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Freaky Liberal Whackjobs Being Freaky Liberal Whackjobs: Alicia Silverstone Prechews Son’s Food When Not Shilling For Obama

March 29, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words.  What’s a video worth?

Someone should tell her about “baby food” that was actually pre-mashed in a NON-disgusting manner.  There’s something called “bacteria” in the human mouth, you know.

Too bad she wasn’t doing this on the stage when she was shilling for Obama:

Only I suppose it could possibly have been viewed as being in “poor taste” to cheerlead for Obama with her mouth full of her son’s next bite.

The fact that Hollywood liberal nutjobs are so completely in the tank for Obama ought to offend the mentally healthy enough to vote for anybody but him.

Thank GOD my parents weren’t liberals…

I suppose the fact that I actually had to learn to chew my own food all by myself was what gave me the independence to think for myself – which clearly precluded my ever becoming a Democrat.