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Self Defense Combat Cane (AKA Predator Beater)

July 22, 2012

I’ve always loved wood.  And I think I love a good piece of wood the most when I can use it to smack some predator upside the skull.

I take a 5 mile walk every single day.  It’s probably better described as a “hike” because I take my walks out in the California desert along the southwestern base of the Little San Bernardino mountains.  I walk up hills and I walk down washes.  I stick to trails, but it’s fairly rough country.

I hike with my dog.  My last couple of dogs were Rottweilers, and they were the kings of the food chain pretty much wherever they went.  Now I’ve got a medium-sized Dachschund-Labrador mix – but apparently all hound inside – who chases everything that runs from her (rabbits, squirrels, lizards, butterflies) and runs from everything that chases her.  Thank God she runs like this:

She is high speed, low drag.

Last year we had very few problems.  This year she has repeatedly been on the menu for coyotes and we’ve also had to deal with several rattlesnakes.

The second picture documents the fact that while coyotes are relatively small, they’ve got fangs that are a good two times the size of an average dog’s.  Add to that the fact that they are basically small killers and they can be quite a threat to your dog.  In the Palm Springs area, two women in their 60s were recently attacked by coyotes.  They might be kind of cute; but they aren’t funny.

I was out on the golf course and looked up to see a bighorn sheep not far away from where I was playing.  And after thinking, “How beautiful!” I found myself thinking, “Bighorn sheep equals mountain lion range.”

“Mountain lion range” equals bad.

It was time to beef up on the defenses.

I’ve got bad knees.  To put it more clearly, if I were a horse they would shoot me.  So I’ve always liked to have hiking aids.  I started with hiking poles, but if you’ve got bad knees you tend to use them like canes, and using hiking poles as canes puts an unnatural strain on your wrists.

So I started using a pair of canes on my hikes.  They’ve been nice.  If you’re walking at night, for example, you’ve got four legs rather than two, making tripping over a rock a lot safer.  You’ve also got an advance warning system as well as more stability for the numerous burrows that are all too likely to cave in as you’re walking if you’re off the trail.  They also help me go up hills and come down them.  When you’ve got bad knees, you don’t like to descend sideways the way normal people do; you tend to just go down with your shoulders square to the slope to avoid the chance of a lateral shearing injury (bye-bye, ligament!).  The person with healthy knees going down sideways can lean his torso back to counterbalance himself; but if you’re going down a slope head first there’s just no way to do that.  Having two canes to stabilize you often means the difference between ending up on your ass and not ending up on your ass.  And I would imagine that even healthy-kneed people could benefit from using canes in this kind of terrain.

I’ll get to the canes I just purchased in a moment.  But first allow me to make a point about canes as a general self-defense weapon.

There are a few people who are allowed to carry a gun.  Obviously, as they say, a Smith & Wesson beats four Aces.  But let’s say you aren’t one of those people.  What kind of weapons can the average person carry around on them that won’t get them in trouble?

Canes are allowed EVERYWHERE.  And what you’ve got is a three foot-long club.  Which is why a martial art fighting style has been developed around them.

For the record, I will not be releasing a YouTube video of me trying to emulate Bruce Lee with my canes.  I’m sorry about that, as it would have been every bit as hilarious as it would have been pathetic.  But I have very little dignity left, and I wouldn’t want to squander the last shreds of what I have by showing you my “kane kung-fu” moves.

If somebody pulls a gun on you, you can’t outrun a bullet, but you might be able to dodge one.  Throw your “combat cane” down and run for your life.  If someone pulls a knife on you, well, if you’ve got a cane, they’ve got to get close enough to you to stab you without getting their noggin bashed.  Which is to say that a cane can beat four Aces, too, if you really want it to.

That said, I set about looking for a pair of hard-core canes for my usually quite heavenly hikes out in the desert.

