Would It Be Okay To ‘Eradicate’ Every Homosexual And Transgender Baby By Killing Him Or Her In The Womb???

I did an unofficial survey with a number of my female friends who were mothers, and the poll came back with 100% of the respondents having the identical same opinion when I asked this question:

Would you rather give birth to a baby with Down Syndrome, or to a homosexual or transgender baby?

Every single mother I asked said she would rather give birth to a baby with Down Syndrome.

But guess what?  We now have – thanks to the hate of liberalism – the means to eradicate homosexuality and transgenderism:

Iceland isn’t ‘eradicating’ Down syndrome — it is killing every person who has it
By Susan Michelle-Hanson | August 16, 2017 , 06:41pm

A recent CBS News episode of “CBSN: On Assignment” has garnered some disturbing headlines this week with an episode entitled “The country where Down syndrome is disappearing.” The story reports on the nation of Iceland and the almost 100 percent abortion rate for preborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. The CBS story took on a tragically ironic tone:

Since prenatal screening tests were introduced in Iceland in the early 2000s, the vast majority of women — close to 100 percent — who received a positive test for Down syndrome terminated their pregnancy… Using an ultrasound, blood test and the mother’s age, the test, called the Combination Test, determines whether the fetus will have a chromosome abnormality, the most common of which results in Down syndrome. Children born with this genetic disorder have distinctive facial issues and a range of developmental issues. Many people born with Down syndrome can live full, healthy lives, with an average lifespan of around 60 years.

Iceland, with a population of 330,000, sees only about two children a year born with Down syndrome, CBS reports, noting that in the United States, about 6,000 babies are born annually with Down syndrome. While some women choose not to receive genetic testing, since an Icelandic law requires women be informed of the availability of the testing (and a majority of women do test), it’s a widespread practice. So is aborting the child diagnosed with Down syndrome. In fact, one mother even admits to CBS News that she, indeed, aborted partly from the pressure she felt, because it seemed so many mothers were doing it.

CBS reports that four out of five mothers who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome chose to abort their baby:

For expectant mother Bergthori Einarsdottir, who chose to have the test, knowing that most women did so helped steer her decision. “It was not pressure, but they told me that most women did it,” she said. “It did affect me maybe a little bit.”

The story explains that sometimes the reason two children per year with Down syndrome are born is because “sometimes after their parents received inaccurate test results.” And one hospital official who works in prenatal testing at the facility where approximately 70 percent of Icelandic babies are born adds: “Babies with Down syndrome are still being born in Iceland. Some of them were low risk in our screening test, so we didn’t find them in our screening.”

Making the birth of a baby with Down syndrome sound like a mistake due to bad testing is only one of many disturbing attitudes in the nation. The story reports how one mother who received incorrect test results launched herself into advocating for individuals with Down syndrome:

When Thordis Ingadottir was pregnant with her third child at the age of 40, she took the screening test. The results showed her chances of having a child with Down syndrome were very slim, odds of 1 in 1,600. However, the screening test is only 85 percent accurate. That year, 2009, three babies were born with Down syndrome in Iceland, including Ingadottir’s daughter Agusta, who is now 7…. Since the birth of her daughter, Ingadottir has become an activist for the rights of people with Down syndrome.

Another consideration of Iceland’s genetic testing is that if it’s only 85 percent accurate, how many children with Down syndrome diagnoses don’t actually have developmental issues? Iceland is certainly aborting some children it would deem “worthy” of living. But of course, every child should have a right to live, no matter what issues might exist. In a society that values life, this is not a difficult concept, but in Iceland the right to life is only a reality for some. And that’s why the backlash against the nation has been so vitriolic. When CBS News posted its initial tweet about the story, the replies were fast and furious:

Now I believe that homosexuality is NOT something one is “born with.”  It is a depraved condition that one generally succumbs to due to abuse or to psychological issues.  But the left that worships homosexuality on an alter of 60 million murdered babies believes that one is born gay.  And so this is a very legitimate question.

And I would simply like to receive the stamp of liberalism to begin the project of attempting to “eradicate” homosexuality the same way they cheer that they have “eradicated” Down Syndrome: by murdering every single person who has it.

