John McCain’s 7 Houses: Liberals, Nuance, and Hypocrisy

In the aftermath of the Rich Warren’s Saddleback debate, conservatives were greeted with a new catchphrase to encompass Barack Obama’s windy, cerebral, abstract answers: nuance. Barack Obama’s responses to revealed his “nuanced” understanding of a complex, difficult, ambiguous world.

And of course, conservatives are depicted as having only enough “nuance” to kill some poor helpless animal and drag its carcass back to the cave.

The Obama campaign is also involved in a daily complaint session about how the McCain campaign is constantly engaging in lowball politics and “gotcha” attacks while the ephemeral and pure Obama campaign pursues the higher and loftier things.

Well, bogus, and more bogus.

Both forms of “bogii” are revealed in the Obama campaigns handling of John McCain’s “house controversy.”  Aside from the fact that a guy who spent 5 1/2 years being tortured in a Communist hell hole DESERVES to have a life of luxury these days, there are a couple of factors that really turn this issue into another revealing glimpse into the shrivled soul of the Obama machine.

Get Listy summarizes the issue:

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain was asked Wednesday by a reporter from Politico how many houses he owned. McCain wasn’t sure.“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain reportedly said in the interview in Las Cruces, N.M. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama jumped on McCain’s statement and almost immediately turned it into a campaign attack. McCain’s camp responded with a responding attack, according to CBS News.

Well, here’s the deal: John McCain had a difficult time answering the Politico reporter’s question because the answer was NUANCED.

It turns out that wealthy heiress Cindy Hensley McCain – who keeps separate finances (there’s even a prenuptial agreement) owns most of the homes. Some of the houses they may not even technically own per se, as they are owned in trusts established by Cindy McCain’s LLC. [Click here for an investigation of the seven houses]. And John McCain didn’t want to get into the personal and murky issues as to what was owned by his wealthy heiress wife.

John McCain may not actually even own a home of his own.  The Obama slam has the merit of being technically correct, but how big of a deal is it with an understanding of the big picture?


That didn’t stop Barack Obama from personally jumping all over this. He’s stumping on it with speech after speech. His campaign immediately came out with an ad depicting McCain as so elitist and so out of touch that he doesn’t even know how many houses he’s bought.

Who’s the caveman now?

Which brings home the issue of hypocrisy.

Barack Obama will whine and complain about how unfair the McCain campaign is, and how they attack him with trivial side issues even as he simultaneously launches into a barrage of the very sort of thing he’s complaining about.

The McCain campaign, for it’s part, mentions Obama’s $4 million in income last year, and his shady million-plus dollar home bought in cahoots with convicted politician-buying sleazeball Tony Rezko and asks, “Does Obama really want to talk about elitism and real estate?”

Of course, Obama does.  The crime isn’t about owning seven houses.  The crime is rather about not immediately knowing how many houses you “technically” own.  You see, for a hypocrite like Barack Obama, appearance is the only thing that really matters.

Remember that the next time he whines about how he’s treated.

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12 Responses to “John McCain’s 7 Houses: Liberals, Nuance, and Hypocrisy”

  1. Coenraad Says:

    I always say thank you for self-made rich people and told my children when they were still little about Bill Gates when Bill was just coming up in the world. There are many others and the immeasurable contributions they have made to society are … well I shall repeat immeasurable, in employment, development and taxes from which societies grow and develop to self-sufficiency. If McCain’s wife is wealthy because the family worked for it, so much more reason to vote John McCain for President. If Cindy McCain has enough money to buy five hundred condominiums I am sure she has provided employment and wages for which hundreds will thank her. Obama has never done a stitch of honest work in his whole life and is hardly the person to teach others how economic machinery works. He has always operated in the dark alleys where misery thrives, and that is where his own wealth was obtained, but that must, of course remain his secret.

  2. Flobama Says:

    Supporter GA

    We got the abusive vitriol as expected from some but the genuine support for Sarah Palin and her family was not only overwhelming indeed it illustrated the understanding of American decency. It gives me hope for the future. But more than that it underlines why McCain and Palin must be elected. They are Americans who understand the people and people relate to them. This entire hullabaloo about foreign affairs comes second to an American President and VP for America. Get out and vote Folks! Don’t forget that’s what it is all about.

