we haven’t seen any of the Republican candidates even support immigration reform. In fact, their leading candidate said he would veto even the DREAM Act, much less comprehensive immigration reform,” Obama said, in an apparent reference to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. “So the choice at the presidential level will not be that difficult.”
Obama also defended his administration’s approach to immigration, which has been characterized by a high level of deportations, saying that the law needed to be changed and Congress needs to act.
“The only way we’re going to do this is to get something passed through Congress, and that’s why we have to keep the pressure up. Unfortunately, the Republican side, which used to at least give lip service to immigration reform, now they’ve gone completely to a different place, and have shown themselves unwilling to talk at all about any sensible solutions to this issue, and we’re going to have to just keep up the pressure until they act,” Obama said.
Hispanic voters remain an important part of Obama’s coalition, though his approval rating has dropped 30 points among Hispanics from a 2009 high of 86 percent approval. A more recent Univision/Latino Decisions poll, however, puts his approval back up to 72 percent. In 2008, Obama won the Latino vote by a 36-point spread, beating John McCain 67 percent to 31 percent, according to national exit polls.

Obama didn’t do a damn thing to fulfill his promise to Latinos.  He had total almost dictatorial Democrat control of the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and he didn’t even bother to TRY to get anything done.  But hey, the fact that he lied to Hispanics last election just means they should trust this lying weasel all the more now, right???  Apparently so, in Obama-logic.

Communists and Democrats have many things in common: one of them is their ability to rig elections.

So please don’t bother showing up to vote.  Because Obama’s got this one in the bag and it would really be nothing more than a waste of time.