Why Jesse Jackson’s Use of “N-word” Is So Awful

When I was a child – about five or six – something happened that left a vivid impression on me.

I heard the word “nigger” for the first time.

It wasn’t the word that left such an impression (I didn’t even know what it meant); rather, it was my father’s reaction to it.

My dad used curse words at the man who said it. The other man yelled at my dad, and my dad yelled back at him. The other man was big and angry and mean. I was terrified that my dad was going to fight that bad man.

After that incident, my dad sat me down. He apologized for using bad words, and then he said that there were two kinds of words: bad words and evil words. And he said the word “nigger” was an evil word. He said he got so angry because it was wrong for that man to say such a hateful thing around children. He said that sometimes you had to stand up and say that something was wrong.

My father said that people who used that word meant that black people weren’t human beings like other people, but were something less. He said that the most awful things that ever happened happened because people thought like that about other people who were different from them, and that he hoped that I would never be like those people.

I wonder what children who heard Jesse Jackson use the word the other day thought.

There was a discussion about it on The View, in which Whoopie Goldberg and the liberals on the program justified black people using the word. It’s only wrong when white people use it.

Black people use it as a “term of endearment.”

Is that the case?

I don’t think so. There’s nothing “dear” about the word, and there never has been. Hey, I’m calling you a sub-human beast of burden, but I really mean it in a really nice way.

For one thing, it perpetuates the use of both the word, and the content of the word. If you think that racist white people don’t justify their use of the word with, “Black people use it all the time. They use it to talk about each other!” then you simply aren’t living in the real world.

If black people want white people to stop using the “N-word,” then they have to stop using the word themselves. Until that word is off-limits for everyone, it will continue to be fair game for everyone.

As an example, activists such as Al Sharpton have said that it is the (white) executives of the major recording studios who are most to blame for the N-word’s impact on culture.  But let me ask you a question: is it the white executives who are using the word, or are they recording the use of the word by black artists?  Apart from the related issue of what would actually happen if white music executives started refusing to produce the works of black artists, the fact remains: if black artists refused to use the word, it would immediately die out of the music industry.  White executives simply would not dare produce works that used the N-word without the “cover” of it being spoken/sung by blacks.

Ultimately the greatest question of all is this one: how many children – every single day – discover racism by hearing that word for the very first time?

Thank God for my dad, who stood up and said, “Don’t you dare use that word around my son!”  My dad’s act of teaching me not to tolerate the N-word helped me learn to be intolerant of the racism that it always has and always will symbolize.

Elizabeth Hasslebeck literally cried because that word so upset her. It ought to upset everyone. Period.

Instead, when I googled “elizabeth hasslebeck” and “n-word” I saw the full hate and meanness of the left come out in all its vile ugliness. I discussed the viciousness of the left the other day in writing about the hatred expressed over the passing of Tony Snow. Viciousness is increasingly coming to characterize the left.

For a second thing, claiming that one group of people can use a word, and another group of people can’t, is the quintessential example of a double-standard.

The double-standards that have been a constant element of “the civil rights movement” for years are a big part of why so many white people have become so embittered over the movement. Racial quotas. The N-word. The very anger over demands for personal responsibility that so enraged Jesse Jackson in the first place.

How on earth does anybody think that a reliance upon one double-standard after another is the path to racial harmony? It just isn’t, and it never was.

Dr. Martin Luther KIng, Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” But the civil rights leaders – such as Jesse Jackson – turned that statement on its head.

Don’t you talk to us about the “content of our characters!” You had better never forget the color of our skins!” And you better give us stuff on the basis of the color of our skins!

How are poor whites supposed to feel when they are systematically denied equal opportunity in the very name of “equal opportunity”?

Dr. King’s murder was a terrible thing. But the worst thing of all was that lesser men were able to hijack the civil rights movement and substitute their own ideas for his.

The third thing is that the use of the “N-word” itself becomes a political expression and an example of everything that is wrong with politics.

When Don Imus referred to “Nappy-headed hoes” he was attacked by the very “civil rights leaders” (including Jackson himself) who are now defending Jackson’s use of the word.

