Obama Allows Muslims To Opt Out Of ObamaCare; Christians Still Screwed

Interesting factoids on the Hussein-in-Chief’s ObamaCare opt-outs:

If you are Muslim you can opt out of the Obamacare health care reform laws with no penalties
March 26, 2010
Phoenix Small Business Management Examiner
by Gil Guigna

Isn’t this nice. If you are of the Muslim religion, you don’t have to give all the new Obamacare healthcare reform regulations and penalties another thought. Because the concept of being compelled to participate in such a healthcare program offends Islamic sensibilities, Muslims are specifically exempt.

As a matter of fact if you are Amish, American Indian or a Chistian Scientist you do not need to participate or pay the taxes associated with healthcare reform. That means not having to be forced to buy healthcare insurance, not paying the taxes or the penalties if you don’t get it. Nice!

Here is what the regulations say:


—In the case of an individual who is seeking an exemption certificate under section 1311(d)(4)(H) from any requirement or penalty imposed by section 5000A, the following information:

In the case of an individual seeking exemption based on the individual’s status as a
member of an exempt religious sect or division, as a member of a health care sharing ministry, as an Indian,
or as an individual eligible for a hardship exemption, such information as the Secretary shall prescribe.”

Senate Bill, H.R. 3590, pages 273-274

There are several reasons why an individual could claim exemption, being a member of a religion that does not believe in insurance is one of them. Islam is one of those religions. Muslims believe that health insurance is “haraam”, or forbidden; because they liken the ambiguity and probability of insurance to gambling. This belief excludes them from any of the requirements, mandates, or penalties set forth in the bill. More…

This means that if you are Christian and abortion is against your religion tough luck.

If you are Jewish tough luck as well.

We wonder why these certain groups get a free ride. We also wonder why the largest religious block in North and South America the Christians are discriminated against like this. Very odd indeed.

There is a lot of food for thought here and a lot of ways to object to this healthcare bill isn’t there.

So I could get out of this terrible ObamaCare boondoggle if I declared myself a Muslim?  Doesn’t that just figure with this guy?

Well, that’s not going to happen.  But I’m not sure not going to willingly accept Obama’s version of the Mark of the Beast, either.

Wonder how many more “Muslims” there will be as this asinine program starts to implode?

Maybe I’ll declare myself as Amish.  That doesn’t sound so bad.

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20 Responses to “Obama Allows Muslims To Opt Out Of ObamaCare; Christians Still Screwed”

  1. Todd Fitchette Says:

    I think this could be challenged under the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

  2. J.W. Wartick Says:

    Amish really wouldn’t be so bad. My only problem is I like the internet too much. And books. I know they can have books, but all the books I’d want would be very difficult to get a hold of if I didn’t have the internet.

    Anyway, once again we see the great lengths to which some are willing to go to bend over backwards for Muslims, but Christians are screwed.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    Man, does this ObamaCare law ever suck when it comes to the Constitution!!!

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    Yeah, I’m the say way with the internet and books. Fortunately, I’ve got a great big cushion of books, and could probably get by with what’s already in my library if I suddenly needed to “go Amish.”

  5. Anonymous Says:

    If there is seperation of church and state, how can religion be used by the government to exempt any group of people from a government program?

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    “Separation of church and state” is largely a liberal invention. And liberals love to use their tools to favor their agendas, and not use them when they don’t.

    “Separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution. It’s in the Soviet Communist Constitution, but not in ours. The phrase was isolated from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote (the rest of the letter was ignored and not read into the record) and Jefferson’s intent was discarded.

    The founding fathers envisioned a country whose FEDERAL government (not the states, which literally had the right to be offically “Baptist,” or “Catholic,” or whatever) was to be barred from imposing any particular religious denomination onto the states. That was what Jefferson meant when he talked about “a wall of separation.”

  7. Angie Says:

    So, are you telling me because Muslims do not believe in insurance (because it is a form of gambling), they are allowed to drive with no auto insurance, purchase homes with no home insurance?

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    You bring up a good point.