The two that I had were steel tubes that were essentially in three pieces – two for the shaft and one more for the handle.  I was afraid that if I really had to start swinging something would break that I didn’t want to get broke right when I needed it.  What I wanted was something that was one solid piece, and I wanted it good and strong and solid and hard.

This is what I found:

They’re called “Stockmens canes,” and I guess they’re used primarily for dealing with cattle.  As in I said MOVE, you big stupid beast.  Actually, I’m not sure how the heck they’re used, but I got them from an outfit that sells equipment to farmers and ranchers.

The ones I’m showing are called the “Elephant 1-1/8″ Dia. Octagon Cane,” product number C07434N available here at  The “octagon” refers to the eight-sided shape of the cane, versus a completely rounded shaft.  If anything, the octagon shape might be more comfortable on the hand and provide a surer grip.

For the record, 1-1/8″ diameter is THICK.  If you’re tall like me, and don’t have to cut the 36″ predator whumper down to size, the tip is tapered for a 1″ cane or crutch tip (otherwise you’d need a 1-1/8″ tip).  Here is one of my new canes surrounded by a pair of typical walking canes so you can see the difference:

The canes are made out of AA-grade white oak or hickory, which are both extremely hard, dense, heavy and durable hardwoods.  Very good wood for smoting pinheads.

I found a wood hardness chart available as a PDF file.  Hickory (harder at 1820 on the scale) and white oak (1320) are both on the highest range of hardness in the commonly available woods.  It’s not easy to find a pair of 1-1/8″ thick curupy or Brazilian tiger mahogany or ironwood walking canes (and I’m guessing they would have been pretty spendy for canes I was going to haul out into the desert every day); so what I’ve got will have to do.

The shipping weight is listed as 1.5lbs.  But I weighed them in at 1.25 lbs.  Which is a fair amount heavier than the half pound of an ordinary walking cane that takes a 3/4″ cane tip.  To put the weight of these canes into a different perspective, 1.25 lbs is 20 ounces; an average major league baseball bat weighs between 31 and 33 ounces and average.  And few major league bats exceed 36″ in length.  So these solid oak or hickory canes are basically two-thirds of a baseball bat combined with a convenient carrying handle.

That should give you an idea of what one of these canes could do to the head of whatever predator – human animal or just garden variety animal – wants to fool with you.

Good luck beating the price: $$12.35 per cane plus shipping (which was just over $11 for the two I purchased).  I bought the tips on eBay for the deal of 8 of them for $8.99 out the door.  And they look quite a bit more durable than the 3/4″ tips that I spend more money on at Wal-Mart.

The two canes I purchased were unfinished, but sanded and smooth.  I purchased two products for less than $13 with my 10% veterans discount at Home Depot:

To varnish the canes (Tung oil beats Linseed oil because Tung oil has UV protectant and provides a barrier against insects and mildew), I lightly scuffed them with the fine steel wool and then rubbed a coat of Tung oil on with a lint-free cloth and then hung them to dry.  Twelve hours later I did it again.  And then twelve hours after that I added a third coat, each time lightly scuffing with the steel wool to give the new coat of varnish a better surface to adhere to.  And the next day after that I was a walking fool.

Oh, I would recommend you use a pair of disposable rubber gloves each time you apply the varnish (I also wore them during sanding to avoid getting fingerprint oils on the wood).  Unless you like having sticky fingers for two days.

And walking in style, I might add.  With the Tung oil varnish, the wood is gorgeous.  For fifty bucks I have a lovely set of walking weaponry.

I’m not lamenting, “Oh, for a head to pound!”, but if anything comes around me that wants its head pounded, I will provide the service free of charge.  Especially if its trying to eat my dog.

P.S. I also purchased an air horn from Wal-Mart (a 1.5 oz container made by Attwood) for $8.16.  It fits easily into a pocket.  I also now wear my old teacher’s playground whistle around my neck.

Obama FBI Thinks It’s A ‘Hate Crime’ That George Zimmerman Bloodied Trayvon Martin’s Knuckles With His Broken Nose And Lacerated Head

May 18, 2012

Never bring a lawsuit against a black, Obama DOJ lawyers were instructed.

