Fewer Than Half Of Americans Buy Man-Caused Global Warming

This should be encouraging news to those whose IQs exceed their shoe size…

Fewer than half of Americans polled by the Pew Research Center believe humans are causing global warming, and a declining number even believe the Earth is experiencing a warming trend.

The survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, finds “roughly half, or 47 percent, of Americans say the Earth is warming because of human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels.”

Nearly as many, 45 percent of respondents, contend the higher Earth temperatures are due to “natural environment patterns,” that no global warming exists, or that causes cannot be scientifically determined.

Seventy-one percent of Americans believe the Earth is warming, down from 77 percent of Americans who held that belief last year. The six percentage point drop parallels falling, and in some parts of the country, record-low, temperatures over the past year that continued a decade-long trend of temperatures remaining flat or falling.

So less than half of Americans buy the demagoguery of global warming, and the trend is moving downward. Maybe it has something to do with all the facts that keep proving that global warming is an overblown load of huey perpetrated by socialists who want to redistribute wealth and anoint themselves as priests of the worship of Mother Earth.

In another development, it just came out that this “Decade has had fewest 90-degree days since 1930.”

Just a couple weeks ago a study of 17th century ship logs provided a further evidence that man-caused Global Warming is a load of pseudo-scientific politically-fascist hoakum.

Remember that part of the book “1984” when Winston Smith was electroshocked into seeing that “two plus two makes five”? In the modern version, he would be electroshocked until he believed “Greenland was never green!”

The global warming movement has always been about politics over science. The Pew Research Center study also pointed out that:

“Only 27 percent of Republicans surveyed believe humans are causing global warming. By contrast, 58 percent of Democrats blame global warming on humans.”

I’ve written two articles on the subject of global warming:

What the Science REALLY Says About Global Warming

What You Never Hear About Global Warming

Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Congressional Budget Office have reported that so-called “global warming legislation” would massively cost the US economy, and would in fact have the worst consequences upon the poorest Americans. The “cap and trade” bill alone would ultimately cost the US economy nearly $2 TRILLION.

I’m starting to believe that there’s a conspiracy: liberals are deliberately sabotaging American schools in hopes of creating people who are so ignorant, so stupid, and so controlled by ideology, that they will believe the liberal agenda.

But as of today, two plus two STILL DOESN’T make five. That’s a cause for celebration.

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2 Responses to “Fewer Than Half Of Americans Buy Man-Caused Global Warming”

  1. The Italian Opinionist Says:

    Media can both conceive and influence people. In 2006 a movie like “An inconvenient truth” appeared and last year the majority of USA voters blamed human activity. Last year a new movie “Not evil just wrong” appeared which asserted global warming is just a scam which is creating a sort of hysteria. Now public opinioni changed… Is it a coincidence? Which is the truth? What I fear most is the evil (I should say) and not just wrong usage of media both from the side of producers and final users. Maybe this is the first problem to be worried about because this can represent the way in which problem’s relevance is gained.


  2. Michael Eden Says:

    A very intriguing article. I can’t read it now, but will take it in later.

    You are completely right in your thesis: when “news” is distorted, it undermines society – no matter WHO is doing it, or for WHAT purpose. And I was very interested in your documentation that you had been “taken” by the pro-global warming side who had deceitfully used photographs in order to lead viewers to a false conclusion.

    When the global warming debate began, I didn’t have a horse in the race. If global warming were true, I would have wanted us to act toward preventing a catastrophe. Seriously, why wouldn’t I have wanted that???

    But when Russia, China, India, and the developing world were entirely exempted from burdensome and incredibly costly regulations and policies, I became incredibly skeptical. Was it a problem, or wasn’t it? I began to view “global warming” far more as “economic redistributionism” than “science. And nothing has ever led me to any different conclusion since.

    There has been one blatant falsehood after another on the “science” of global warming. And as a result I am now firmly committed to opposing the boondoggle.

    Getting back to the media – which has been overwhelmingly on the side of the socialist redistributionists who want to dramatically transform the planet into a globalist internationalist world – have lied to us too many times. There is simply no reason to trust them whatsoever.

    That leads to the crisis of bifurcated authority. Because the media IS a source of authority. We research it to come to our conclusions, and cite it to justify our views. But – because of media bias, dishonesty, and corruption – we now have rival sources of authority. I’m not going to trust the New York Times as an authority any more than a liberal will trust Rush Limbaugh. So conservatives have now developed their own lines of authority to match the liberals’ lines.

    The result is that we talk past each other, because neither side will submit to the others’ authority as evidence of anything.

    And that can’t lead to anything but bad.

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