Liberalism is evil.

In Nazi Germany, “Mercy Wagons” were sent out to collect and euthanize every child the regime believed to be defective.  This mindset ultimately culminated in the Holocaust were an entire ethnic group was deemed to fall under their slogan, “lebens unswerten leben”: “Life unworthy of life.”

In the leftist state of Washington along with six other liberal states, women may now kill their babies even AFTER those babies would be viable outside of the womb.  These post-viable abortions demonstrates that there is no longer any possible reasonable question that they are murdering a human being.  And since basically every liberal state DOES use taxpayer money to fund abortion, it is a sincere question to ask why Democrat taxpayers would not similarly fund the “eradication” of gay and transgender babies.”

If you are a Democrat, you will ultimately suffer ten times worse of an eternal destiny than those Nazis.  They murdered 6 million; so far you have murdered 60 million and counting.

How will liberals feel if we start “eradicating” gay and transgender babies when they so happily cheered the same policy being used to “treat” other children?

Liberals will of course retort that gay and transgender babies are valuable and should be allowed to live whereas Down Syndrome babies are worthless and should be eradicated.  But that is a specious and entirely subjective argument.  I happen to KNOW parents who would die to save the life of the Down Syndrome child God blessed them with.  There is a young man in my church whose hugs I welcome.  There is a special joy to this young man with Down Syndrome.  He helps me look at the world and consider it a very different way – a good way.  A way that is not cynical.  And it is simply a fact that either all human life is sacred or no human life is sacred for that reason: because if you are allowed to kill my sacred life, why should I not be able to do what you are doing and kill YOUR sacred life???  And it is because liberalism at its core essence fundamentally denies the sanctity of human life that the left has murdered well more than a hundred million human beings WHO HAD ALREADY BEEN BORN just in peacetime alone.  If you add the human victims of abortion, that number may be more than one billion human lives destroyed by the most evil worldview in the history of the human race: the liberal worldview.

The wickedness of the left is shocking.  God’s ultimate justice will be even MORE shocking when the wicked finally receive their eternal comeuppance.

When liberals are sentenced to scream in hell forever and ever and ever and ever, I don’t believe God will use His standard to judge them: I believe that He will use liberals’ own vile hypocrisy against them and sentence them to hell according to their own double standards whereby they constantly declare that it’s right for us to do what we would hate you if you did.

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8 Responses to “Would It Be Okay To ‘Eradicate’ Every Homosexual And Transgender Baby By Killing Him Or Her In The Womb???”

  1. larryzb Says:

    It is sad that there has been such a loss of respect for the sanctity of life. Those parents who give birth to a baby with birth defects rarely tell of regretting having their baby. There are many instances of these tests being incorrect and giving false positives for various health problems or conditions. There are not a few examples of parents who kept their baby and found that he or she was perfectly healthy.

    Yes, the Democrat Party promotes the so-called Culture of Death. No Christian ought to vote for their candidates. Yet, the other major party has played politics with these life issues for decades now and has not done anything substantive to restore legal protection to children in the womb.

    Rights come from God, and not from activist jurists, social engineers and doctors.

  2. dog walker Says:

    Heh! I went an seen my little Buddy today. I most always do that daily. He is eight and not walking yet. A couple of years ago the professional opinions were that he probably didn’t have the capacity for walking. Well is that glass half empty or is it half full?
    I am a retired guy with time on his hands, time that would otherwise be wasted on my dissipative habits.
    So I hang out with Buddy and live for the joy of his laughter.
    Heh! The little guy walker walking.
    That is alright.
    These days I got the little rascal pushing his wheelchair rather than riding in it. It is kind of cool if you ask me. So he is kind of a step up from walker walking.
    I just got back from there.
    Buddy has got friends from church. Two little girls. They are happy to play with him, push him on the swing and such.
    Those are the images that I want embedded in my memory for when my lights grow dim.

    Some years ago I was acquainted with a pregnant mother whose doctor told her that the genetic tests she’d had indicated that her baby would be Downs. She went ahead and had the baby anyway.

    Guess what? The doc was wrong. That baby came out just right.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks for one more example of how the left’s campaign to “eradicate Down Syndrome” merely eradicates precious babies created in the image of God.

