The Increasingly Shocking Parallels Between Obama And Hitler Youth

I came across a video that left me shaking with fear and outrage:

If this footage doesn’t disturb you to your very core, I don’t even know what to say.  We have here a militarized group of young men being steeped in not only political ideology, but in literal cult worship of Barack Obama.

This was going on before the election.  I still remember the video featuring a glassy-eyed girl singing, “We’re gonna spread happiness! We’re gonna spread freeeeedom! Obama’s gonna change it, Obama’s gonna lead ‘em…”  The cult mindset continued into his inauguration, with a creepy “Kids’ Inaugural.”  That article also contains embedded video of a public school teacher – in a frightening version of any political re-education center in Moscow or Beijing – using public pressure, guilt, and every other tactic she could think of to browbeat a little child into supporting Obama.  It wasn’t enough that most of the children supported Obama; every child had to, with particular emphasis on the “had to” part.

I remember Louis Farrakhan saying:

“You are the instruments that God is gonna use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn’t care anything about. That’s a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

And I remember Spike Lee saying:

It means that this is a whole new world. I think…I’ve been saying this before. You can divide history. BB Before Barack. AB After Barack.

And I remember countless other gushing affirmations of Obama as messiah in the media.

The only thing that was missing from all this was that it was not mandatory.  But that is being fixed as we speak.

And now it is picking up momentum and heading into a new stratosphere of weirdness.

The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act (GIVE) will massively increase the Americorps program to the tune of $6 billion.  The money quote:

But the bill’s opponents — and there are only a few in Congress — say it could cram ideology down the throats of young “volunteers,” many of whom could be forced into service since the bill creates a “Congressional Commission on Civic Service.”

Quite a shame that only a few opposed this in Congress, given the fact that the model this new “Obama Youth” program is based upon – Americorps – qualifies as “number one” in’s list of political slush funds.  Heritage describes the Americorps program – then receiving a “paltry” $427 million – as follows:

In 1993-1994, AmeriCorps employed about 20,000 “volunteers”described as “working all over America, helping people ­­ person to person.”2 In reality, a significant number of these paid volunteers work in federal or state bureaucracies, government-funded programs, or political action organizations3. Moreover, ignoring the Corporation’s mission statement to address the nation’s problems through direct community service, several AmeriCorps programs have engaged in advocacy and direct partisan politics at the expense of the taxpayers.

The Heritage article goes on to document several abuses.  Author Charles Griffin concludes by submitting that, “Subsidizing political activism does not qualify as responsible behavior. ”

Which is another way of saying that the writer of the Heritage article was not a Democrat.  Because Democrats adore taxpayer-funded vehicles to advance their liberal ideology.

Get ready for ACORN on steroids.

The Gateway Pundit offered this:

The House passed the Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act on Monday. The bill includes language indicating young people will be forced to participate in mandatory national service programs. The bill also states that “service learning” will be a mandatory part of the youth curriculum.
That doesn’t sound much like “volunteerism” does it?

…The mandatory youth plan also forbids members from attending religious services and forbids youth from witnessing their religious beliefs.  The Voice Magazine reported, via Free Republic:

This bill’s title is called “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education” (GIVE). It forms what some are calling “Obama’s Youth Brigade.” Obama’s plan is require anyone receiving school loans and others to serve at least three months as part of the brigade. His goal is one million youth! This has serious Nazi Germany overtones to it.

The Bill would forbid any student in the brigade to participate in “engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of religious proselytization.” That means no church attendance or witnessing.

One of Adolf Hitler’s contributions to the relationship between parents, children, and the state was this: “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”

Which is precisely Obama’s and liberals’ goal as well.