There was a challenge delivered by mega-geek Sheldon Cooper to one of his geek friends:

“Well, I grew up with an older brother and a very contentious twin sister, and I believe I can easily best you in any physical confrontation, be it noogies, swirlies or the classic Why Are You Hitting Yourself?”

That’s basically the game Obama’s shyster Eric Holder is playing with George Zimmerman: why were you hitting yourself, George?  No matter how wrong or how unreasonable it is, it’s not just a stupid game when the federal government is the one administering the judicial equivalent of swirlies and noogies and “Why Are You Hitting Yourself?” tactics.  You see, it turns out that George Zimmerman used his face to hit Trayvon Martin’s knuckles, and that’s a hate crime around these here parts when we’re running things.

FBI Seeks To Charge George Zimmerman With Hate Crime
May 14, 2012

Excerpted from WFTV: SANFORD, Fla. — WFTV has learned charges against George Zimmerman could be getting more serious.

State prosecutors said Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, profiled and stalked 17-year-old Trayvon Martin before killing him, so the FBI is now looking into charging him with a hate crime.

FBI investigators are actively questioning witnesses in the retreat at the Twin Lakes neighborhood, seeking evidence for a possible federal hate crime charge.

Martin was unarmed when he was shot to death, police said, and some accuse Zimmerman of targeting the teenager solely because of the color of his skin.

WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said federal prosecutors would have to prove the hate crime to charge Zimmerman, though.

“What the government would have to prove is that Mr. Zimmerman acted out of hatred toward African-Americans. That’s why he came into contact with him. That’s why he shot and killed him,” Sheaffer said.

Sheaffer said a federal hate crime murder charge could bring more serious consequences than the second-degree murder charge Zimmerman faces now.

“Mr. Zimmerman could be punished by up to life in prison or even the death penalty,” said Sheaffer.

Zimmerman said he used deadly force in self-defense after Martin punched him, knocked him to the ground and repeatedly slammed his head against a sidewalk.

In the meantime, a photograph recently surfaced which is said to show Zimmerman’s mother in the arms of her grandfather, who is black.

Zimmerman’s mother testified at his bond hearing that she has met the black child whom he mentored and even risked his safety in a dangerous neighborhood to do it, because he didn’t want to abandon the child. 

Okay, Obama sicked Attorney General Eric Holder who sicked the FBI on George Zimmerman.  Because apparently “Never bring a lawsuit against a black” doesn’t go as far as these racist pigs want to go.

Never mind that pretty much ALL the evidence now completely conforms Zimmerman’s account:

ABC News Exclusive: Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting
By MATT GUTMAN (@mattgutmanABC) and SENI TIENABESO (@senijr_abc)
May 15, 2012

A medical report compiled by the family physician of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman and obtained exclusively by ABC News found that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a “closed fracture” of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin during an alleged altercation.
Zimmerman faces a second degree murder charge for the Feb. 26 shooting that left the unarmed 17-year-old high school junior dead. Zimmerman has claimed self defense in what he described as a life and death struggle that Martin initiated by accosting him, punching him in the face, then repeatedly bashing his head into the pavement.
Also today, a trove of documents are being examined by lawyers for both the defense and prosecution as part of discovery in Zimmerman’s trial — including 67 CDs worth of documents, video of Martin on the night of the shooting, his autopsy report and videos of Zimmerman’s questioning by police.
Zimmerman’s three-page medical report is included in those documents that the defense could use as evidence.
Watch World News with Diane Sawyer for the latest on the Trayvon Martin shooting and the trial of George Zimmerman.
The morning after the shooting, on Feb. 27, Zimmerman sought treatment at the offices of a general physician at a family practice near Sanford, Fla. The doctor notes Zimmerman sought an appointment to get legal clearance to return to work.

