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Democrats Increase Taxes And Debt Ceiling Simultaneously: They Really ARE the ‘Tax And Spend Party’

December 23, 2009

This was an excellent point:

Health care: Dems to vote to increase taxes and debt ceiling simultaneously

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Some ill-informed persons out there actually had the temerity to accuse Democrats as the “tax and spend” party. A stereotype!

Whatever could have given them that idea?

Perhaps this: Democrats will—on Christmas eve, in a festive display of mono-partisanism—vote to raise taxes and increase the national debt limit. The old limit couldn’t properly account for their prodigious profligacy, you understand.

The government is bleeding money: it’s gushing from every bureaucratic orifice. Solution? Spend more!

The new health care tax–which isn’t yet honestly called a tax, but a “program”—will almost certainly pass the Senate. Part of this “program” is said to be an “individual mandate”, which will require, via the full majesty of the law, that individuals purchase health insurance, even if they do not want it.

That is, you will be forced by implied gunpoint to fork over your money to a private company.

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What else can you call a party that literally raises taxes and increases the debt limit on the very same day anything other than the “tax and spend” party?

These Democrats are so intellectually vacuous and morally insane that they continue to pretend to pay lip service to “fiscal responsibility” even as they spend more money more quickly than any human civilization that has ever occupied planet Earth.

And for the record, the government using its power of regulation and naked force to control private businesses, and then make sweetheart deals with the same businesses that they control, is naked fascism.