John Kerry’s ‘U.S. Is More Engaged In More Places In The World Than At Any Time’ Versus Actual REALITY

John Kerry recently offered this laugher:

“The fact is that the United States of America … is more engaged in more places in the world, and, frankly, I think, to greater effect, than at any time in recent memory.”

Allow me to explain what our Secretary of State actually meant:

“The fact is that the United States of America – due to our utterly failed president’s utterly failed foreign policy – has been viewed as so weak and as so pathetic that more places in the world than ever before are erupting into violence all at the same time.  And the Obama administration’s response has been to offer more meaningless, blathering gibberish to more places, to less effect, than at any time in all of history.”

This reminds one of the astonishingly morally idiotic and psychotically-disconnected-from-reality statement by our Fool-in-Chief:

“[T]he truth of the matter is that for all the challenges we face, all the problems that we have, if you had to be — if you had to choose any moment to be born in human history, not knowing what your position was going to be, who you were going to be, you’d choose this time. The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been.” — Barack Hussein

I mean, tell that to the 200,000-PLUS civilians who have been murdered by the brutal dictator thug Assad while Obama uttered empty threats and gibberish red-line warnings.  Tell that to the more than one million Christians who used to live in Iraq until Obama abandoned everything our soldiers fought and bled to win who suddenly found themselves living in a terrorist caliphate and were told they could either abandon their homes and flee for their lives, convert to Islam, or die.  Tell that to the Christian girls who keep becoming slaves to Boko Haram.  Tell that to the damn Ukrainians who years ago made the fatal mistake of trusting Democrat President Bill Clinton and gave up their nuclear weapons only to be utterly abandoned by another Democrat President now.

I could keep going on and on with that “tell that to…” dialogue.  Because Obama has walked away from his foreign policy failures all over the damn world.  You can’t go anywhere on the planet and turn over a damn rock where the worst fool who ever lived hasn’t failed America and failed the world.

Liberals do not live in the real freaking world.  They are demon-possessed; they see nothing beyond what their god Satan wants them to see.

I’ll stand by my own assessment of Obama’s foreign policy while I try to stop barfing after Kerry’s pompous declaration.  Because I rely on, you know, things called FACTS.

Such a surprise that these disasters would fall upon the first president in history of the republic to send pink slips to officers fighting on the front lines of battlefields.

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One Response to “John Kerry’s ‘U.S. Is More Engaged In More Places In The World Than At Any Time’ Versus Actual REALITY”

  1. Penumbra Says:

    Hi Michael! Long time has past since I visited your blog but I have not forgotten you and you always have my support, morally and spiritually, you know that.

    Sometimes I have to pinch myself in order to find out that I am not dreaming. When I read about the (New!) USA’s policy, I am becoming increasingly worried what will become of us in the free Christian world in the future. A weakening USA (not militarily but politically) is a danger also for Europe.

    One may think that it is good for the European Union forcing it to take greater responsibility for its own defense but I know the European politicians and they are even more liberal and naive; seeking consensus with thugs like Putin instead of looking the reality into the naked eye.

    The reason that the U.S. has so much to do in the world today is the result of the indecisive policies that liberals have maintained since Obama came to power. One has to finish the job before leaving the “building site” and one must show the bandits out in the world that one is prepared to act decisively when it is necessary. Obama’s foreign policy is anything but decisive. Seeking consensus and signing agreements with bandits is like seeking consensus and making agreements with the devil himself.

    What we are witnessing today in the world is what happens when a superpower no longer is a superpower. That reminds me of the collapse of the Roman Empire and the chaos that this resulted in the ancient world some 1600 years ago.

    Maybe Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territory will become the “alarm clock” but hope is little. Putin has totally outmaneuvered the Western powers with his smart tricks and the response from the U.S and E.U. is pathetic.

    At the moment we have warm and pleasant days in Sweden; more like in California than in Scandinavia. One should not sit at the computer and “talk” politics, but sometimes one has to get ones anger out.

    God bless you, Michael!

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