And the element of mandating religion out of the lives of young people is a cherished goal of atheists, as the following conclusively demonstrates:

“How can we ever know how many children had their psychological and physical lives irreparably maimed by the compulsory inculcation of faith?  Religion … has always hoped to practice upon the unformed and undefended minds of the young…  If religious instruction were not allowed until the child had attained the age of reason, we would be living in a quite different world.” – Christopher Hitchens

“If scientists can destroy the influence of religion on young people, then I think it may be the most important contribution we can make.” – Steven Weinberg

How much do we regard children as being the property of their parents?  it’s one thing to say people should be free to believe whatever they like, but should they be free to impose their beliefs on their children?  Is there something to be said for society stepping in?  What about bringing up children to beleive manifest falsehoods?  Isn’t it always a form of child abuse to label children as possessors of beliefs that they are too young to have thought out?” – Richard Dawkins

“[S]ome children are raised in such an ideological prison that they willingly become their own jailers… Parents don’t literally own their children the way slaveowners once owned slaves, but are, rather, their stewards and guardians and ought to be held accountable by outsiders for their guardianship, which does imply that outsiders have a right to interfere.” – Daniel Dennett

Parents, correspondingly, have no god-given license to enculcate their children in whatever ways they personally choose: no right to limit the horizons of their children’s knowledge, to bring them up in an atmosphere of dogma and superstitition, or to insist they follow the straight and narrow paths of their own faith.” – Nicholas Humphrey

And philosopher Richard Rorty argued that secular professors in the universities ought “to arrange things so that students who enter as bigoted, homophobic religious fundamentalists will leave college with views more like their own.”  He noted that students are fortunate to find themselves “under the benevolent Herrschaft of people like me, and to have escaped the grip of their frightening, vicious, dangerous parents.”  He said to parents who send their children to college, “we are going to go right on trying to discredit you in the eyes of your children, trying to strip your fundamentalist religious community of dignity, trying to make your views seem silly rather than reasonable.”

And I say this: “Spoken just as the true fascist, totalitarian Nazis these people at heart are.”  Parents don’t have a right to teach their children their religious and moral values.  No,  the state alone should have that right, and the values of the state should be Darwinian values.  And in the interest and under the power of the state, parents should have their values undermined, mocked, and discarded by the imposition of the new American religion under the new socialist system.  Nazism and Marxism are both quintessentially socialist, so pick your favorite brand of poison and drink deeply.

Don’t think that this new Brownshirt program would have been embraced any less favorably by Adolf Hitler than it would have been by Joseph Stalin.  A great read on the subject is “The Nazis and Christianity” by Bruce Walker in the American Thinker.

As G.K. Chesterton put it so magnificently, “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing – they believe in anything.”

Kiss your dear children goodbye, parents.  Because very soon they are going to hate you and everything you stand for.  Very soon they are going to be jackbooted little Obama robots marching around and shouting in cadence, “Because of Obama I’m inspired to be the next X, Y, and Z!” and of course, the new American version of “Seig Heil”: “Yes, we can!”

13 Responses to “The Increasingly Shocking Parallels Between Obama And Hitler Youth”

  1. G. A. Rowe Says:

    I am a retired United States Marine. This sends a cold chill down my spine!

    I have never thought that this kind of Hitlerism would ever be able to take a foothold in MY country.

    We The People MUST put a stop to this madness before it is too late!

  2. hl Says:

    Dear Michael, I wanted you to see this, please don’t post if you feel this is intrusive of me on your blog in anyway.

    This post was so deeply disturbing to me, I started writing a comment about three times and finally just stopped. At times there are no words for the sadness and outrage I feel at the daily advancement of Obama’s Marxist agenda.

    This is totally unrelated but I wanted to share it with you and anyone else who is experiencing the roller coaster ride of lunancy Obama and his minions have us on at present.

    It shows Americans in a town in Virginia standing in a very long line to have Mark Levin sign a copy of his new book, “Liberty and Tyranny” for them.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Of COURSE I will always post any comment you make, HL. First of all, I post ANYONE who follows basic civility (and you would be surprised how many DON’T); and second, our hearts are of one accord. We share the same values and the same determination to rid ourselves of this growing tyranny that has been thrown over the country like a rotten, filthy sheet.

