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Vicious Obama ‘They Bring a Knife, We Bring A Gun’ ‘Punish Our Enemies’ Tone In Wisconsin: ‘We’ll Cut Scott Walker’s Head Off!’

April 20, 2012

Barack Obama is the guy who said about his political opponents, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”  Obama is the guy who tried to demagogue racial tension in America by saying, “We’re gonna punish our enemies.”

And of course this same vicious, rabid little weasel tries to demonize his opponents as “extreme.”

Well, the Obama fascist thugs are at it again.

New Tone: Union Rally Speaker Tells Scott Walker ‘We Cut Your Head Off’
by Rebel Pundit 4/19/12

Tuesday, over 2000 union protesters rolled into Springfield, IL, to protest Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, speaking at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Once again they came to chant and sing, and chant and sing they did. It was a typical sea of matching t-shirts—a favored strategy of intimidation—along with their placards of “solidarity” and profane signs. They scattered four giant inflatable rats throughout the crowd, with a gargantuan cardboard cut out of Governor Scott Walker standing out, as well.

Presidents of the AFL-CIO, Michael T. Carrigan of Illinois and Phil Neuenfeldt of Wisconsin, got the crowd riled up, along with the help ofTeresa Haley, President of the Springfield NAACP. But Pastor T. Ray McJunkins of the Union Baptist Church and President of the Faith Coalition for the Common Good and William McNary of USAction stole the show.

McJunkins delivered an energetic address he closed up metaphorically with the story of David and Goliath, ultimately declaring:

We are the Davids …and you may be a big giant, a big goliath, but David had 5 smooth stones that brought Goliath down … all he had was stones and a sling shot, and I just wonder out there among us, how many of you came with your sling today? … Load your slings up today when we leave here, putting a smooth stone of equal rights at the collective bargaining table and throw it at Goliath … And Goliath will come down, Scott Walker we send you back to Wisconsin as David did Goliath, we cut your head off and go back into town, singing a new song!

In addition to McJunkins’ suggestion to behead Scott Walker,William McNary delivered the keynote speech. McNary is a longtime ally of the Communist Party U.S.A. and President Obama. McNary is the President of USAction, a self proclaimed “aggressive progressive” and a frequent speaker at left-wing Union events in Illinois and around the Midwest, including the Communist Party U.S.A.’s 2005 annual convention.

McNary lit up the crowd as he warned the unions to be prepared, “they are gonna call us names now … they are gonna say we are engaging in class warfare … they say this as they lower our wages and cut our benefits, were engaging in class warfare, they say this as they lay off workers and send jobs over seas, we’re engaging in class warfare … They got the nerve that we’re engaging in welfare[sic]? But I got a message for ‘em, the bully Scott Walker and all the bully governors across this country. We didn’t ask for this fight, we didn’t pick this fight, but if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you gonna get. Knuckle up! Knuckle up! Knuckle up!” he shouted to the roaring crowd.

Oddly enough, you would think Illinois union members may be more inclined to ask Scott Walker to come to Illinois and bring some of his policies with him. As AFP Illinois points out, “Wisconsin taxpayers still pay much more for healthcare benefits per state employee. WI taxpayers pay $13,972 per employee for healthcare, while Illinoisans pay $11,149 per employee,” and “Wisconsin’s reforms prevented the layoff of thousands of government workers, while here in IL, Gov. Quinn is on track to lay off hundreds of government workers.” But thoughts like those don’t cross these unionists’ minds, and when they do, they are simply dismissed as lies.

Nothing beats a Tuesday morning in the sleepy state capitol of Illinois better than a “non-violent” group of unionists, collectivists and agitators expressing their grievances “peacefully.”

Mind you, things are starting to look up specifically due to Scott Walker’s policies in Wisconsin: property taxes went down for the first time in 12 years – and union thugs are mad as hell about it.

And when the vile little Democrat cockroaches aren’t scurrying around in Wisconsin, they are spreading their hate and their filth to the rest of America via the fascist Occupy Movement.

Democrats aren’t decent people who demand more civil discourse; Democrats are rabid partisan hypocrites who demonize Republicans for hate while simultaneously being far more hateful themselves.

There’s ALWAYS an example of what total abject hypocrites Democrats are.  So of course it was easy to find one that just happened as I’m writing this post.  Here’s Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) showing us what a Democrat looks like (i.e., a complete hypocrite):

In responding to Ellison’s question, one responder compared Romney to a feminine hygiene product: “A heartless douchebag who doesn’t like animals or small children. At least that’s what I’ve heard.”

Ellison, a vociferous proponent of civil discourse, subsequently promoted the message despite said calls for civil discourse.

Ellison, for instance, spoke at length about the need greater civility in politics during an event in February 2011. The congressman has also implored citizens from across the nation to sign a tolerance pledge.

That’s right.  Let’s self-righteously demand that conservatives – who we’ll all agree are total douche bags – treat us with tolerance and respect.

Personally, I’m fine with the anger and the vitriol.  The Democrats are trying to “fundamentally transform America” into a socialist utopia, and it’s way past time somebody was willing to stand up and get in their faces.   You want a fight?  BRING IT!  But what I utterly despise is the fact that the left is maximally hateful even as they constantly attack conservatives for being a fraction as hateful as they themselves are.