    “Political correctness” is not something that is consistent, and it does whatever is most convenient for liberal ideology at the moment.

  9. A Child of the King of the Universe, Yahweh Says:

    The bottom line is what the government has been trying to implement for the last 30+ years is a way to make mandatory immunizations to everyone no matter age to utilize them as a further means of population control after abusing them as much as possible through the western medical pharma-kee-a which is rooted in witchcraft. They have tried to come up with many ways in this time frame, each of which had ways of missing some of the population such as stay at home moms, home schooled children and people who are part of God’s natural healthcare movement who never use western medical doctors, operations or drugs (not even over the counter). The only way the gov can come up with to be able to include “everyone” (muslims exempt) is to make it through the income tax filing for required insurance. I am sure there will be an exclusion for muslims with income tax of there isn’t already since they are all part of prez’s family. The next step will be to require all those individuals to get all immunizations the gov decides on. http://healthwyze.org/index.php/component/content/article/60-vaccine-secrets.html This will be part of their population control and abuse to all non-muslims along the way. Remember muslims are the ones who funded hitler and muslims hate all Jews, Christians and Messianic Jews and want all of us dead after they torture us. They are not going to like it when they wind up in hell and find out they are going to burn forever in the lake of fire. Ever see a snake in a fire? They don’t burn up. They just sit there dormant burning as long as the flames last.

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    A Child of the King of the Universe, Yahweh,

    I’m sorry. I didn’t quite get all that. How is western medical pharma-kee-a rooted in witchcraft again?

    I remember when I was a recruit in the Army. A lot of guys were saying that they were putting something in our food called “saltpeter” and that it was to make us unable to get erections – to make us focus more on training, I guess.

    You see, I was always one of those guys who heard stuff like that and said, “I doubt that.”

    But, judging by all the guys in boot camp who firmly believed the Army was insinuating chemicals into our porridge to take away our erections, I know I’m hardly speaking for the majority.

  11. James Cannon Says:

    I am sorry, but Michael Eden is wrong. Separation of Church and State is granted by the Bill of Rights.
    First Amendment – Establishment Clause, Free Exercise Clause; freedom of speech, of the press, and of assembly; right to petition

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    In other words: if the rumors are true about requiring a chip to be injected into my hand that carries all of my info: it is a violation of my own religion based on the Book of Revelations in the New King James version of the Bible. “[16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    [17] And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    James Cannon, I am sorry, but YOU are wrong.

    “separation of church and state” came from a phrase that Jefferson used in a letter to the Danbury Baptists (“a wall of separation“). The Supreme Court considered only the phrase “a wall of separation between church and state” completely out of its actual context in order to impose the infamous Establishment Clause.

    It is the Establishment Clause that liberal judges use when they want to impose their own religious views onto society – not the 1st Amendment.

    If I as a private citizen wanted to pray at my son’s football game, or if my son’s football team or coach wanted to pray, how does the First Amendment in any way prohibit that? It specifically says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” How does that prhibit me from praying? Whether I’m in a courthouse or a school or a grocery store or what?

    The First Amendment said that the government could NOT impose a religion or ANY limitation to religion on the people. But government IS imposing religion and limiting the people’s religious expression. The Courts have passed all kinds of restrictions on the free exercise of religion. Obama just massively imposed restrictions particularly on Catholics but on all pro-life Christians in his ObamaCare imposing of radical abortion and birth control “rights.” There’s been all kinds of “establishing” of pro-abortion “religion” and prohibiting the free exercise of actual religion going on.

    You need to learn how to think, James. Because that first sentence of yours that “Separation of Church and State is granted by the Bill of Rights” is just ignorant. The framing of the “separation of church and state” argument had NOTHING to do with the Bill of Rights and in fact flies in the face of the guarantees in the Bill of Rights.