    I bought Mark Levin’s book, and am eagerly awaiting it. To qualify for Amazon’s free shipping on orders over $25, I also ordered “New Deal or Raw Deal.” The moment I heard Levin describing his project, I thought, “YES!”

    You can anticipate future articles citing Levin, just has I have recently been citing Jonah Goldberg’s work in “Liberal Fascism.”

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    G.A., thank you for your service to this country, and to the USMC. I imagine you have been as proud of this new generation of warriors as this former soldier has been.

    The interesting thing is that many Germans took “Hitlerism” lightly. A lot of intelligent people heard Hitler’s rant, dismissed it, and did not take it seriously. Which was precisely why Hitler rose to power.

    Obama largely came to power for the same reason. Too many people who should have known better simply did not take what he said he would do – and his past history as a radical – seriously.

    We can’t do anything about last November. All we can do is take Obama DEAD serious now; and encourage others to do the same. The more we can tell the truth about who Obama really is, the more we can turn people against him, and the more we can undercut his agenda and reduce his ability to impose his fascism.

  5. hl Says:

    Thanks Michael. I too purchased copies of Levin’s book and I’m awaitng it’s arrival. I intend to put it in the hands of my children, g-kids and others.
    I’m reading a book, “The Lie of Totalitarianism” written by a man who was part of Hitler’s youth. As you write, the same strategies toward the youth are being executed today. In the book he tells of the few in the early years (devout Chrisitians) who spoke out and wrote against what was happening. Keep up the great work.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Huh. “The Lie of Totalitarianism,” eh? Sounds promising.

    You’d THINK that the very WORD “totalitarianism” would be enough to frighten people away – but NOOOOOO. Liberals love it. They eat totalitarianism up and ask for second helpings of it.

    I didn’t know it, but fascist dictator Mussolini actually coined the term. “Mussolini himself coined the term to describe a society where everybody belonged, where everyone was taken care of, where everything was inside the state and nothing was outside; where truly no child was left behind” (Liberal Fascism, p. 14).

    A lot of Christians perished in the Holocaust. Some like the ten Boom family perished for sheltering Jews from the Nazis. Others protested until they were hauled away never to be seen again. A few like Dietrich Bonhoeffer fought back with both word and action until death.

    We can only remember their sacrifice and courage as we look toward times that may become just as bad for us.

  7. hl Says:

    The correct title is, “Defeating the Totalitarian Lie” by Hilmar Von Campe. I should not have tried to write from memory, oops!

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Been there!

    I’ll look it up and see what I think about it. Maybe I’ll add it to my library – or at least see if the public library has it!

  9. Andrew Suarez-Grigsby Says:

    There weren’t adorers, including young adorers, of Nixon, Reagan, Bush?
    Farrakhan often uses hyperbole even if he believes it, while I think Lee was obviously exaggerating, not serious.
    The Act also prohibited people from “Attempting to influence legislation,” protesting or boycotting, so I think it only means as part of the service.
    Hitchens and Dawkins aren’t politicians (and Hitchens was speaking theoretically). Most atheists respect individual freedom and the freedom of belief. But some beliefs are undermined in the classroom, like racism, that I’d hope we could agree to.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    Find me the children who sang songs praising Nixon or Reagan, and the youtube videos of the glossy eyed children singing songs praising Bush. Otherwise you are literally saying, “I don’t have any evidence to support anything I’m saying, but the fact that I said it is enough.” No, it isn’t. I doubt if even YOU believe there was a large youth movement glorifying these former Presidents. And btw, there wasn’t one for Clinton, either. This is unique.

    Second, I challenge you to produce the videos for me of teachers demanding their students support Bush the way I have of teachers with Obama. And several more of these have since come out.

    You have an interesting way of concluding that these leftists (Farrakhan, Lee, Hitchens, etc) weren’t really serious about what they were saying. There is some incredibly dangerous stuff coming out of the left, and the left is now firmly in control.

    Racism? Think its a really bad thing, as God made man in his image, red and yellow, black and white. Very much wish the left would quit using it as a partisan political tool to attack opponents.

