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Obama CIA Director John Brennan: He Was In ‘Evil’ Enhanced Interrogation Up To His Eyeballs, But Is Taking Nuremberg Defense Like All Fascists Before Him

February 7, 2013

The Senate hearing for Obama-nominee for CIA Director John Brennan is pretty amazing.  It is now an open fact that John Brennan was intimately involved with enhanced interrogation techniques including waterboarding and certainly could have spoken out about it.  The man actually is on the record as having acknowledged that these techniques were valuable and saved American lives.

WASHINGTON  (AP) — A Senate hearing on John  Brennan‘s nomination to head the CIA could lay bare some parts of the secret  war against al-Qaida:  lethal drone strikes from covert bases against even American terror suspects,  harsh interrogation methods and long detention of suspects without due  process.

Some  of the practices produced revulsion among some in Congress and the public, but  the outcry has been muted because Brennan and others say that these harsh and  secretive methods have saved American lives.

Democrats are in a bind: do they renounce waterboarding by voting John Brennan down and denouncing him as a Nazi, or do they vote to appoint him because that’s what Pharaoh-Messiah-in-Chief Obama wants them to do?

Turns out – as is always so given the nature of fascism – that there’s a “third way” (see also here).

John Brennan – who is again on the record praising the EIT program – now says that in public he supported it but in private he opposed it.

He was only carrying out the orders of the evil Bush.

Which is of course the Nuremberg Defense, with the only difference being the names “Hitler ordered it” with “Bush ordered it.”

Democrats, of course, say that is wonderful.  Blame Bush while at the same time vote to confirm the guy who was carrying out the Bush policy.

It’s too bad Heinrich Himmler took that cyanide rather than face his trial.  If he could have held out with a few lengthy ACLU appeals, today’s Democrats never would have convicted him.  You can see him now raising his hand in that Nazi salute while taking his oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and then saying, “Mein Führer Bush ordered the killings, and I dutifully carried out the Führer’s orders.  But in my heart I knew the devil Bush was evil.”

It’s rather obvious why Obama wants this turd to be his CIA chief: John Brennan is the sort of career weasel who has proven that he will say and do anything necessary to please whatever superiors who are over him at any given moment.  He will very clearly make a compliant useful idiot for Obama to rule the CIA through.

After demonizing Gitmo, rendition, domestic eavesdropping, the surge and a host of other Bush era programs, Obama copied them ALL except for waterboarding.  And in most cases went far, FAR beyond anything that Bush did to violate civil liberties and impose American policy on other countries.  Now the cake is complete with Obama’s appointment of a “torturer.”

And given the unending tidal surge of the ocean of abject liberal hypocrisy, Obama gets to eat his cake and have it too.