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Obama’s FOURTH ‘Abu Ghraib Moment’ Shows New Gay Military Disintergrating Under Messiah-In-Chief – Not That Media Will Ever Hold Him Responsible

March 12, 2012

In January of this year, I wrote about Obama’s “Abu Ghraib Moment #1”: the Marine snipers under Obama’s command who urinated on dead Taliban.  And of course I had to ask the question about why the same media that demonized George Bush over every possible thing that went wrong refused to hold their messiah responsible in any way, shape or form.

In February of this year, I wrote about Obama’s “Abu Ghraib Moment #2”: the Marines under Obama’s command who decided that they were Nazis just like their commander-in-chief:

In that article I expounded at some length about how the (also Nazi, of course) propoganda mainstream media went to incredible lengths to demonize George Bush over Abu Ghraib and somehow directly tie him to the debacle.

Also in February, I wrote about Obama’s “Abu Ghraib Moment #3”: the still infamous Koran burning incident in which Obama apologized to the murderers of the soldiers under his command.

I had previously pointed out that it was, of course, fine to burn Bibles; just don’t you ever dare burn a holy Koran.

And of course don’t you DARE bring a Bible to your wounded military family member.  Unless you want it burned or something.

And, here we are in March, and we’re already at Obama’s Abu Ghraib Moment #4″ featuring the psycho-soldier under Obama’s command murdering 16 Afghanis including several women and nine children.

Of course we can only hope that no Korans got burned.

Also, of course, it’s righteous indignation when Muslims go nuts and start shooting unarmed infidels, but don’t you dare return that favor, dontchaknow.

Mind you, there is absolutely no way you can hold “he who is never to be held responsible” responsible; you can ONLY blame George Bush for it.  Bush as much as put the rifle in that soldier’s hands, marched him to the homes and commanded him to pull the trigger.

After all, Barack Obama despises the American military and wants it destroyed, whereas George Bush loved the troops.

I also posted the incredibly telling video from my article “How Do Marines Feel About Obama? When Silence Is Golden” to document how the Marines felt about Bush versus how they felt about Obama:

In my article on Obama’s Abu Ghraib Moment #1 (it gets hard to keep all of Obama’s Abu Ghraibs apart, you know), I cited an apt statement:

Bush supported the troops. If the troops did something bad, it reflected on Bush and made him look bad. They were all in this together.

Obama despises the troops and keeps them at arm’s length. If the troops do something bad, it justifies Obama’s disdain and proves him to be correct in his policies.

Doesn’t that work out swell for the Left?

And of course, yes, it does.  Isn’t that a wonderful coincidence???

Afghanistan can rightly be called “Obama’s Vietnam,” with Obama making Afghanistan his very own war featuring a massive escalation and featuring the fact that 2/3rds of the casualities have occurred under Obama’s command.  And we can rightly call this incident involving the civilian deaths “Obama’s My Lai massacre.”

What is amazing is that this “psycho-soldier” may be the very thing that will now allow Obama to declare victory – by which I mean cut and run.  And what is truly amazing about that is that Afghanistan is “Obama’s war” to begin with, in the sense that he (like John Kerry) called for a massive escalation of Afghanistan as “the good war” even as they demonized Bush over Iraq as “the bad war.”  But when Obama pulls out of Afghanistan, it will be framed by the media as Obama getting us out of the last of “Bush’s wars.”  No matter how much of a lie that is.

Of course, back in July of last year Obama decided to homosexualize the once great American military.  Which we needed rather like we needed that massive Wikileak.  Obama had already began the witchhunts to throw out any soldier, sailor, airman or Marine who wasn’t enthusiastic enough about a gay military.  Because no matter how dangerous or destructive homosexuality is, Obama’s going to shove it in all the way (well, you know what I’m alluding to without my saying any more, I’m guessing).

Even before Obama was elected, I was making the point that our military was going to start breaking down if Obama became our president and started inflicting himself on it.

I’m one of “those” people who still believe that homosexuality is a serious personality disorder – much the way science did for most of human history until political correctness became more important than science.  Now, maybe you agree with me and maybe you don’t, but one thing that is becoming increasingly obvious is that the military under Obama is experiencing a serious personality disorder.

Obama had already given us military policies – just one after another – that were beyond irrational.  And it was all Obama given his remarkable penchant for completely ignoring his generals.  And the military going nuts itself was the next logical step.

Obama’s timetable for defeat – in which he told the Taliban terrorists exactly when the U.S. would be retreating – was the most insanity-inducing policy of all.  If we’re going to announce that we’re leaving to the enemy, we might as well just friggin leave and be done with it.  Because whether we leave in four months or three years ago, the damn end is going to be the damn same: a Taliban win and an America loss.

But don’t you worry your deranged little liberal head: the mainstream media won’t let Obama lose.  And unlike all those dead soldiers and Marines, that’s the really important thing.  Obama will be framed as the hero who brought the troops home.  And the fact that it is the war he insisted on escalating and the fact that he will crawl out in defeat won’t be allowed to ruin that fairy tale ending.

As you watch the craziest part of the world become crazier and crazier under Obama’s “commander-in-chieftanship” and as you watch the craziest country in the craziest part of the world get nuclear weapons to prepare the way for Antichrist and Armageddon, just realize it is all just part of God Damn America.

Update, 3/12/12: We have since learned that the soldier who committed this atrocity was on his fourth combat tour and had suffered a traumatic brain injury during his third tour which in all likelihood contributed to his clearly psychotic act.  We may never know whether the murder of several American soldiers after the so-called “Koran-burning incident” or Barack Obama’s apologizing to the murderers of those American soldiers had anything to do with this act or not.

This tragic and isolated incident should in no way affect the pride that Americans should feel about their troops.  They have been and continue to remain magnificent.

Hamid Karzai – whose soldiers had just got through murdering unarmed Americans – said, “when a US soldier intentionally kills innocent people, it could be described as an act of terror, which cannot be forgiven.”

There are two pathetic and corrupt leaders – Karzai and Obama – who make any victory in Afghanistan absolutely impossible.  There is no possible way we can win with either of these political weasels in charge.  So we should just get the hell out of there at this point.