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Sarah Palin Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is On Abortion

August 29, 2008

Character is revealed in crisis, and Governor Sarah Palin had a crisis that challenged her basic values when she learned that the child she was carrying – her fifth – would have Down Syndrome.

What would this pro-life wife and mother do?

For Sarah Palin, there really was no question: she would love her child.

Women who argue that men have no right to talk about abortion (as though ideas and morality have male or female genitalia), who argue that a child with Down Syndrome is the “poster child” for termination, are stymied in the face of this courageous woman.

Tim Graham wrote a magnificent article on the story, saying in part:

Immediately the family made this announcement: “Trig is beautiful and already adored by us. We knew through early testing he would face special challenges, and we feel privileged that God would entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy as he entered our lives.”

Trig Palin has Down syndrome. Early prenatal testing alerted the Palins to this chromosomal abnormality, as it is alerting more and more families in the early stages of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, because of early screening, more children with Down syndrome are aborted and fewer and fewer are being born.

Children with Down syndrome do bring “unspeakable joy” into this world. I know the laughter and blessings my 5-year-old nephew, Ethan, with Down syndrome, has brought to our family. But how do you explain this joy to a perfection-at-any-price world?

Sarah Palin didn’t want perfection; she wanted her child.  And, with a true mother’s heart, she loved her child no matter what, and – with her husband – was willing to fight for her baby.

And she chose to rejoice in her newborn baby even though he wasn’t “perfect.”  Who is?

The Nazis had a phrase that they used to justify the killing of all kinds of unwanted human beings – lebensunwertes leben – “life unworthy to be lived.”  Sarah Palin proved with in the most powerful way imaginable that she believes all innocent human life is worthy to be lived.

The liberal’s response?  That makes her a terrible, narrow-minded person.

She’s everything Barack Obama despises: she’s clinging to her guns and her religion, and add to that a baby that Obama would have gladly left out to die.

But the reaction to Sarah Palin is already revealing who really has “antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”

Our Next Vice President: It’s Sarah! Governor Sarah Palin!

August 29, 2008

John McCain just won the Presidencey with his choice of running mate.

Oh, like the U.S Olympic basketball team (and so appropriately, both sexes!), the team has to play until its official, but from this moment on, McCain will increase, and Obama will fade.

Obama had all the hype about making a thrilling announcement by text message.  But it was a bust.  John McCain’s campaign knew how to keep a secret, and how to thrill.  What a bold, against-the-pundit’s “picks” move this was!

Barack Obama should have nominated Hillary Clinton, but he could not put his personal feelings and pride above his choice.  John McCain exercised the most important decision a Presidential nominee can make at hit a grand slam home run with the choice of a woman who has led a state, who has reached across party lines, who has championed the needs and goals of her state as a PTA member, a city council member, a mayor, and ultimately as a governor.  A governor with an 80% approval rating.  She’s a conservative Republican with blue dog Democrat street cred. (more…)

Hillary Clinton: Good Speech, But Not Much Of An Obama Endorsement

August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton gave a pretty good speech. She presented her case for her candidacy, citing all the reasons why she ran and all the aspirations she had for America. And she said that those same reasons were why she now supported Barack Obama. She did outwardly all the things the Obama people wanted her to do.

But she didn’t do any more than the minimum.

The McCain campaign jumped all over what Hillary Clinton didn’t say:

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds responded, “Senator Clinton ran her presidential campaign making clear that Barack Obama is not prepared to lead as commander in chief. Nowhere tonight did she alter that assessment. Nowhere tonight did she say that Barack Obama is ready to lead. Millions of Hillary Clinton supporters and millions of Americans remain concerned about whether Barack Obama is ready to be president.”

I  took notes on an interesting discussion  on Fox News.  There analysis was insightful about what Hillary didn’t do.

The interesting thing about this speech is that she could have given it about ANY Democratic nominee. It could have been given of John Edwards or Joe Biden or Bill Richardson. She didn’t say a word about him as a person. She didn’t talk about what she’d learned about his character over the last 18 months. She didn’t trace his biography and tell us what about his character or experiences would make him fit to be President. She never said she respected him. She never said she had confidence in him. She never said he was ready to be president. She never said she’d come to have confidence in him as Commander-in-chief. She never claimed he was experienced or ready to lead. And in the past she has said that he WASN’T ready to be president, ready to lead, ready to be Commander-in-chief.

In the end, Hillary Clinton supported Barack Obama for President because he is the Democratic nominee for President. She would have supported Daffy Duck if Daffy Duck were the Democratic nominee.

Interestingly, she said Michelle Obama would make a great first lady. She never said the same about Barack Obama making a great President.

It was a minimalist endorsement, and she didn’t go one iota beyond what she needed to.

Contrast Hillary’s speech endorsing Barack Obama with Barack Obama’s speech introducing Joe Biden.

Heck, the last quarter plus of her speech presented her historic role as the first major female candidate for President. “This is the culmination of the women’s movement of 1848.” That sort of thing. That was the rhetorical high point of the speech.

The speech didn’t in any way culminate with a presentation of Barack Obama’s vision for America. In the end, the speech was more about Hillary (and Hillary supporting the Democratic Party) than it was about Barack Obama as the candidate for President.

A Dear John (McCain) Letter On V.P. Pick: Name A Woman

August 24, 2008

Dear John,

I am writing to say that you’ve come a long way in actually getting me to support you (rather than holding my nose while I voted for you). That job you did at Saddleback was just great.

Up until now, I was far more energized by my opposition to the most radical candidate in American history. It is amazing that the first most liberal U.S. Senator chose the third most liberal U.S. Senator to be his running mate.

John, let me tell you how you can be President with smooth sailing from now till November: appoint a woman as your Vice President.

It’s time that a woman gets the nod from the bullpen. Neither party has had a woman on the ticket since Ferraro in 1984 – and that seems like an awfully long time ago.

Barack Obama should have at least asked Hillary Clinton to be his running mate, given the fact that she actually got more votes for President than he did. Instead, he snubbed a woman who got 18 million votes for a guy who dropped out after getting about 19,000. And Obama, after saying that Hillary would be on anybody’s short list, didn’t even bother to vet her. As a result, there are a lot of frustrated, angry, bitter Democratic women.

I think you can capture a lot of those women, John, and blow the race wide open by naming a woman to the Republican ticket.

We’ve got some pretty good women candidates, too. Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas and Sarah Palin from Alaska top most lists, but there are quite a few others. Both of the aforementioned women have pretty solid pro-life records, and both are real good on energy issues. I still remember watching Elizabeth Dole walk out into the audience at the 1992 Republican convention. I remember thinking, “Wow. I wish SHE was our nominee.”

My own choice: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  Apart from complimenting your “old and busted” persona with “young hotness,” she is also a proven reformer as well as being the governor of a state.  And from what I have read, she presents herself extremely well.

I believe this is the year to put a woman on the ticket. The Democrats should have. The Republicans ought to. When all is said and done, Republicans have a better history on civil rights, and they have a better history on REAL women’s issues. It’s time we let the cat out of the bag.

Come on, John. What do you think? I can imagine you getting a HUGE bounce and all kinds of energy out of your convention, even as the Democratic Convention partially melts down over women’s disappointment concerning Hillary’s snub.

I think it would be a big surprise (after all that chatter about Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge), and the WOW! factor would be huge. So I hope you announce a woman as your running mate, and I hope you announce it on the opening day of the Democratic Convention, just to rub salt in the Democrats’ wounds.


Michael Eden