    And yes, your little Buddy is another example even though yeah, he was born with some serious issues to deal with.

    You have found, as I have, that there is something about those with physical and mental “defects” that bring out the heart in us. That is why God allows them to be born that way. He’ll make up all the disadvantages His children received in this world in Heaven. Which is one of the reasons I believe in Heaven AND hell; because I believe in true, ultimate Justice which requires heaven and hell to reward and to punish. And there is either a heaven and a hell, or this world really doesn’t matter and we can do whatever we want to whoever we want to do it to.

  4. dog walker Says:

    Man o man! I read your most recent essay and I can’t comment on that thing. I gotta say that I ain’t so Christian that I can’t or won’t draw my sword in defense of my land and my values. Yikes! My values!

    My little Buddy. I thank God that he gave me my little Buddy. Heh, my wife thanks God that He gave me my little Buddy.

    I think about all of your essays that correctly describe that this country is headed to perdition and deservedly so. My wife says that.

    All of that about abortion in her view. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know … did I say that incantation three times?

    There are a lot of people that I just can’t love. Sorry Jesus, I just can’t . Thank you for Buddy. I envy that little guy’s simplicity. Thank you for the influence of that.

    I went an seen Buddy today. He ain’t got no language to him. But I know what he is saying when he says something.

    I said onetime to no one in particular. I must have said it in a blog. I think that little guy is an angel from God.

    If I was some kind of Mormon like Orson Scot Card and I was envisioning or inventing a religion, I would wrap one around that Idea of Buddy being an angel from God.

    Buddy’s mom calls me Grandpa Bob. She called me that in front of the administration as an endorsement.

    Love. We got love around there. I wish you could see it. I suspect you would be a natural to it. Probably more natural than me.

    Them guys are dang Mormons. I got a picture that expresses that. I don’t what to say about that. It seems to be kind of an invented religion. But here I sit inventing religions,

    Buddy he ain’t God but he sure did help me get over some mighty big humps in my life. Humps that they ain’t no solution for. You heard me fantasize violence before. Yikes! Me thinking I go to heaven after that.

    Buddy is an angel from God. That is all there is to it.

    If ATF ever reads this they takes my guns away I am pretty sure.

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    dog walker,

    How we treat those who have the least reveals who we truly are. And you are showing yourself to be the man your wife loves in your love for Buddy, that’s all I can say.

    I can give you a verse from the Bible to think about: Hebrews 13:2 “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

    We truly don’t know who the angels are in our midst.

    One of the things about the Body of Christ – the true Church consisting of all true believers on earth – is that we compensate for one another’s weaknesses. I can’t possibly love this guy, but thank God another believer can. And if I follow that believer’s example, I can learn to love someone I otherwise could never love as the Holy Spirit ministers to me through the presence of Christ demonstrated in that believer’s love. That’s how it works.

  6. dog walker Says:


    I still read all of your blog posts. But I like this one in that you talk about the believers ‘ love.

    Buddy took unsupported steps today. In my weirdass little microcosm of a world that counts as something. I think if you seen it you would praise God. Heck, I bet you do that all of the time though.

    The little guy was diagnosed as probably never walking. We got something here.

    I got this little rapscallion and we have a one word language between us. The inflection is everything in that language.

    Today was a magical day. Talking to Christians you don’t say magical though. But it ain’t miraculous. But then again maybe it is.

    Buddy walking … He ain’t gonna be valedictorian of Stanford but hey maybe that ain’t all it is cracked up to be.

    I wish you could be here. I would probably sew your lips shut and say, hey, just be here. But I am pretty sure you would say the same to me.

    Pretty darn good Monday. A lot of people are happy with today’s result. Me an Buddy gots to get a haircut. That is all I can say.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    dog walker,

    I honor you for your love to this little guy Buddy.

    When you read the Bible, you learn that the three greatest things a human being can have are faith, hope and love. And that the greatest of these is LOVE. 1 Corinthians 13, called “the Love chapter.”

    I serve as the director of a Good News Club. Every Tuesday, we share the love of Christ with public school kids. This week we had 69 children!!!

