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Obama’s FOURTH ‘Abu Ghraib Moment’ Shows New Gay Military Disintergrating Under Messiah-In-Chief – Not That Media Will Ever Hold Him Responsible

March 12, 2012

In January of this year, I wrote about Obama’s “Abu Ghraib Moment #1”: the Marine snipers under Obama’s command who urinated on dead Taliban.  And of course I had to ask the question about why the same media that demonized George Bush over every possible thing that went wrong refused to hold their messiah responsible in any way, shape or form.

In February of this year, I wrote about Obama’s “Abu Ghraib Moment #2”: the Marines under Obama’s command who decided that they were Nazis just like their commander-in-chief:

In that article I expounded at some length about how the (also Nazi, of course) propoganda mainstream media went to incredible lengths to demonize George Bush over Abu Ghraib and somehow directly tie him to the debacle.

Also in February, I wrote about Obama’s “Abu Ghraib Moment #3”: the still infamous Koran burning incident in which Obama apologized to the murderers of the soldiers under his command.

I had previously pointed out that it was, of course, fine to burn Bibles; just don’t you ever dare burn a holy Koran.

And of course don’t you DARE bring a Bible to your wounded military family member.  Unless you want it burned or something.

And, here we are in March, and we’re already at Obama’s Abu Ghraib Moment #4″ featuring the psycho-soldier under Obama’s command murdering 16 Afghanis including several women and nine children.

Of course we can only hope that no Korans got burned.

Also, of course, it’s righteous indignation when Muslims go nuts and start shooting unarmed infidels, but don’t you dare return that favor, dontchaknow.

Mind you, there is absolutely no way you can hold “he who is never to be held responsible” responsible; you can ONLY blame George Bush for it.  Bush as much as put the rifle in that soldier’s hands, marched him to the homes and commanded him to pull the trigger.

After all, Barack Obama despises the American military and wants it destroyed, whereas George Bush loved the troops.

I also posted the incredibly telling video from my article “How Do Marines Feel About Obama? When Silence Is Golden” to document how the Marines felt about Bush versus how they felt about Obama:

In my article on Obama’s Abu Ghraib Moment #1 (it gets hard to keep all of Obama’s Abu Ghraibs apart, you know), I cited an apt statement:

Bush supported the troops. If the troops did something bad, it reflected on Bush and made him look bad. They were all in this together.

Obama despises the troops and keeps them at arm’s length. If the troops do something bad, it justifies Obama’s disdain and proves him to be correct in his policies.

Doesn’t that work out swell for the Left?

And of course, yes, it does.  Isn’t that a wonderful coincidence???

Afghanistan can rightly be called “Obama’s Vietnam,” with Obama making Afghanistan his very own war featuring a massive escalation and featuring the fact that 2/3rds of the casualities have occurred under Obama’s command.  And we can rightly call this incident involving the civilian deaths “Obama’s My Lai massacre.”

What is amazing is that this “psycho-soldier” may be the very thing that will now allow Obama to declare victory – by which I mean cut and run.  And what is truly amazing about that is that Afghanistan is “Obama’s war” to begin with, in the sense that he (like John Kerry) called for a massive escalation of Afghanistan as “the good war” even as they demonized Bush over Iraq as “the bad war.”  But when Obama pulls out of Afghanistan, it will be framed by the media as Obama getting us out of the last of “Bush’s wars.”  No matter how much of a lie that is.

Of course, back in July of last year Obama decided to homosexualize the once great American military.  Which we needed rather like we needed that massive Wikileak.  Obama had already began the witchhunts to throw out any soldier, sailor, airman or Marine who wasn’t enthusiastic enough about a gay military.  Because no matter how dangerous or destructive homosexuality is, Obama’s going to shove it in all the way (well, you know what I’m alluding to without my saying any more, I’m guessing).

Even before Obama was elected, I was making the point that our military was going to start breaking down if Obama became our president and started inflicting himself on it.

