Fearfully And Wonderfully Made: From Conception To Birth

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well” — Psalm 139:13-14

Does human life begin as worthless “byproducts of conception”?  Does human life only have value if someone is working and producing? (watch out, liberals!  Because most of the Democrat base would be exterminated on a ‘yes’ response!).  Or is human life of incommensurably precious value?

Please watch this six minute Youtube video.  I strongly suggest you turn down the volume level!

If your life began as something that is so valueless that your own mother can destroy you like a disease while the defied State smiles down benevolently, then why do you think that your life has any value whatsoever now?

You were once an embryo.  And if your mother had aborted you, you would have died.

My life has value not because of what I have done, but because of what I am: because I am a human being.  My human dignity is not utilitarian; it is ontological.  Which is why Jews, people on welfare and senior citizens shouldn’t be marched off to the gas chamber.  Nor am I any more “human” today than I ever was as an embryo, as an infant, as a teenager.  When I was in my mother’s womb, I was “human” by virtue of my parents, and a “being” by virtue of the fact that I was a living thing.  Now and from the moment of conception, I am and have been a human being.

Here is a 21-week old “product of conception” reaching out of his womb during surgery to grasp the finger of his surgeon:

Today, that “product of conception” is 11-years old and goes by the name Samuel Armas:

Had Samuel’s mother chosen to abort him rather than choosing surgery to cure his spina bifida in utero, Samuel would have died.  He never would have had a chance to live and play and win medals for swimming:

Here’s another “product of conception” who actually survived an abortion.  This one-time aborted fetus is now 33 years old and calls herself Gianna Jessen:

Gianna wouldn’t be here today if her murder-attempt-by-abortion had succeeded.  She would have been killed by her own mother.  As it turned out, forgiveness of what was done to her is part of her beautiful human spirit.

Don’t be “pro-choice.”  Hitler was pro-choice.  Only Hitler didn’t wipe out nearly as many human beings as the fifty-two million innocent babies annihilated by the abortion movement in America.

Celebrate life.  Cherish life.  Celebrate and cherish the dignity of the human spirit.  Stand with me against the culture of death otherwise known as abortion.

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4 Responses to “Fearfully And Wonderfully Made: From Conception To Birth”

  1. davisoftheapes1 Says:


    It’s May 9, 2005. Yesterday was Mother’s Day. My birthday is going to be today. I just know it is. Mama took me to the doctor’s office the other day and I heard the doctor say he’d do the procedure on Monday, May 9th. I didn’t hear him say his name, sometimes it’s kind of muffled here in the womb. I did hear Mama say that the name of the place we were was called the “Women’s Clinic.” It must be a nice place because they take care of women and their babies. I wonder why the doctor called it “the procedure,” though. I thought it was called “being born.”

    My angel came and visited me yesterday. He said that it wouldn’t be long before I would be leaving here. He said that after the procedure, I would be going to the most beautiful place that anybody could ever imagine. He said that I would be surrounded by total love and indescribable happiness. I didn’t know that the world was really that beautiful. I’ve been able to hear and understand things for awhile now and some of the things I’ve heard make me think the world is not all that nice of a place.

    I sure will be glad to get out of here. Mama takes drugs and drinks something called alcohol. It makes me feel sick. When I get big enough to talk, I’m gonna tell her that Jesus doesn’t like it when she takes drugs. She must not know that he died on the cross for her and he gets very sad when she does things like that. It makes me sad too. At night, when Mama is “partying” I hear a lot of men’s voices. I wonder if one of them is my Daddy. They’re not very nice. They do things to Mama that I don’t understand.

    I’m skinny. I think I should be fatter. Mama doesn’t eat much. She says that when she’s high, she just doesn’t have any appetite. When I get out of here, I’m going to eat at my Father’s Table. I’m going to eat so much that I’ll be full for a week! I don’t know who he is, but my angel does. He’s the one that told me that. My angel holds my hand. Sometimes, like yesterday, his eyes are sad. Why? How can he be sad? I’m about to start on a wonderful adventure! I want to grow up and help people. Someday, maybe I’ll be a doctor too!

    Mama’s getting in the car now. I guess we’re going to the Women’s Clinic so I can be born. I’m so excited! I wonder what she looks like. Can she possibly love me as much as I love her? I can’t wait to put my arms around you Mama, and lay my head on your shoulder. I’m looking forward so much to having you teach me to brush my hair. To read the Bible, bake cookies and cherry pies. I’m gonna get you to show me how to put on make up and we can both wear yellow dresses with big brightly colored bows. I bet I’m gonna look like you, Mama. Maybe people will think I’m your sister instead of your daughter. Won’t that be funny?

    Be careful driving Mama! Are you wearing your seat belt? I don’t want anything to happen to you, especially on my birthday. I love you, Mama! I’ll be coming out to meet you soon! I’m gonna take such good care of you Mama. I won’t let anybody hurt you like I hear them doing from here inside you. Me and my angel will protect you. I’ve got so much to tell you! When I can talk, I’m gonna tell you about Jesus! He loves you, Mama! He loves you so much! He loves you even more than I do. That’s hard for me to understand, but that’s what my angel tells me.

    Well, we’re here. Mama’s parking the car. Why don’t we get out, Mama? You’re just sitting there behind the wheel feeling kind of low. It’s my birthday, Mama! What are you going to name me? Did you bring my car seat? Where’s our relatives? Where’s Ma-maw and Pa-paw? Where’s daddy? Who is daddy? Does he love me too?

    Here we go! We’re out of the car, and we’re walking up the steps to the Women’s Clinic.

    Wait a minute, Mama! All of a sudden, I’m scared. I don’t know why, but I’m scared! Get back in the car, Mama! Get back in the car! We’ve got to get out of here! I feel angels! Bad angels. Not like my angel. These are demon angels, Mama. I think they want to hurt us. Please Mama! Get back in the car. Quick! We can go someplace else. Take us to a church. Jesus will be there. He lives there. He’ll help us Mama. He loves us.

    Mama, No! Don’t let them take you into the procedure room! Let’s leave, let’s go home. I love you, Mama. Why are we lying on this table? Where are your clothes? What’s that man doing? Why is he putting on gloves? Is he the doctor? He’s supposed to take care of us. I can see his soul. I’m scared of it, Mama! It’s laughing at us and he smells like fire and burning flesh. He doesn’t love us, Mama. Please help me.

    What’s that noise? What’s that metal thing he has in his hand? Make him go away, Mama, Make him leave us alone! Where’s my angel? Help! Mama! Help! Oh Mama, he jabbed me with that metal thing, it hurts, help me, Mama, help———————–

    Thought you might like to read this.

  2. HL Says:

    WOW, that video is INCREDIBLE! Honored to stand with you Micheal and all other life lovers for the unborn.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    I thought it was amazing, too.

    And if you’re a secular humanist, this miracle of life, this incredible demonstration of design by a magnificent and glorious Creator God, all just happened by sheer random chance.

    Cherish life. Celebrate it.

    Thanks for being one of the lovers of life, HL.

  4. Michael Eden Says:


    It was a GREAT read.

    And I believe – as it describes – that God takes every murdered unborn baby with Him to heaven. Just as David said when his unborn child died.

    Thank you so much for posting that here.

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