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Obama Receives Fruits Of His “McCain’s Seven Houses” Attack Ad

August 25, 2008

Came across this Texas GOP ad and thought it was worth sharing with the class:

The Texas GOP is accusing Barack Obama of leaving his own family out to dry after reports surfaced that his half-brother George is living in a run-down hut in Kenya.

The Daily Telegraph and other publications have recently drawn attention to the unusual report in the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, which tracked down George Hussein Onyango in the outskirts of Nairobi.

He apparently spoke to the magazine for the first time, telling them he lives on less than a dollar a month, and that “no one knows who I am.”

The Republican Party of Texas released a Web video Friday seizing on the story, in response to Obama’s earlier ad mocking John McCain for allegedly not knowing how many homes he and his wife Cindy own.

“Barack Obama has viciously attacked John McCain and his family for being successful and living the American dream,” the narrator says, as the ad then flashes up pictures of Obama body surfing and golfing.

“Obama claims he is looking out for our families in an economic downturn, but ask yourself this: If Obama cares so much about your family, why doesn’t he take care of his own family first?”

The ad then shows a picture of Obama’s stately Chicago home, and one of Onyango’s shack.

“Barack Obama lives in this house … while his own brother lives in this one,” the narrator says.

Hans Klingler, political and communications director for the Texas GOP, told the organization wanted to point out that Obama has a history that still hasn’t been explored, as well as chide him for the Vanity Fair piece.

“While he may not be obligated to move (his half-brother) to America … what we’re arguing is, ‘Hey Senator Obama, if you’re going to talk about the importance of family, then you better give us a full picture of how your family is living and the unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in,” he said.

A story documents Obama’s half-brother.

Liberals are already complaining about the “distinct racial overtone to the ad” and note that it uses Obama’s brother’s full name: George Hussein Onyango Obama (I mean, really, how dare they use his full name!).

But critics of the Obama attack ad against McCain’s “seven houses” predicted it would open the floodgates of nasty ads.  Eat up: there’s a lot more where that came from.

We can also talk about Jeremiah Wright’s country club house bought with church money, Tony Rezko’s “big house”, Barack Obama’s house bought with Rezko money, Obama’s visit to terrorist bomber William Ayers house, and so on and so forth.

Don’t slap someone on the face if you don’t want to get punched in the mouth, I say.