I’m one of “those” people who still believe that homosexuality is a serious personality disorder – much the way science did for most of human history until political correctness became more important than science.  Now, maybe you agree with me and maybe you don’t, but one thing that is becoming increasingly obvious is that the military under Obama is experiencing a serious personality disorder.

Obama had already given us military policies – just one after another – that were beyond irrational.  And it was all Obama given his remarkable penchant for completely ignoring his generals.  And the military going nuts itself was the next logical step.

Obama’s timetable for defeat – in which he told the Taliban terrorists exactly when the U.S. would be retreating – was the most insanity-inducing policy of all.  If we’re going to announce that we’re leaving to the enemy, we might as well just friggin leave and be done with it.  Because whether we leave in four months or three years ago, the damn end is going to be the damn same: a Taliban win and an America loss.

But don’t you worry your deranged little liberal head: the mainstream media won’t let Obama lose.  And unlike all those dead soldiers and Marines, that’s the really important thing.  Obama will be framed as the hero who brought the troops home.  And the fact that it is the war he insisted on escalating and the fact that he will crawl out in defeat won’t be allowed to ruin that fairy tale ending.

As you watch the craziest part of the world become crazier and crazier under Obama’s “commander-in-chieftanship” and as you watch the craziest country in the craziest part of the world get nuclear weapons to prepare the way for Antichrist and Armageddon, just realize it is all just part of God Damn America.

Update, 3/12/12: We have since learned that the soldier who committed this atrocity was on his fourth combat tour and had suffered a traumatic brain injury during his third tour which in all likelihood contributed to his clearly psychotic act.  We may never know whether the murder of several American soldiers after the so-called “Koran-burning incident” or Barack Obama’s apologizing to the murderers of those American soldiers had anything to do with this act or not.

This tragic and isolated incident should in no way affect the pride that Americans should feel about their troops.  They have been and continue to remain magnificent.

Hamid Karzai – whose soldiers had just got through murdering unarmed Americans – said, “when a US soldier intentionally kills innocent people, it could be described as an act of terror, which cannot be forgiven.”

There are two pathetic and corrupt leaders – Karzai and Obama – who make any victory in Afghanistan absolutely impossible.  There is no possible way we can win with either of these political weasels in charge.  So we should just get the hell out of there at this point.

According To Hamas, A Muslim Is Worth Less Than One One-Thousandth Of A Jew

October 11, 2011

Hamas is vile and evil. 

But apparently, they at least recognize their own value (very nearly worthless):

Israel, Hamas agree on prisoner swap to free Shalit
By Jeffrey Heller and Nidal al-Mughrabi | Reuters – 2 hrs 9 mins ago.

JERUSALEM/GAZA (Reuters) – Israel and Gaza’s Hamas Islamist rulers agreed on Tuesday to swap more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for Israeli captive soldier Gilad Shalit, resolving one of the most emotive and intractable issues between them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, asking his cabinet to approve the lopsided swap and under constant public pressure to bring Shalit home, said the soldier would be reunited with his family “in the coming days.”

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip greeted the agreement, brokered by Egypt and a German mediator, with celebratory gunfire. Hamas confirmed that it only remained to conclude technical arrangements for the exchange.

The breakthrough pact, after many false dawns in years of secret efforts to free Shalit since he was captured in 2006, has no direct bearing on Middle East peace negotiations.

But it was virtually certain to improve the climate for international efforts to restart peace talks.

Prospects for peacemaking have been clouded by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s request for UN recognition of a Palestinian state and Israeli settlement expansion which Abbas has said must stop if negotiations are to begin again.

A source involved in the talks said the long elusive pact had been mediated by Egypt, playing a role which is likely to strengthen Israel’s ties with Cairo, which have suffered since the fall of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in a revolution this year.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said Israel will release 1,027 prisoners in two stages. Within a week, 450 will be swapped for Shalit and the rest will be freed two months later. Twenty-seven women are among those on the release roster.

It was not immediately clear how many of the prisoners were jailed for attacks that caused Israeli casualties. Under Israeli law, opponents of their release have at least 48 hours to appeal to courts to keep them behind bars.


