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A Dear John (McCain) Letter On V.P. Pick: Name A Woman

August 24, 2008

Dear John,

I am writing to say that you’ve come a long way in actually getting me to support you (rather than holding my nose while I voted for you). That job you did at Saddleback was just great.

Up until now, I was far more energized by my opposition to the most radical candidate in American history. It is amazing that the first most liberal U.S. Senator chose the third most liberal U.S. Senator to be his running mate.

John, let me tell you how you can be President with smooth sailing from now till November: appoint a woman as your Vice President.

It’s time that a woman gets the nod from the bullpen. Neither party has had a woman on the ticket since Ferraro in 1984 – and that seems like an awfully long time ago.

Barack Obama should have at least asked Hillary Clinton to be his running mate, given the fact that she actually got more votes for President than he did. Instead, he snubbed a woman who got 18 million votes for a guy who dropped out after getting about 19,000. And Obama, after saying that Hillary would be on anybody’s short list, didn’t even bother to vet her. As a result, there are a lot of frustrated, angry, bitter Democratic women.

I think you can capture a lot of those women, John, and blow the race wide open by naming a woman to the Republican ticket.

We’ve got some pretty good women candidates, too. Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas and Sarah Palin from Alaska top most lists, but there are quite a few others. Both of the aforementioned women have pretty solid pro-life records, and both are real good on energy issues. I still remember watching Elizabeth Dole walk out into the audience at the 1992 Republican convention. I remember thinking, “Wow. I wish SHE was our nominee.”

My own choice: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  Apart from complimenting your “old and busted” persona with “young hotness,” she is also a proven reformer as well as being the governor of a state.  And from what I have read, she presents herself extremely well.

I believe this is the year to put a woman on the ticket. The Democrats should have. The Republicans ought to. When all is said and done, Republicans have a better history on civil rights, and they have a better history on REAL women’s issues. It’s time we let the cat out of the bag.

Come on, John. What do you think? I can imagine you getting a HUGE bounce and all kinds of energy out of your convention, even as the Democratic Convention partially melts down over women’s disappointment concerning Hillary’s snub.

I think it would be a big surprise (after all that chatter about Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge), and the WOW! factor would be huge. So I hope you announce a woman as your running mate, and I hope you announce it on the opening day of the Democratic Convention, just to rub salt in the Democrats’ wounds.


Michael Eden

Obama-Biden: Obama Not Strong, Not Ready. Just Ask His V.P.

August 23, 2008

Obama wanted to seem all “hip” and “now” but his text message system obviously totally flopped. After all the promises and all the hype, the only text anyone ever got was a fake – a suitable metaphor for the whole Obama campaign.

Barack Obama did a stupid thing by not asking Hillary Clinton to run with him. He should have publicly asked her, and then hoped like heck she said no (maybe he was afraid of having to have someone taste his food for the next four years?). Obama foolishly said that Hillary Clinton “would be on anyone’s short list” – and then clearly never put her on his. She was never even vetted. That looks bad. Hillary Clinton supporters got nothing but another snub.

Tim Kaine was a lightweight, and Evan Bayh just had that name issue: Obama, Bayh (pronounced “Bye”). You don’t want your VP pick to be metaphorically waving “good bye” to your presidential nominee.

So it’s Senator Joe Biden (D-DE).

Supposedly Joe Biden will bolster the foreign policy cred of a kid who clearly isn’t ready for prime time.

But there are problems, oh so many problems.

Ben Porrit, McCain spokesman, was able to point out the biggest one. During the primaries as a candidate for president:

Biden has denounced Barack Obama’s poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realizing – that Barack Obama is not ready to be President.”

What we’re going to see is a whitewashing of that record. But let me just quickly demonstrate that the McCain camp is telling the truth.

But The Associated Press story is, “Analysis: Biden pick shows lack of confidence.”  So apparently at some level Obama agrees with Joe Biden and John McCain that he just isn’t really ready.

