If Your Car Glass Had ‘Obama Transparency,’ You’d Crash And Die

From Flopping Aces:

Picture of the Day: Transparency

On Obama’s first day in office he signed a memorandum touting the virtues of the government transparency and compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Unfortunately, like so many other things where Obama is involved, his words regarding transparency were…just words.

The Chamber Post, an Internet blog site, sent in a FOIA request regarding global warming records.

This is what they received in response:


And the Government wonders why The People don’t trust them.

I mean, this isn’t some super-secret James-Bond-Eyes-Only CIA report; this is the result of a request for some freaking global warming records.

Of course, global warming is now such a documented fraud, and Obama is still so determined to impose global warming legislation anyway, that you can kind of understand why they treat global warming facts the way they’d treat the location of the cave bin Laden is hiding in.

This is pretty good, but of course it doesn’t even come close to the “workshop on government openness is closed to the public” that we’ve seen.  Or the Joe Biden Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board meetings that were closed to the press.  But of course, the only thing that could even POSSIBLY trump such classics of Obama obfuscation might be when he invoked EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE regarding a SOCIAL SECRETARY ARRANGING A PARTY.

Obama’s biggest problem with transparency is that scientists have yet to figure out how to make pure bullshit transparent.

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2 Responses to “If Your Car Glass Had ‘Obama Transparency,’ You’d Crash And Die”

  1. Relentless Says:

    I’ve never understood this line of attack. No one can dispute the current Administration is more transparent than the last one.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    You want to talk about a line of attack that makes no sense whatsoever?

    You say, “No one can dispute the current Administration is more transparent than the last one.”

    I dispute that plenty. So you’re already wrong. And not only that, I offered factual examples of Obama being not only opaque and secretive, but ridiculously opaque and secretive (a closed-door meeting on openness?) Not that you bothered to touch them. Your “line of attack” is refuted by its own standard.

    You think that using executive privilege to shield your SOCIAL SECRETARY from testifying ABOUT A PARTY is “transparency”? That’s what I call a true ideologue.

    You think that Obama not holding press conferences where the media can challenge his policies is “transparency”? Then you’ll love this headline from the Washington Times: “Obama tops Bush at ducking reporters: No formal press conference in 215 days.”

    I guess you’re one of those “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” types, huh, relentless?

    Obama has been avoiding press conferences, where he and his handlers can’t control the script. NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd calls the situation a “shame,” saying the administration is trying to control the message rather than allowing Obama to be seen “unscripted,” according to the Washington Post. And “The White House folks may be worried that Obama “unscripted” can often sound bumbling and incoherent, which doesn’t match their carefully manufactured Calm Intellectual media image.”

    And this fundamental LACK of transparency began within three days of Obama assuming office.

    Which is to say, you are the kind of naked ideologue who likes propaganda, and despises true transparency.

    Apparently, you’re the kind of ideologue who truly believes that Barack Obama repeatedly promising to put the health care debate process on C-SPAN is “transparency,” even though he never even tried to fulfill his pledge. This is the guy who promised he’d be bipartisan and open up the process, and then repeatedly had secret “No press, and definitely no Republicans allowed” meetings behind closed doors.

    Obama has talked and talked and talked about his “transparency” while being one of the most secretive administrations we’ve ever seen.

    So you keep feeding people your “No one can dispute” line. I’m sure you’ll find someone stupid enough and ignorant enough to believe it.

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