In tandem with a public campaign waged by Shalit’s parents for his freedom, relatives of Israelis killed in Palestinian attacks have lobbied Netanyahu not to give in to Hamas by releasing prisoners with blood on their hands.

There are about 6,000 Palestinians prisoners in Israeli jails. They are regarded as heroes in what Palestinians call their struggle against Israeli occupation and quest for statehood.

“We are happy with this great achievement and we thank our God for that. But our happiness is mixed with sorrow because we were not able to gain the freedom of all prisoners,” Meshaal said in a televised address from Damascus.

Israeli television quoted Netanyahu as telling Shalit’s parents that ever since he took office three years ago “I’ve been waiting for the chance to make this telephone call” to inform them of the deal.

Shalit’s family, which has maintained a vigil in a protest tent near Netanyahu’s Jerusalem home for months, had accused him of not doing enough to secure his release.

Announcing to his cabinet, and television cameras, that a deal had been signed earlier in the day, Netanyahu said he feared time was running out for Shalit amid political upheaval in the Arab world.

“I believe we have reached the best agreement possible at this time when storms are raging in the Middle East. I don’t know if we could have reached a better agreement, or even achieved one at all, in the near future,” he said.

“It’s possible that this window of opportunity would have closed for good and we never would have brought Gilad home.”

The wife of Marwan Barghouti, a charismatic activist seen as a future Palestinian leader, told Reuters in the West Bank that she was eagerly awaiting word that he will be included in the prisoner swap.

In Gaza the families of men jailed for life by Israel waited to see if their names would be on the list.

Israel has carried out several lopsided prisoner swaps in the past, notably in 1985 when hundreds of Palestinian prisoners were freed in exchange for several soldiers captured by a guerrilla group in Lebanon.

The ordeal of Shalit, a fresh-faced corporal, transfixed Israel after the tank gunner was captured by militants who tunneled their way out of Gaza and then forced him back over the border.

He was 19 at the time and had begun his mandatory three-year army service nearly a year previously.

Shalit, who also holds French citizenship, was last seen in a videotape released by his captors in September 2009 showing him looking pale and thin.

He received no visits from the International Committee of the Red Cross, despite many appeals.

(Reporting by Nidal al Mughrabi, Allyn Fisher-Ilan, Ali Sawafta, Jeffrey Heller and Douglas Hamilton; Writing by Jeffrey Heller and Douglas Hamilton; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

So there you have it.  According to Muslims themselves, a Muslim is worth LESS than 1/1000th of a Jew.  Or, conversly, a garden variety Jew is worth more than one thousand times more than a Muslim.

Even Muslims themselves readily admit that they are very nearly worthless as human beings.

Islam: the religion that makes you worth 1/1,027th of an actual human being.

There’s a nice little statement of ontology for you.

It’s Official: Palestinians Recognize One Jew Is Worth One Thousand Palestinans

December 21, 2009

What’s a Jew worth these days?

According to Hamas, a Jew is worth one thousand Palestinians.

Israeli Cabinet ministers debate whether to trade 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for lone soldier

By AMY TEIBEL , Associated Press
Last update: December 21, 2009 – 2:44 PM

JERUSALEM – Negotiations for an Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange entered a crucial stage Monday, with Israeli Cabinet ministers huddling to decide whether to accept Islamic militants’ demand to swap 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for a lone Israeli serviceman.

A decision to pay that lopsided price for 23-year-old Sgt. Gilad Schalit could reshuffle Mideast politics in unpredictable ways and possibly ease a punishing blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu and six Cabinet ministers convened again after nightfall Monday, the latest in a series of sessions over the past two days in a frenzy of activity that suggested a deal could be close. The group was divided, however, with some ministers opposed freeing Palestinians convicted in fatal attacks, arguing they could kill again.

It seemed likely the prime minister would bring the final decision to a vote in his full Cabinet. As the Monday evening meeting began, Netanyahu’s office issued a statement saying, “The prime minister will continue to protect Israel’s security and the lives of its citizens as the most important factor” in a decision over the soldier, a possible hint that he was leaning against approval of the deal.