Beyond the fact that Biden is angry, he’s arrogant, he thinks he knows everything, he’s condescending, he’s aggressive and bullying, he says one stupid thing after another, and he absolutely positively will not shut his mouth, his foreign policy credentials actually serve to actually denounce Obama’s own puny record. That can’t be good.

Biden said Obama wasn’t ready to be President:

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) Reaffirmed That Obama Was Not Ready To Be Commander In Chief. ABC‘s George Stephanopoulos: “You were asked is he ready. You said ‘I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.'” Sen. Biden: “I think that I stand by the statement.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 8/19/07)

Sen. Biden: “Having talking points on foreign policy doesn’t get you there.” (“Biden Lashes Out At Obama,” ABC News’ “Political Radar” Blog,, 8/2/07)

At the same time Joe Biden acknowledged that John McCain was more than ready to be president, even saying of McCain that “I would be honored to be running with or against John Mccain, because I think the country would be better off.”

Biden voted to authorize the Iraq War Resolution. He voted for the Patriot Act in 2001. He voted to re-authorize the Patriot Act in 2006. But there’s another issue that looms even larger: troop funding, especially troop funding for armored vehicles. Barack Obama repeatedly voted against troop funding, marching in lockstep with the Democratic Party line in willingness to cut the troops off.

Our soldiers and Marines were dying due to IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and needed armored transports.

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of U.S. Marines have been killed or injured by roadside bombs in Iraq because Marine Corps bureaucrats refused an urgent request in 2005 from battlefield commanders for blast-resistant vehicles, an internal military study concludes.

Biden demanded those vehicles, voting against the radical-left Democratic lock-step:

In [the Des Moines Register], the author explains that the Democratic leaders are not happy with the MRAP program. Even when it was not tied to Iraq War Funding, Senators Clinton and Obama voted against it. Dem. Senator Biden voted for it and has said the vote made him “the bastard at the family picnic.” Anti-war activists held “Impeach Biden” signs when he visited Iowa City. His staffers warned he would “get his skin ripped off” if he attended an event in Council Bluffs. All because of the vote. And he says he doesn’t care.“As long as there’s one American kid over there, I’m voting the money for these things,” Biden said in a chat the other day during a stop in Des Moines. “It’s the one way we can save lives before getting them out.”

Biden literally said it was a matter of life and death for the troops:

“I have never begun a discussion of an amendment,” Mr. Biden told his fellow senators, “by saying something as graphic and as drastic as ‘this is literally a matter of life and death.’ But it is. This is not hyperbole. This is not an exaggeration.” He was right on all counts.

Biden’s supporters said the refusal on the part of Biden’s rivals for president – which very much included Barack Obama – “would come back to haunt them”:

“Just as Beau Biden, a captain in the Delaware National Guard, had predicted in August at the Iowa Democratic Party Veteran’s Caucus Presidential Extravaganza in Des Moines, the vote on the emergency funding for the war in Iraq war has come back into play. Beau, the attorney general of Delaware, spoke on behalf of his father, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, and told the room full of veterans that his father’s Democratic rivals’ “no” vote on the funding, despite the attached Biden amendment to fast track funding and production for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, would come back to haunt them.”

During the Democratic primary debates, Joe Biden accused Barack Obama of cutting off support that would save the lives of thousands of troops. Biden very articulately pointed out that, in effect, Obama had voted for our soldiers and Marines to continue to be killed by IEDs. Barack Obama voted against funding armored vehicles even when the whole focus of the bill was providing such armor (as opposed to some larger appropriation).

Interestingly, Joe Biden – who dropped out of the race early because the Democratic base wanted a candidate who would promise to cut and run from Iraq – somehow never really got around to endorsing Barack Obama.

If Joe Biden is the Vice Presidential selection because of his knowledge and experience, we might as well listen to what he said earlier, when he was looking at Obama critically, and take his words seriously.

Barack Obama isn’t ready. Even his own Vice President says so.