The record shows that Zimmerman also suffered bruising in the upper lip and cheek and lower back pain. The two lacerations on the back of his head, one of them nearly an inch long, the other about a quarter-inch long, were first revealed in photos obtained exclusively by ABC News last month.
But the report also shows Zimmerman declined hospitalization the night of the shooting, and then declined the advice of his doctor to make a follow-up appointment with an ear nose and throat doctor.
In addition to his physical injuries, Zimmerman complained of stress and “occasional nausea when thinking about the violence.” But he was not diagnosed with a concussion. The doctor noted that it was “imperative” that Zimmerman “be seen with [sic] his psychologist for evaluation.”
According to the report, prior to the shooting Zimmerman had been prescribed Adderall and Temazepam, medications that can cause side effects such as agitation and mood swings, but in fewer than 10 percent of patients.
A neighbor told ABC News that the day after the shooting he saw Zimmerman as he spoke to officers outside his home. He too recalled seeing black eyes and significant swelling — as well as a bandage over his nose.
Moments after the shooting Zimmerman told eyewitnesses he shot Martin in self defense. He later told officers his head was being pounded into the pavement and that he feared for his life, but that it was only when Martin seemed to reach for the gun wedges in his waistband that Zimmerman drew his weapon and fired directly into Martin’s chest — killing him.
The medical notes may bolster Zimmerman’s claim that he acted in self-defense because he was being attacked. However, the prosecution contends that Zimmerman instigated the confrontation after profiling the teen, who was walking home after buying skittles and ice tea. They prosecution says Martin was breaking no laws and was not disturbing anyone as he walked back to his father’s girlfriend’s home.
Zimmerman was granted a $150,000 bail and has since been in deep hiding since his April 20 bail hearing.

There has never been and never will be enough evidence for any liberal to ever believe anything other than what their authority figures tell them to believe, I know, but I saw a single picture taken at night by the officer at the scene that was broadcast on Fox News yesterday (5/17); and it showed George Zimmerman’s face.  There was no question that his nose was clearly swelling from a fracture and his eyes were beginning to blacken. 

I looked for that photo and could not find it online; but anyone who has ever had a broken nose (as I have) can take one look at that image and see the obvious.

But there’s still more:

Autopsy: Trayvon Martin Had Knuckle Injuries
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 11:06 AM
Autopsy results show that Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old whose shooting death in Florida has turned into a national controversy, had injuries to his knuckles when he died, Orlando TV station WFTV reports.

That evidence could back up George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin beat him up before Zimmerman shot and killed him. Zimmerman said that Martin broke his nose and slammed his head on the sidewalk before Zimmerman opened fire.

The autopsy found that Martin had broken skin on his knuckles. Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara declined to comment on that evidence.

But WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said it helps the defense, as Martin’s knuckle injury appears much less serious than Zimmerman’s bloody head wounds. “It goes along with Zimmerman’s story that he acted in self-defense, because he was getting beaten up by Trayvon Martin,” Sheaffer said.

But another explanation is possible for Martin’s knuckle injury too. “It could be consistent with Trayvon either trying to get away or defend himself,” Sheaffer said.

Zimmerman killed the unarmed Martin Feb. 26 after calling 911 to report that he was acting suspiciously. Zimmerman said Martin hit him first and that he shot in self-defense after no one acted on his cries for help.

The only eyewitness to the events immediately before the shooting has stated for the record that Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman beating the crap out of Zimmerman’s face while Zimmerman cried out for help.

I heard the actual audio testimony from this eyewitness; there is absolutely no question whatsoever who was on the ground getting beat (Zimmerman) and who was on top doing the beating (Martin).  There is also no question who was shouting for help (Zimmerman).

From CBS News, May 18, 2012:

No doubt who was screaming for help, eye witness account:

“In a statement to police the night of the shooting, witness 6 said he saw two men wrestling on the ground. He said he saw a man matching Martin’s description on top, punching Zimmerman on the ground.”