A Palestinian close to the negotiations said a German mediator carrying a proposal approved by Hamas has set a Wednesday deadline for Israeli action. The Palestinian, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said there would be no further negotiations. […]

That’s not very good for Palestinians, to be worth only one-one thousandth of a Jew.

I mean, it’s not just sub-human, it’s sub sub-human.

I suppose if they are willing to officially acknowledge this, then I should, too.

I also suppose it could forge a new understanding in Israeli-Arab relations: for every single Jew killed, one thousand Arabs should die to balance the scales.

It is beyond a moral crime that Palestinians have so little regard for the value of their own lives that they send their children out to blow themselves up to murder other lives.

Human beings and legitimate governments value the lives of their citizens.  That’s why Israel would even consider this crazy and frankly evil one-sided trade.  And it’s why a loathsome and vile terrorist state would issue such immoral demands recognizing the total lack of value for their own people.

Picture Worth A Thousand Words On Iraq And Success Of Surge

September 5, 2008

Nothing brings out the truth about people like a crisis.  You learn what people value most, what they fear most, and what kind of “stuff” people are made of.  In the midst of chaos and confusion, we see one little drama being played out in the actions of one American soldier, and one Iraqi boy.

Two pictures, taken very shortly after a bomb explodes that killed 21 people and wounded 66 others.  A sniper had added to the chaos by firing into the crowd.  A plainly terrorized little boy finds the safest place he can – behind an American infantryman.

While everyone else is running away, or hugging the side of the building for cover, this one man is moving in the very direction others were running away from, doing his job.

This child has not read the American media’s unrelentingly critical accounts of the war.  He believes in this incredibly brave American.  He believes that this U.S. Infantryman will protect him, and would never hurt him.

This is a microcosm of the entire war in Iraq.  As the country of Iraq fell apart in the aftermath of the toppling of Iraq, it was the American infantryman who stood while others around them were cowed.

Democrats who cannot acknowledge the incredible success of the “troop surge” claim instead that it was the “Anbar Awakening” that turned the situation in Iraq around.  But without the surge of these incredible American troops, there would have been no Anbar Awakening.  The sheiks would have been as cowed by al Qaeda as they had been by Saddam Hussein.

How did the Anbar Awakening begin?  Wikipedia tells the story:

Abu Mahals, a tribe that smuggled across the Syrian border, was being forced out of their territory by a tribe allied with Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. The tribe proposed an alliance with the United States force in November 2005 and began receiving weapons and training.

Like the frightened child in the pictures, the tribe behind the Anbar Awakening found itself being threatened by al Qaeda, and in their fear turned to the one source that could stand up for them: the United States military.

The U.S. military armed and trained the anti-al Qaeda tribesmen.  But in the earliest stages the cooperation consisted solely in the tribes providing the U.S. military with intelligence on the movements of al Qaeda.

The Anbar Awakening did not make the success of the troop surge possible; rather courageous American infantrymen made the Anbar Awakening possible.  Anyone who says otherwise is not being honest, and is rather contemptibly refusing to give our troops the amazing credit they are due.

Lastly, if you are an undecided voter trying to assess which Party is telling the truth about Iraq and which one is being disingenuous, look at the following two sites, and try to reconcile key Democrats’ own words before and early in the Iraq War and subsequently.


Regardless of what you conclude about the claims of Republicans and the claims of Democrats for this election, I hope you agree with me on at least this: our soldiers, our brave warriors, have been magnificent.  In both Iraq and Afghanistan, they have served with valor and honor in the midst of so much fear and dishonor.  I have been so proud of them.  I have been so proud to call myself “an American” because of them.

If we can build a self-sustaining democratic republic in the heart of the Arab and Islamic world, the reward will be incalculable.  Arab people will look away from their totalitarian governments to a new beacon of freedom.  More than anything else, this can change a dynamic in the Arab world that has been becoming increasingly terrifying.

As you look at those photographs, I hope you take some time and pray for our troops in time of war.