  13. A Child of the King of the Universe, Yahweh Says:

    Do a word study “pharmacea is witchcraft” and you will find that it is all sorcery from greek origin. Cross reference what you find online with a Strong’s Concordance. Also a side note about the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years. She spent all her life savings on doctors and not one could heal her. Yeshuah is the Great Physician and Yahweh gave us everything we need for life and godliness. Including good food and herbs for healing. “On both riverbanks will grow all kinds of trees for food; their leaves will not dry up, nor will their fruit fail. There will be a different kind of fruit each month, because the water flows from the sanctuary, so that this fruit will be edible, and the leaves will have healing properties.” Ezekiel 47:12 CJB

  14. Michael Eden Says:

    A Child of the King of the Universe, Yahweh,

    Are you opposed to modern houses with plumbing and electricity? Are you opposed to cars?

    I believe that “pharmacea” is one of those fields – like housing and transportation and many other things – that looks very different now than it would have 2,000 years ago.

    I want people to understand your claim: you are claiming that if someone has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder that they would be wicked and unbelieving to take the medication that would normalize their brain chemistry. And if they pick up a gun and go pyscho because they’re on a delusional pyschotic high because they abandoned their medication, well, it’s not your fault and it doesn’t make your theory look bad.

    If you’re on blood pressure medication, well, you’re already 99% of the way to worshiping the devil, aren’t you?

    Luke – the compainion of St. Paul and the writer of Luke and Acts – was a physician. I don’t see in the Bible where he renounced his field in favor of “faith healing.”

    In fact, what I see in passages like 1 Timothy 5:23 is Paul advising Timothy (probably because he had received the same advice from his own personal physician, Luke) to stop just drinking water but to use a little wine to help his stomach illnesses. The water was frequently contaminated in that time, and the alcohol served to kill some of the bacteria. What Paul did NOT do was demonize the practice of medical help and instead say, “Drink nothing but water and pray that the Lord deliver you from your illnesses, because that’s the way it should always be.”

    Paul also specifically says that he prayed three times to be cured of his eye ailment, but that the Lord did NOT heal him. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Paul states that he prayed three times but was told that God would make himself strong in Paul’s weakness. So here’s a case to parallel your widow with the bleeding problem – only it’s PRAYER that doesn’t work now.

    That there were diseases that the doctors of the day could not heal, but only Messiah could heal, and that there are diseases and cases in our own day that modern medicine can not heal, but only Messiah can heal, in no way refutes medicine. Because there are many diseases and ailments that modern medicine CAN heal and should heal.

    Some of the most valuable and successful missionaries today are MEDICAL missionaries who go to destitute regions to treat and heal desperately poor people. And you’re calling these noble souls pawns of Lucifer?

    We know the kind of drugs that Paul was describing when he used the Greek word for drugs to identify it with sorcery: alcohol, marijuana, heroin, etc. Paul was talking about people deliberately altering their mental states in order to seek ecstatic experiences. We’re not talking about drugs that help people with high cholesterol or blood pressure to avoid massive heart attacks.

    God is not opposed to good science and He is not opposed to good medicine. God inspired both.

  15. A Child of the King of the Universe, Yahweh Says:

    The Word says “My people for lack of knowledge.” There was no modern drugs back in the day. People relied on herbs that Yahweh made for us to use like the reference I made in Ezekial. There are herbs for every ailment under the sun. People need to stop putting garbage in their bodies (gluttony) and then they won’t have to rely on man made drugs.

    Houses and cars are a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Houses today are made according to government standards. They contain many cancer causing chemicals that cause the people living in them to have many other health issues also and then most get drugs to cover them up. People who want to build a non-toxic house have to jump through hoops and sometimes still have to fight the government to build it without chemical.

    Cars are totally screwing up health and the environment. I feel we should use them as little possible if at all. I prefer to live with a horse and buggy but that is not my choice right now because of where my husband has chosen for us to live. But I only drive to 5000 miles a year so at least I am making less impact than many till he gets us to a better place.

    And no drugs ever cured anyone. Yahweh did not give us body parts for doctors to cut them off. If someone has “bad tonsils” they need to detox not cut the tonsils out. If they have major problems anywhere in the body there is always a way to detox it and regain health. If the body has breath in it, health can be regained naturally.

