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The Descent Into Fascism Is Being Illuminated By CFL Light Bulbs (Hat Tip To Mark Levin)

January 18, 2012

Got this notion listening to Mark Levin.

How far is it from “we’re smart enough to elect our own leaders but we’re not smart enough to pick our own light bulbs” to “We’re not smart enough to elect our own leaders”?

Seriously, if we’re not smart enough to pick our own light bulbs, or our own energy sources or cars, or our own amount of sodium, etc. etc., how far are the people who have decided all of that from deciding that we’re not really smart enough to pick our own leaders and that “the wise” should choose them for us?

In Ameritopia, Mark Levin makes the point that Utopias have ALWAYS been based on the notion that some elite intelligentsia should be entrusted to run everything for us in order to achieve the societal perfection that human civilization has never quite reached.  And if we simply surrender more of our freedoms and more of our ability to choose, the “experts” can make better choices for us.

And the obvious question (at least to a guy as brilliant as Mark Levin) is, “Just what is the suicidal instinct that makes us believe that a community rabble rouser (his word choice talking about the book on Sean Hannity) is going to be able to push all the buttons and run our lives better than we can run our own lives?

I haven’t read the book, but it just moved to the top of my “to do” list.

Btw, I noticed upon linking to that Ameritopia is either loved or hated.  Out of 399 so-called “customer reviews” – you do NOT need to buy the book in order to review it on Amazon – there are a total of seven two, three, or four star reviews.  All the rest are either five-star (238) or one-star (154).  That tells me that about 240 or so of the people who reviewed the book actually bought a copy; the rest are liberals who are characterized by vileness and bitterness and dishonesty, which, along with hypocrisy, are the sine qua nons without which a liberal could not be a liberal. 

Liberals are as likely to buy a copy of Mark Levin as I am likely to buy a copy of Michael Moore.  Which is to say there’s about a zero percent chance because any fool knows where both of these guys are coming from ideologically.  But when you look at reviews of Michael Moore on Amazon, what you see is that the conservatives who aren’t stupid enough to buy a copy are honest enough not to review it either.  Unlike the incredibly vile, bitter, dishonest and hypocritical left.

Only someone who would burn books they hate would falsely review books they haven’t read.  And what a coincidence: the political left has been responsible for 99% of all the book burnings in the world.

Call that the “Occupy” movement of stupidity and fascism.