When Republican Senator George Allen used the word “macaca” to describe a Democrat plant, he was literally driven out of politics. To this day, I have never been able to find out what that word actually means. It didn’t matter. It could be construed to sound racist, and that was enough.

Now the same people who were so completely outraged over a conservative using the nonsensical word “macaca” are defending a liberal using the genuinely evil word “nigger.” It is simply Kafkaesque.

If you want to say, “It’s different because Jackson is a black man using a word about blacks!” then let me mention Barack Obama’s use of “typical white person.”

What we are seeing today is nothing less than selective outrage being employed as a political weapon.

And it’s wrong. It’s wrong because it makes genuine racism meaningless as politically-motivated pseudo-charges or racism drown out the real thing.

I am a conservative white male. And like the overwhelming majority of genuine conservatives, I would gladly support the candidacy of Dr. Condileeza Rice for president. She is – of course – both black and female.

I wouldn’t vote for her “because she’s black”; rather I would vote for her because she has the experience, the judgment, the competence, the character, the values, and the policies to be our president.

I do not support Barack Obama. And I refuse to support him not “because he’s black”; rather, I won’t vote for him because he doesn’t have the experience, the judgment, the competence, the character, the values, and the policies to be our president.

Jesse Jackson used the “N-word” because he thinks entirely in racial (and I would argue racist) terms. One of the worst examples of racism is the continuous use of terms like “Uncle Tom” and “race traitor” to describe prominent black leaders such as Condileeza Rice, Colin Powell, and Clarence Thomas.

As far as many in the “civil rights movement” are concerned, unless you are “our kind of black,” they feel entirely free to call you “a house nigger.”

That’s exactly what Jesse Jackson was doing. Barack Obama wasn’t being “his” kind of black.

They are the real racists, because they can only think in purely racial terms, and they see racism in everyone but themselves. And it’s truly sad that such people have somehow been able to put themselves in charge over who gets to branded as a “racist” and who doesn’t.

One black intellectual spoke of bargainers and challengers in the black community. The first group is willing to give whites and white society the benefit of the doubt, and work with them to try to create a better society. The second group (and Jesse Jackson is in this group) holds that whites and white society should be regarded as racist until they prove they are not.

But Jesse Jackson himself once said that crime was such a problem in the black community that when he saw a group of young black men he automatically looked around and found himself reassured by the presence of white people. Given the black crime rate, why shouldn’t I assume that blacks aren’t criminals and “thugs” (as Barack Obama’s NEW pastor himself put it) until they prove otherwise?

Because that’s not the way my dad taught me how to regard people, is why. That view doesn’t lead to peace and harmony, but suspicion and mistrust.

Anyone who has read even one of my articles about Barack Obama knows that I am not an Obama supporter. But on this issue, Barack Obama is clearly right, and Jesse Jackson – who has been the paradigmatic “civil rights leader” for a generation now – should now stand revealed for just how terribly wrong he is and always has been.

I dream of a day when Dr. King’s dream comes true. That’s why I have always been an opponent of Jesse Jackson.

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11 Responses to “Why Jesse Jackson’s Use of “N-word” Is So Awful”

  1. toomanygrandkids Says:

    Ever since grade school, I knew there was something fishy about him. I would hear adult blacks praise him and cheer 4 him. And I wondered why. What I noticed about Jesse was that alot of his words rhymed. What was so special about that? I rhymed words in grade school everyday. I vaguely remember when Jesse ran for president. I think it was in ’88. Him and his supporters should’ve known better. Even I knew he wasn’t qualified to run the country, balance a budget, nor demonstrate leadership skills. And he didn’t win the election. THANK GOODNESS! I remember when Jesse leading a rally where they claimed to be burying the n-word. They had a real casket. Inside the lid was a piece of cardboard with the n-word spelled out. They closed the lid shut, but I’m not sure if they actually buried the casket in a grave. I’ll try looking it up on the internet. Anyway, its obvious that that word is not buried and never will be. What ppl don’t realize is that Jesse has been saying the n-word for years. He’s used it just as much as the Black Panthers and the local gang members. Only difference is that Jesse was finally caught using language that he didn’t want ppl to know that he used. Actually, Jesse has a long history of associating w/ gangs. His half/step/adoptive brother’s doing life for a gang-related crime. There’s even a pic of Jesse posing w/ the leader of a gang. I forgot who the leader is and which gang, but I’ll be looking it up on the net. So that’s all I have to say about Jesse until the next time I visit this site. One more thing: I’m 50-years old now and I still have no respect for Jesse Jackson nor do I support anything he’s a part of.

