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Democrats’ Plan A Rube-Goldberg Contraption To Destroy Health Care

July 15, 2009

If you’re old enough, you’ve probably come across Rube-Goldberg cartoons, which were humorous drawings of elaborately overengineered devices designed to perform some ridiculous task.

Want an automatic toothpaste dispenser?  A Rube-Goldberg machine may be just your ticket:

Well, Democrats are not to be outdone.  They can design a crazier and more elaborate device than anybody.  Just take a look at the chart of what their health care plan looks like:



Without a doubt, this is the craziest, most bizarre, most expensive, and certainly most dangerous, Rube-Goldberg contraption ever devised.

By the time you wind through the rodent’s maze of bureaucracies, you will pay astonishingly more in the form of taxing economic productivity and get astonishingly less in way of decent health care delivered in a timely manner.  And of course, massive rationing of health care resources will be an integral part of the deal.

Death by bureaucrat is one of the worst possible ways to die.