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Narcissist-in-Chief Obama Posts A Campaign Tweet That Could Have Come From 1984’s Big Brother

May 1, 2012

Worship Big Brother.  Worship your Messiah.  Worship Obama’s Government-as-God.  Take his mark on your fight hand or your forehead:

Breitbart sums it up thus:

In other words, there are no red or blue states … just the Obama States. You have to love the narcissism of a president who posts a picture of himself at the center of America, presenting himself as greater than the country, all of which is united under his hopey-changey administration.

This is 1984-type stuff. This is the most polarizing president in American history, and he’s busy telling us that we’re all united under his auspices. War is peace. Poverty is wealth. Polarization is unity. United States is Barack States.

This shocking narcissistic chutzpah is also being decried on Weasel Zippers.

Don’t forget to worship Obama in the Temple of Barack.  You know, given that “The Party” built a Temple to him and everythingEven the left cringed at Obama’s over-the-top Barackopolis hubris.  They should have realized that it pointed to a man who was all about himself and agreed with the mainstream media’s depiction of him as “sort of God.”

Obama is sick.  His many sycophants in the most partisan and poisonous propaganda media are sick.

He’s leading us to ruin.  And demanding that we worship him for doing it.

Now don’t forget to have your Two Minutes Hate at Emmanual W. Bushstein.  Or the Obama media will find out and add you to Obama’s enemies list.