    Some of these children have absolutely melted my heart. And I am not a “kid guy.” I have never seriously wanted to be around children. But I keep coming and won’t let anything stop me.

    There are a few kids who are kindergartners. Too young to really understand the lessons. But do you know what they DO understand? And what creates the biggest miracle if they don’t understand anything else?

    Of COURSE you understand, dog walker. Because you have discovered it for yourself: they understand that we love them and they are safe with us and we’ll love them every single time we see them. Period.

    What the Bible reveals is that God is ultimately a Father. And a Father who loves us. When we choose to follow His Son, when we choose the righteousness of Jesus rather than our own, when we realize that we love because He first loved us (1 John 4:10,19), something wonderful happens inside of us: we change. We change because that love transforms us. That’s what “conversion” or the more theological term “regeneration” means: we are transformed. And transformed by love. And the power of love can do ANYTHING. As Jesus demonstrated, it can make the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear. It can free people from bondage that they otherwise would have no hope of escaping. It can heal diseases that would otherwise consume us. Because by His stripes we are healed, as Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter2:24 teach.

    When I’m unloved, I’m unsafe, I’m on my own. When I’m loved, I’m secure. And when you’re on your own and your unsafe, you don’t dare try to take a risk, take that step that Buddy took. But when you’re loved, when you’re secure, when you’re safe, you can take those risks. And miracles happen!

    So you’re watching a miracle, maybe even a first step toward being valedictorian at Stanford!!! And I say that because our love is limited and its results are therefore limited, but the love of Jesus is UNLIMITED and its miraculous powers are therefore unlimited.

    I’ll say a prayer for you and for Buddy today. Hope you both have awesome haircuts by now.

    It’s a good feeling that goes all the way down to the core of your soul to know deep down that you’re doing a good thing, a wonderful thing, without any guilt or reservations, isn’t it??? I say that because you’re doing a good thing with Buddy, and I know you feel it because that’s how I feel when I’m with my kids.

  8. dog walker Says:

    Sept 21 – Here is me examining the day’s events to see if I feel prayed for.

    I did my 2,000 foot climb this morning and PR’d (personal record) it. That is a good way to start the day.

    I get back to the parking place and there are wild horses right by there. I go hang out by them and one of them nuzzles up to me. Yeah wild. Kind of more like strays but nobody has owned them and that goes back a few generations. All the way to Coronado I guess.

    I liked it.

    Me and Buddy – that little scamper. The thing about that is, I guess it is an object lesson. I ain’t afraid to show a school my love for a little guy that didn’t get born with as much as we got. You get the kind of hazards that can be associated with that.
    There is an active scandal or two in the district going around about improprieties.
    What if that kind of stuff ruined Love?

    Me an Buddy walking. I detach him from his walker and walk him freestyle for a bit. I got him a velcro belt that has got handles on it. So I can kind of get him to walk free. He can’t go unattended but you know.

    But back to the question, did I feel the effect of prayer today?

    I am walking Buddy, a kid comes up to say hi. He wants to do a hand slap or a high five with Buddy. Well you know I got to help Buddy a bit with that.

    But that kid… I honor him. I tell him “hey kid, you are ok.” And he was a kid from the “cool kid” clan.

    Buddy’s brother… I been worried that Buddy’s brother is embarrassed to the point of disavowal by his handicapped brother. Today I seen Love’s magic.

    I left Buddy’s walker by some playground equipment while I went off walking Buddy freestyle. So we had some distance there. But I park buddy and go back to get his walker. His brother is there sitting by that walker casting his gaze about looking for his brother. I ain’t describing this right but I am totally charmed by this.

    I talk to his brother briefly – “hey we are ok, We just got separated from the hardware.”

    Heh, heh, heh, do I feel prayed for today? Man o man!

    Buddy gots a sticker on his wheelchair wrapped around the handle to it. It says “Jesus Loves Me.”

    The school we got is as close as a public school can get to being a Christian school. Principals and most of the staff are Christian.

    I ain’t much of a Christian. You know how I am. But I think I heard it said that God can and does use anyone to his purpose. I bet you can quote the Bible to that effect.

    I like your Good News Club. That amount of kids there is way cool.

    Did I feel prayed for today?


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