  11. Andrew Suarez-Grigsby Says:

    The teacher was rather aggressive and down-putting, but she also questioned Obama’s “supporters” as to why, what good changes did they think he supported. McCain did make the comment and his stand was “leave when the job’s done” so in a discussion of war they should be aware of it.
    There were Young Democrats and Young Republican groups at my high school, probably in many high schools. Although I agree that some young people do unquestioningly support Obama just because they think he’s different from the average politician, which is a poor reason for support.
    Hitchens said he was being theoretical, and you can wish for a lot of things while knowing that they shouldn’t forcibly be done.

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    You’re amazing.
    Let’s start with the teacher. She solicits from a class of young children who will vote for Obama and who will vote for McCain. At least three kids say they’ll vote for Obama without criticism. Then, when a kid says he’ll vote for McCain she says – and I quote“Oh, Lord, John McCain! Oh Jesus, John McCain!” Then she immediately singles out THAT KID and demands, “Why are you pulling for John McCain?”

    When one of the Obama kids says Obama will get out of Iraq, the teacher nods approvingly and then calls Iraq “a senseless war.” And she claims Obama will end the war (of course, he went back on his word, and now we know he won’t “end” it any faster than Bush – who won it in the first place against the opposition of people like Obama who wanted us to lose it – would have ended it). I can now quote plenty of liberals who agree with me that Obama is no different than Bush in ending the war in Iraq. So the teacher was doing nothing more than giving lying propaganda to her class.

    The teacher then falsely claims that McCain said he wanted to keep fighting in Iraq for another hundred years (McCain in that SAME quote compared the situation to keeping American troops in Japan and specially said we’d stay as long as Americans weren’t being killed).

    Q: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 years — ” (cut off by McCain)

    McCain: “Make it a hundred.”

    Q: “Is that …” (cut off)

    McCain: “We’ve been in South Korea … we’ve been in Japan for 60 years. We’ve been in South Korea 50 years or so. That would be fine with me. As long as Americans …”

    Q: [tries to say something]

    McCain: “As long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed. That’s fine with me, I hope that would be fine with you, if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world where Al Qaeda is training and equipping and recruiting and motivating people every single day.

    It was an outright lie – but you can see the impact that propaganda and demagoguery has on the McCain kids. How evil!

    So this teacher’s questions – to any reasonable person – were clearly nothing more than an attempt to brainwash these little children and turn them into liberals. She is using her position of authority as teacher to indoctrinate her kids into lies.

    You are a demagogue just like her, Andrew. Because you are using the same tactic now. The only difference is that I’m not a six year old. How DARE you justify that teacher!

    I marvel at how blind and how amoral people like you are – and what tools you are for the building fascist agenda that is now exploding all around us. What an ideologue! 2 Corinthians 4:4 clearly applies, as does Romans 1:22. The blind fool who thinks he sees and believes he’s wise.

    Anyone of you liberals post a “Bush Youth” video like this one that features kids in military uniforms shouting frightening “Brownshirt” praises to Dear Leader Obama. You show me that!

    You show me children signing praises to Bush or to McCain like this glossy eyed girl. I want to see some little kid similarly praising Bush as some demigod or singing about how McCain will bring happiness and freedom. You show me that.

    And you tell me when a Republican President had a creepy “Youth Inaugural” like this. I want to see it.

    Otherwise, please don’t bother posting back trying to claim that your guy isn’t crossing the line into rather shocking Hitler parallels. Not unless you’ve got evidence rather than illegitimate assertions.

  13. Andrew Suarez-Grigsby Says:

    I agree that it’s wrong and bad to march in some uniform. I agree that the teacher was overly aggressive, unfair and didn’t try to contain her dislike for McCain or the Iraq war, but she did ask for reasons for supporting Obama as well as McCain (challenging both sides) and McCain said he was willing to fight until the job was done, however long it took. My point about high school clubs stands and, while an adult, Ricky Martin certainly appealed to youths back in 2001 when he performed for Bush. I don’t think you’d object to youths being at a convention or a campaign rally.

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