    There is plenty of information out there and I don’t need to be a teacher here at this site. I am running a business and homeschooling teenage/adult children who know all of this stuff and have never been to a doctor, so there is no reason why adults can’t learn it on their own. It’s pure laziness, lust (for eating the wrong stuff) and ignorance that gets people in the boats they are in with their health.

    You can either admit that what the government is doing is against Yahweh or you can keep your head in the sand.

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    A Child of the King of the Universe, Yahweh,

    When you say, “And no drugs ever cured anyone,” I simply point out that you are wrong. As an example, we CURED the terrible affliction of polio in America with DRUGS (vaccines). Antibiotics properly prescribed have not only helped people recover much faster from flus and other even worse viruses out there, but they in fact allow old people and children to beat these afflictions off when they otherwise would have DIED. Medicine frequently cures cancer in people with drug therapies and with surgery to remove tumors. There are a lot of people who are alive today with the help of medicine that wouldn’t be here otherwise to refute your assertion.

    Jesus healed with a touch, and His disciples after Him healed with a touch. But you already begin to see the amazing miracles subsude as the New Covenant was embraced by so many who saw the miracles. God inaugerated and established the New Covenant with miracles. And then He began to work through His Body the Church – largely with medicine.

    Do you know that the very first hospitals ever started in the world were started by the early Christians?

    You have repeatedly referred back to the Old Testament to justify your position. Not only did Jesus say that in Himself He fulfilled the Old Covenant, but He said He was providing a New Covenant. And the dietary (and herbal) stuff was frankly the very first thing to go. And the early Church showed that they very much disagreed with your view by establishing hospitals with medicine to treat the sick in Jesus’ name.

    Again, I understand your position that Neosporin is evil and anyone who uses it to protect cuts from getting infected are refusing to believe in God because Neosporin wasn’t around back in the days of Ezekiel. I just don’t agree with it. I think Neosporin and the medicine that brought it is good stuff and I thank God for inspiring researchers to come up with important new ways to treat people.

    In Islam, Mohammad attempts to impose the 6th century of barbarism onto the modern world. We don’t need to reimpose the days when every single person on earth moves in tents behind whatever your version of the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle is for us today. Great Christian scientists defined science as “thinking God’s thoughts after Him” to God’s great pleasure. Striving to learn as Adam did the splendours of God’s marvellous creation as His image bearers. Science isn’t bad in itself; it has been hijacked and men have perverted it the same way they have perverted everything else. But God is a God of reason and He stamped an imprint of Himself into every field of reason.

    There are some very bad drugs out there that people shouldn’t take, the way there are bad mushrooms out in nature. But there are a lot of good drugs, too. We should wisely avail ourselves to them when a medical doctor in his or her expertise says we need them for our health.

    We merely have to be wise enough to know the good from the bad, just as with everything else in life.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Gotta love liars. This entire article is nothing but BS.

  18. Michael Eden Says:


    Do you want to know what you DON’T “gotta love”??? Shameless slandering punks like you who read through an entire article, can’t find so much as ONE SINGLE THING that is untrue, but – being a truly shameless liar – feel that you have some kind of entitlement to slander that article with your lies anyway.

    That’s what you DON’T gotta love.

    I block people who say I’m a “liar” but can’t even offer a SINGLE example of one of those “lies.” So get lost.