  2. toomanygrandkids Says:

    Jesse’s a two-faced, back-stabbing hypocrite. I’ve known this ever since I was a little girl. Back then I wasn’t sure why I didn’t like him nor could I articulate it using big, adult words b/ I was in grade school. What I did notice was that he did a lot of rhyming. I thought, “Thats no big deal. I rhyme words all the time in school.” But the black adults around me would hoop and holler with glee whenever he spoke. Then as time went by, more and more things about Jesse, and Al Sharpton, really irked me. Now that he’s been busted saying the word nigger, we all should realize that Jesse has been saying this word for years. Back in the 70’s, he was affiliated with gangs/gang members, attended Richard Pryor concerts, and, even the Black Panthers. All of them use/say nigger excessively, and so did Jesse. If any other person of a different nationality said that word, Jesse would’ve called his troop (supporters) and held some type of demonsration/boycott/protest. So why didn’t blacks who don’t like or respect Jesse hold some type of demonstration? 1.) Non-supporters knew that Jesse was very jealous of Obama when he was elected president. Jesse also ran for president in the 80’s but he didn’t win. He’s been carrying around that hurt/devastation for years like a cancer. But what Jesse isn’t going to acknowledge is that he doesn’t qualify for presidency. That’s the main reason why the majority of blacks’ whites, etc didn’t vote for him. Thank God! And since many of us know that he’s a no-good, phony, poor excuse of a man, why waste our time and energy on a loser?
    2.) Decent, hard-working, intelligent ppl who have followed Jesse see for themselves that he’s a phony liar. Nobody’s gonna forget that rally where they wrote the word nigger on a large piece of paper/cardboard and placed it in a casket claiming to bury the word. They may have buried it, but even I knew that wouldn’t prevent ppl from using it. If that’s the case then why did Jesse use it? se

  3. toomanygrandkids Says:

    Black ppl like Jesse (his supporters) have claimed OWNERSHIP of that word. Meaning no one else in the universe can say/use/speak it except them and whoever else they give permission to use it. Jesse and his supporters live on a planet that hasn’t been discovered yet. They want/crave the impossible out of life. Like I said earlier, Jesse socializes w/ members of gangs, and we all know how dangerous they are. Jesse has a strong, long-standing friendship/brotherhood with them. If there was a protest against Jesse’s use of the word nigger and gangsters showed up to support Jesse, there would be yet another riot. Why risk your life over a retard? Let’s face it: Many times when blacks riot, it’s b/c of the most stupid bull****.

  4. toomanygrandkids Says:

    It wasn’t only awful but he called black ppl ni**ers. Plus, he said some other words and phrases that only an ignorant ni**er would say. Something about Obama’s n**s, and called him a half-breed. And he’s a reverend. Jesse’s no different from any other corrupt, scandulous preacher. For years and some more years, Jesse’s been overloading ppl’s brains w/ racism, slavery, and hatred since the Civil Rights Movement.
    I’m sorry for venting so much, but I don’t have anybody/friends who I can talk to about things that are on my mind. I’m a 50-year old black woman who’s opinions aren’t taken seriously with other black ppl or they don’t really discussing it. So thanx for permitting to say what’s on my mind.

  5. toomanygrandkids Says:

    I re-read your blog and you mentioned Martin Luther King. Here’s some info I found online recently. It shocked me.





