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Obama’s ‘300’ In Iraq: It Won’t Be Like Thermopylae Because We Aint Sparta And Obama Definitely Aint Leonidas

June 21, 2014

The story is so dramatic and heroic: 300 Spartans, inserting themselves into a pass, held off a million Persians.

My Rottweiler’s version was of 300 Rotts withstanding an attack by over a million vicious Chihuahuas.

Anyway, “Obama’s 300” isn’t going to be a repeat of Thermopylae, let me assure you.

For one thing, let me assure you that Sparta never would have been Sparta if they’d been forced to fight under the same morally idiotic rules of engagement that our warriors are expected to employ.

Spartans fought to win.  The 300 men they sent weren’t “advisors”; they were hard-core warriors who were there to fight to the death.

That aint how we fight anymore.  We fight with political correctness so as not to make Obama feel sad.  You know, if we fight at all.

And anybody who wants to compare Obama with Leonidas – other than to point out what a worthless chump Obama is, as I do here – needs to be put in a straight jacket and locked in a rubber room.

We had a chance to win in Iraq; scratch that, WE HAD ALREADY WON IN IRAQ.  All we had to do was remain with a small force to keep what we had won safe.

Obama pissed our victory away.  Just like he pissed our health care system away with his socialist hijack.  And now it’s up to Obama’s 300.

One of the biggest reasons the 300 Spartans were successful was that they arrived before it was too late and there was still a chance to fight.  Obama’s 300 are way to few, worse, they are way, way, WAY too late.