  19. Debbie Says:

    We have and will become more dependant on our govenment to give us health care and then they can dictate what we need..such as what shots we need and what when we need them. I agree that this is the way it is going in healthcare. I was told over and over my daughter needed those girl shots for a sexually transmitted disease…and their were three shots and in my spirit I knew they were bad so I said no…she was only 13 and in no way ready for sex or to talk about sexually transmitted diseases and being pushed to talk about it and then deal with a dictor who wanted to talk with her privately about it…I about went through the roof…my daughter was mentally behind she was in no way ready for that talk and I was not being forced to have it..so I told her no she could not talk to my daughter privately and I told her..the doctor
    she was a female doctor…That she was not going to give my daughter those shots…do you know many girls..young girls had severe side affects and then they pulled the commercials off the tv.s…do you remember all the commercials about get your daughter these shots…they absolutely need them…these girls were going in for those shots and passing out..dying of heart attacks and all kinds of things….so now they are still pushing it but not as hard….I had to have about 5 conversations that got heated with my daughters doctor that I DID NOT want that shot that I felt it was bad and it could hurt her! And this was at Columbus Childrens hospital in Columbus Ohio….and that was about 4 years ago…Now it is even worse for parents to say no to a drug or procedure….This is taking away parents rights to decide what is best for their own children…and I listened to God the holy spirit was put inside each one of us to help us in our daily lives..and GOD did that and I listened and I felt and still feel that I am blessed that my daughter did not take that shot…She is in heaven now and received by god after she passed during a liver transplant that she did not even want…but she did not need that shot and NEVER did get it! I love the lord and he is in control of my life not people! People make mistakes and I pray before doing or agreeing to anything and if does not seem right then I dont do it!
    GOD bless and pray for our counrty!!

  20. Michael Eden Says:


    I am truly sorry for the loss of your daughter. No one should have to live through the death of their child. As you rightly said, she is in heaven now, resting with the Lord and waiting for you to come in your own time. There is nothing to fear and everything to eagerly await for those who know God.

    Let me say this about vaccines: I’ve got nothing against them per se. As an example, I’ve gotten my flu shot every year since they became widely available. That said, not all vaccines are the same.

    I find it interesting that some of the people who are the MOST dead-set against some vaccines are RN NURSES. So it’s not all just craziness to be against some of these vaccines.

    Now, as to your particular situation: what liberalism and liberal government wants to do is to treat all people the same way. As a few examples, we’re not allowed to profile terrorists and be able to see reality to know that 99.99% of terrorist attacks are from Muslims and particularly from young Muslim males. Nope. We’ve got to treat EVERYBODY like a potential terrorist because common sense must be set aside for the sake of political correctness. In the same way, the overwhelming majority of “mass shootings” are committed by mentally ill people. Can we just deal with the mentally ill? Nope. Liberals have shut down any attempt to single out such people. So what do they want to do? They want to treat EVERYBODY like a nutjob and take away the right to own guns and defend ourselves away from decent, law-abiding, mentally-healthy people. Liberals refuse to see any difference between those who CAN’T earn a living and those who WON’T earn a living; they demand that the same one-government-fits-all standard be applied to everybody regardless of merit. Which means that those who truly need help get less help and those who truly need a few hard kicks in the butt to help them along the road of life continue on their paths to nowhere. As long as the State gets the credit for keeping them on the dole and the people they “help” keep voting for big liberal Government instead of working to help themselves. In the same vein, liberals demand that no athletically- or intellectually-gifted be allowed to be rewarded more than the non-performing children. You get a trophy just for participating thanks to liberals, but you get no trophy for standing out. So kids don’t work to stand out. Or develop the personal coping skills they need to handle failure and become better people. They’re all the same, just another brick in the wall that liberalism builds.

    And, so, we know that there are sexually active 13-year-old girls. And so liberals want to treat every single girl on the face of the earth like a slut who needs to get her slut shots. I mean, after all, it’s not like your daughter was ever an independent, rational being created in the image of a holy God; she’s just an animal and the State needs to ensure that everyone gets treated like the same kind of herd animal whether she wants to be so treated or whether her parents want her to be so treated. So it’s mandated slut shots because liberalism teaches that we’re all just out-of-control animals who can’t be held responsible for ourselves when there’s a State to assume all power and control for us.

    This is because liberalism is FASCISM, and fascism is ALL about forcing everybody into the same herd and then controlling that herd with totalitarian political agendas.

    It is evil and it is anti-God because it replaces God and your and my right as individuals who were created in God’s image to worship Him and obey Him INSTEAD of the fascist State.

    God created man and woman in His own image. He did NOT create us to be herd animals; that’s what human governments are trying to create as they shape us to hate and defy God for their “new morality” of sodomy and abortion and every other evil under the sun.

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