  6. toomanygrandkids Says:

    I forgot to mention that Jesse also called Obama a half-breed nigger and said that he (Jesse) wanted to cut Obama’ nut* off/out!! That’s something the KKK would say and do. Maybe Jesse should go join that group. And I also agree when you said something about Jesse feeling safe(r) with white ppl around. I’ve heard black ppl (male or female) say that exact same thing. Then turn around and talk about how racist white ppl are. Can they make up their minds already.

  7. Michael Eden Says:


    Jesse Jackson is the worst kind of racial demagogue. He PROFITS from it. He is a racial catfish that goes to every possible “racial” thing (like this lady chef who said the N-word forty years ago) to stir up bitterness and keep his name in the spotlight.

  8. toomanygrandkids Says:

    Jesse’s saying that Paula can be ‘redeemed’ for saying nigger. But she said it back in ’86. She was inside a bank when a black guy came in with a gun. During the robbery, he held a gun to her head. I can only imagine how she and the other ppl felt. Any, it wasn’t until she got home and explained to her husband what had happened. She said, “The nigger held a gun at my head!” That was true. A nigger did point a gun at her head. It was a horrific experience for her. Paula and everybody else are blessed to be alive.

    She went home to her husband and said the word in the privacy of her home. What, a woman can’t talk with her own man at home nowadays? There are plenty of ppl who would’ve done the exact same thing. Blacks and whites have used racial slurs under stress, and being held at gunpoint goes way beyond stress.

    Did anybody ‘redeem’ Jesse when he said nigger? Or did he redeem himself? Him, Whoopie, and the rest of those liberals are full of it. What gives them the right to say that no one else can say the n-word? Believe me when I tell you that black ppl say racial slurs towards white ppl all the time. Many, many times for no reason at all. A white person could just walk pass and they’ll say honky or cracker. And the white person may have just say hi. That’s how childish and immature black ppl can be.

  9. toomanygrandkids Says:


    I just went to the above websites and discovered that one can no longer be found. It’s where Jackie Kennedy calls Martin a phony, and that her husband knew that Martin was cheating on his wife. I’m gonna search the net today and hopefully I’ll locate another article.

    The straighdope.com site is under construction, but you can type martin luther king in the search engine. There will be many related articles, but the MLK article is #9.

    I hope that I explained it correctly.

  10. toomanygrandkids Says:


    Just found something very interesting online. It’s a comment that a guy wrote in regards to the n-word:

    “Using the n-word (mind you I’m not actually saying the n-word b/c then I’d be a racist white male open to attack by every black civil rights activists out there) is a double standard in this country. I’m a white male who believes the n-word is one of the most racist and derogatory word in the English language. I would never use this word b/c I believe that when a person uses the n-word it shows that they have no class. It shows that they are most likely uneducated and have no other word to call a black person except the n-word. Funny thing is (as I stated earlier) I’m not black, I’m white. So you may be wondering why do I care? To be honest with you, I don’t care. Do you know who else doesn’t care. Blacks. Blacks aren’t offended by the n-word. They have to pretend to be offended by the n-word to make sure they make any white male who uses it a racist. You may say how dare you say such a thing! What do you mean? If blacks were really offended by the n-word, they wouldn’t use it in their everyday language or in their music. However, they do. I don’t go around callig my white friends ‘whitey’ or calling them ‘my caucasion’. This is where the double standard is in this country. I can’t use the n-word but blacks can. Blacks can call me whitey and I can’t scream racism. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should be screaming about that.”

    This man is absolutely correct. Especially when he said that blacks pretend to be offended by the n-word. They’ve been conditioned to pretend for God knows how long–from childhood to adulthood. But once they became adults, they could’ve easily stopped thinking that way. They could’ve START THINKING RIGHT. But they didn’t.

  11. Michael Eden Says:


    Totally agree. The essence of modern liberalism (as opposed to classical liberals such as myself) is abject moral hypocrisy. It’s wrong to do what we do. Only WE can do it. You’re evil if you do what we do. And of course we’re not evil, because, hell, we don’t even believe in God and therefore don’t accept the category of “evil.” Except where we can apply it to our opponents. Oh, and we’re very tolerant, by the way. As long as we get what we want and nobody argues with us. Otherwise the fangs come out and, warning, we are quite rabid.

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