“The one guy on top in the black hoodie was pretty much just throwing down blows on the guy kind of MMA-style,” witness 6 told Sanford police within hours of the shooting.

“The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.

Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

“MMA-style” is mixed martial arts-style.  Zimmerman was helplessly taking a beating that could have ended his life and absorbing one punch after another ad nauseum.  Unless he used his gun in a blatantly obvious act of self-defense.

Just when it basically can’t be any more obvious that this case needs to be dismissed and George Zimmerman needs to be set free with about a million apologies from the state of Florida and so-called “civil rights leaders” such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Obama dumps this “hate crime” crap on Zimmerman.

The mainstream media did everything they could to help their messiah Obama punish the Hispanic who in a clear act of self-defense shot Obama’s “son” Trayvon MartinThey covered up the fact that Zimmerman was Hispanic and altered the photographs to deceitfully make Zimmerman appear white; they falsified audio evidence; they falsified video evidence (see also here and here); and they repeatedly drew bogus conclusions to frame George Zimmerman to demonize him to any potential jury even as they shrilly demanded Zimmerman face such a mob/jury.

Now when pretty much every other loose end has emerged in George Zimmerman’s favor, we also find that Trayvon Martin had drugs in his system.  Which is to say that any sense of “paranoia” that might have justified Martin’s physical attack on Zimmerman the resulted in Zimmerman’s shooting Martin was drug-induced psychosis rather than any reasonable sense of fear.

This case is just one more powerful reason Obama needs to be thrown out of office.  It was beyond inexcusable and contemptible for Obama to publicly involve himself in this case in just a clearly racially-biased way.  And it is clearly immoral for Obama’s thug Attorney General to be persecuting Zimmerman for a “hate crime” when the only “hate crime” is what the Obama federal government is doing to a clearly innocent man.

Obama’s Hometown Paper Says “Repeal 2nd Amendment”

June 30, 2008

You always got to like it when liberals show just how shockingly out of touch with reality – and with American life – they truly are.

It’s even better when it’s the hometown paper of a candidate for President who is solidly positioned as THE most liberal Senator in the country.

The Chicago Tribune today said, in its editorial titled, “Repeal the 2nd Amendment“:

No, we don’t suppose that’s going to happen any time soon. But it should.

The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is evidence that, while the founding fathers were brilliant men, they could have used an editor.

I would argue instead that the editors of the Chicago Tribune could use a brain.

Once you decide to destroy one fundamental civil right, you pretty much open the door to destroying all the rest of them. I mean, what the heck, why go for second when you can get first? Why not repeal the 1st Amendment? Then we wouldn’t have to read the drivel from those idiotic morons over at the Chicago Tribune.

Okay, so the Chicago Tribune wants to go the way of the Nazis, the Fascists, the Communists, and every single other totalitarian regime throughout history that has ever sought to solidify power by taking away the ability of its citizenry to defend itself against tyranny.

The language of the 2nd Amendment is crystal clear to anyone who isn’t radically committed to overthrowing it. If “the people” is a synonym for a “a well regulated militia,” then it follows that whenever we see the term anywhere else, we should NOT consider it as an individual right, but rather only the right of some government supervised and organized group.

Stop and think about it: do liberals want some white supremacist group starting a “militia”? Would they honor the gun rights of that militia? How about a bunch of American radical Islamicists who want to start a militia? Obviously not. Only a government supervised and government controlled entity such as the National Guard would qualify for liberals.

But is that “the people”? I’m not in the National Guard, and you probably aren’t either. So you aren’t “the people”?

Clearly, the “well regulated militia” was intended to be comprised of private individual citizens, “the people.” You could play the same stupid game with the first amendment, and argue that only the organized press should have free speech, because “the people” should have the Constitutional rights of speech and assembly only by means of “the press.”

You start to see what asinine nonsense this view is. It is terrifying that the Supreme Court was composed of such hard-core judicial activists in the past that they pretty much did whatever they wanted to do with the rights of Americans.

