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Someone, Please Save Us From Obama’s Economic Destruction!!!

March 2, 2011

A quote from impressive Republican Representative Paul Ryan and two graphs:

Rep. Ryan made it clear he is not interested in shutting down the government, however he says he will not rubber-stamp any spending increases proposed by President Obama.

“We’re not interested in actually rubber-stamping these elevated spending levels that President Obama pushed through two years ago. The kind of spending increases he got on government agency budgets, 24% on average, you throw stimulus on top, that was an 84% increase. So, what the President’s budget tries to do is lock in all those big spending gains. We don’t want to accept that. We’re not looking for a shutdown, but we’re not going to rubber-stamp these spending levels. We want spending cuts in return and that’s what this is about,” Rep. Paul said.

Graph one shows where we are right now, and how much the debt has exploded beyond belief to this point:

Graph two shows how utterly catastrophic this picture gets even – as Rep. Ryan points out – assuming the┬árosiest scenarios of low interest rates:

Someone please save America from Obama.

We’re to a point where America is probably comparable to a chicken with its head cut off; beyond the point of being too stupid to realize that we’re already dead.