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John Kerry’s ‘Band of Brothers’ Includes Child Porn Pervert

May 4, 2009

When John Kerry ran for President in 2004, an outraged group of men rose up against him – his own fellow Swift Boat sailors.  Two hundred and fifty signed a letter stating that John Kerry – who had demonized his own fellow veterans as war criminals and who had repeatedly made claims that these eyewitnesses knew weren’t true – was unfit for command.  Against these 250 war veterans were 12 men who claimed that John Kerry was a man of honor.

And now we learn that one of these dozen men is a child porn pedophile.

FEDERAL COURT — War hero, activist, former high-ranking Pentagon official – Wade Sanders has led a life full of peril and achievement, of great highs and deep lows.

Just a few years ago, Sanders stood onstage at the Democratic National Convention as his fellow veteran, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., accepted his party’s presidential nomination.

That was a high point.

Tomorrow afternoon in federal court in San Diego likely will be a low point for him.

Sanders, 69, is scheduled to be sentenced after pleading guilty in December to possession of child pornography.

He could face as much as 10 years in prison after federal agents found child pornography on several of his home computers.

What can I say?  With that kind of ringing endorsement, John Kerry’s reputation must be iron-clad, indeed.

I wrote a little bit on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign when the issue came up during the last presidential campaign. It was amazing how unfair the mainstream media were to the Swift Boat Veterans.

So let’s look at the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.  Look at the letter that some 250 of John Kerry’s fellow Swift Boat veterans signed against him (to contrast with about a dozen Swift Boat veterans who support him).  Their real outrage wasn’t over Kerry’s supposed “valor,” but rather against what he did when he came home.  John Kerry willingly and publicly said of his own free will things that men like John McCain wouldn’t say even in the face of torture.  And when John Kerry tried to defend his anti-American and anti-American-soldier statements by pointing to his record, the Swift Boat veterans demonstrated that he had misrepresented his record in provable ways beyond his infamous “Christmas in Cambodia” whopper.

Maybe John Kerry deserved all his decorations, and maybe he didn’t, but one thing is for sure: he did lie about several aspects of his record.  And he was forced to publicly retract some of his most vitriolic statements as “the words of an angry young man.”

John Kerry had a paltry few men to testify about how honorable he was, versus a whopping load load of veterans who said he was unfit for command.  Kerry literally resorted to trying to claim that men who were actually against him were for him.

Henry Wickham, writing in the American Thinker, said of the media campaign against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth:

To make the definition of swiftboating synonymous with “smears,” “lies,” and “innuendo” is to declare John Kerry’s innocence…. This clever manipulation of the meaning of words and its exoneration of John Kerry has much broader implications. In the 1970s John Kerry led a high profile movement that not only defamed American servicemen as crazed killers, but Kerry and his real “band of brothers” also successfully pushed policies that had truly genocidal consequences in Southeast Asia. To exonerate John Kerry is to exonerate his movement and all who participated in it for their role in the genocide. It is to whitewash all of them from the consequences of their actions.

Now we get to learn about the REAL reputation of one of the handful of men whom the media chose to believe over 250 combat veterans who claimed that John Kerry was a liar.

Not that the mainstream media cares: a liberal pedophile is a much more decent human in their eyes than any traditional-values-supporting conservative.