This editorial openly demonstrates just how radical the Chicago Tribune is, and how radically leftist Chicago politics are.

And it provides a neon “pointing finger” sign aimed at Barack obama.

Obama has said that he believed the Washington D.C. complete ban on handguns was constitutional, even as he has tried to say he’s also for individual gun rights. It’s one of his better “I voted for that bill before I voted against it” moments.

During An Interview, Obama Acknowledged His Support For The D.C. Gun Ban. Questioner Leon Harris: “One other issue that’s of great importance here in the district as well is gun control. You said in Idaho recently – I’m quoting here – ‘I have no intention of taking away folks’ guns,’ but you support the D.C. handgun ban.” Obama: “Right.” (Leon Harris and Sen. Barack Obama, Forum Sponsored By ABC And Politico.Com, Washington, DC, 2/12/08)

But Obama has previously held views on gun ownership even more radical than this:

In Response To A 1996 Independent Voters Of Illinois Questionnaire, Obama Indicated That He Supported Banning The “Manufacture, Sale And Possession Of Handguns.” Question: “Do you support state legislation to … ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?” Obama’s Response: “Yes.” (Independent Voters Of Illinois Independent Precinct Organization 1996 General Candidate Questionnaire, Barack Obama Responses, 9/9/96)

Obama Was Director Of Anti-Gun Joyce Foundation, Which Spent Millions On Gun-Control Causes. “Adding even further skepticism to Obama’s claim of support for the 2nd Amendment is his previous service as a director of the Joyce Foundation. Since 2000, the Joyce Foundation has provided over $15 Million in funding to radical gun control organizations such as the Violence Policy Center and the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. The Joyce Foundation is tightly linked to the Soros Open Society Instit ute — an extremist group that advocates a worldwide ban on civilian firearm ownership.” (Illinois State Rifle Association, “ISRA Blasts Candidate Obama On His Record Of Hostility Toward Law-Abiding Firearm Owners,” Press Release, 8/24/04)

In 2004, Obama Voted Against Self-Defense Rights. “[Obama] opposed letting people use a self-defense argument if charged with violating local handgun bans by using weapons in their homes. The bill was a reaction to a Chicago-area man who, after shooting an intruder, was charged with a handgun violation.” (Ryan Keith “Obama Record In State Legislature Offers Possible Ammunition For Critics,” The Associated Press, 1/17/07)

In 2004, Running For U.S. Senate Obama Called For Federal Legislation To Pre-Empt State Concealed Carry Laws. “In a February survey of Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. Senate by the Tribune, Obama said he opposed allowing ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons and that a federal law banning concealed carried weapons except for law enforcement is needed.” (Liam Ford, “Keyes Backs Law On Concealed Guns,” Chicago Tribune, 8/25/04)

I in particular react to Obama’s vote against self-protection. There is a clear correlation between gun controls for ordinary citizens and sky-high crime rates. Washington D.C. – which had the most restrictive gun controls in the country for some 32 years – has spent most of those same 32 years as the murder capital of the United States.

If you force yourself into my home uninvited – and you are not a police officer exercising a lawful warrant – I will shoot you dead. That provides a rather powerful disincentive for you to try to break into my house, doesn’t it? But for most of his political career, Barack Obama has supported taking that right – and that ability to protect myself and my family – away from me and from other law abiding citizens.

Only law abiding citizens pay attention to laws; criminals don’t. That’s the difference between “law-abiding” and “criminal.” When it’s illegal for law-abiding citizens to own guns, then only criminals will have the guns.

People like Barack Obama are protected by armed Secret Service agents, or can afford to live in safe areas. But what about the rest of us? What about the millions of ordinary people who can’t count on their police arriving in thirty seconds or less? Shouldn’t they have the right to protect themselves in their own homes?

Barack Obama has come out of the radical leftist cesspool of Chicago politics. He’s trying to position himself as a centrist moderate for the general election, but the truth of the matter is, we simply shouldn’t trust this guy.