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Newflash: Liberals Oppose Working Mothers

September 2, 2008

When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, I used to see a lot of commercials from a car dealer named Cal Worthington.  He’d get upside down and proclaim, “I’ll stand on my head to beat anyone’s deal.”  Well, Cal Worthington was willing to stand upside down to win a deal; liberals are demonstrating that they are willing to stand their core principals on their heads to win an election.

The New York Times suddenly discovered it’s concern for children when mothers went off to work.  They’ve got something like 4 articles out today, and all of them pound on this theme that Sarah is essentially abandoning her children in running for Vice President.

So there you have it.  Them damn woman-hating liberals, trying to keep women barefoot and pregnant.

Meanwhile, John McCain is really doing something for women in the workplace:

Barack Obama has campaigned on the issue of “equal pay”, casting John McCain as a villain for not supporting federal legislation widening grounds and timing for pay-discrimination lawsuits.  Yet Obama may have a fair-pay issue of his own.  According to Fred Lucas at Cybercast News Service, women on his staff made $6,000 less than men on average.  McCain, on the other hand, has more women in key positions — and the women on his staff average slightly higher salaries than the men

And, just to make it official, the Report of the Secretary of the Senate backs that up.  Obama’s supporters are talking smack about standing up for women even as they trash a woman in the most fundamental and personal way imaginable; John McCain is paying women better than men and naming a woman as his running mate.  Obama, meanwhile, should have named a woman as his VP pick, and panned on it.

Obama can talk about working women all he wants; John McCain has done something about it.  Obama hasn’t.

The hypocrisy on the left is frankly beyond stunning.  When liberals attack Sarah Palin as being a bad mother for running for Vice President when they have for years claimed to have championed women in the workplace, it is analogous to Republicans tearing up a Democrat for being pro-life as a cheap political tactic to undermine her pull with a certain voting block.  Can you imagine a Republican claiming that his opponent is pro-life in order to win liberal voters?  That’s exactly what these Democrats are doing now.

It literally proves how cynical, how manipulative, how disingenuous, how conniving, and how amoral the Democrats and liberals engaging in this tactic are.