  3. Flobama Says:

    Open letter to Senator Obama

    Dear Senator with reference to your application for the vacant position of dog catcher I regret the Town Manager has advised not to accept your application because you do not have the experience required for the position. We have a very small town with a tiny budget but every council worker is required to have at least a working knowledge of the economic forces relating to the acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution of our products, transport, and finance for future development. Unfortunately you do not have any qualifications or experience in these matters or any of the many others that make for a good dogcatcher. Being a Rock Star and accomplished Speech Reader or running eighteen months in a Presidential Campaign do not count for anything in Small-Town America and we don’t have on the job training in an important position such as dogcatcher. Regrettably Yours: Maggie, Office of the Mayor, Kodiak, AK.

  4. Flobama Says:

    More new revelations

    From Ann Coulter at Human events hoping FoxNews will let us smile. She writes in her Newsletter this week: “Rev. Jeremiah Wright announced that although he’s known Obama for 30 years, he only recently became aware of how extreme the senator’s viewpoints were”. As if that is not saying it all Ann adds: “Wright, after all, has his reputation to consider.’ I think that is Hillarious and hope all you Republicans [oops, I am one too] will now accept Jeremiah’s explanation and forgive him his transgressions. Come Obama, under the bus you go!

  5. Flobama Says:

    I hear both Dem’s making promises to reinvent Barack’s America that George Bush and McBush lost and now tell me needs hard work to fix. Some, like Time Magazine are saying the whole of Barack’s World is going through the same pain as America right now with gasoline prices, spiraling food inflation and stock market uncertainty. They say America is by no means unique in this [in fact in some countries they don’t even have gasoline and half of Africa is going through yet another famine with people dying of hunger. It’s fine [indeed very easy] bashing the man whose job you want but if they blame it on Bush and McBush then O’bama and O’Biden must tell the country how they are planning on reinstalling Paradise as it existed when Clinton departed! Can we put a timeframe on it like for the Iraq troop withdrawal, like sixteen months maybe? I want to be ready when paradise descends from the skies. I want to give up this lousy job I have and get myself a big slice of Barack’s American Dream! Wow, to have to wait so long, to live in Peace with all the Peoples of the World and just love, love forever love, no more war ever. Wow, and we will all be rich without having to do one day’s work again. Gimme that dream Folks and make it real snappy!

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    I still marvel that the Democrats have become so amoral, and so ideological, that the Jeremiah Wright revelations did not destroy his candidacy.

    Never been a Hillary fan, but – in addition to being twice the man Obama is, she has twice the integrity and common sense as well.

    (Which really doesn’t speak very well of Obama).

  7. Qui Vaduz Obama Says:

    He finally had to admit He was wrong about the surge in Iraq though He will probably never admit He was wrong about the Iraq War in the first place because that was always His sole just justification to enter the Presidential run. But he was wrong in that too. Now crude oil prices are plummeting because McCain put pressure on OPEC when he said he will start drilling and meantime reduce consumption [Obama opposed and offered advice on correct tire inflation] and in the meantime McCain has developed a working relationship with a New Iraq which will secure more certainty of oil from there to tide us over. AND during all this Obama just continued singing “not more of the same” never realizing He is not running against President Bush [who has not entered the race this time] but actually against John McCain. THEN Wonder Boy made His biggest mistake by making a lady from Alaska off as another Small-Town person. Tsch ta ta ta Obama. Alaska is out of reach to him now and America is dotted with small towns and regular “Typical White Persons’’ and Hillary Land ladies. Tsch ta ta ta, down He goes in the Polls. The Palin Surge has only just started but He didn’t see it coming. Tsch ta ta ta. The Real Palin Surge will send him into oblivion where he belongs.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    He STILL can’t admit opposing the surge was wrong, on some trivial technicality. That’s the way this guy seems to think – in trivial technicalities.

  9. Coenraad Says:

    Hi Michael. Read FoxNews Box “McCain Jumps Ahead of Obama in Latest Poll” dated Monday, September 8, 2008 and meet our friend Bill Burton once more. First “national polls are meaningless,” he says and then they mention the economy. For a man who wants to tax oil companies to death to squander trillions to uplift the poor in the World [you know where that aid is going to end up? In the pockets of tyrants like bin Laden and Obama’s idol old Nelson Mandela – the Old Fraud will say it’s in his World Children’s’ Find but ask for an audit of that Fund and see how far you get] well, for someone like that to talk about the economy is plain ludicrous. And He is the One saying the economy is in a mess? Where does He want to get the trillions to waste on Mandela’s get rich schemes? Read Peter Biddlecombe on World Aid and do an article on what Obama wants to do with the bill he co-sponsored. That will be fun!

  10. Michael Eden Says:

    You and I are in sync on one thing: the overwhelming characteristic of liberalism is hypocrisy. Whether its the gay rights groups or the Democratic Party of today, same tactics: they use the cry of “fairness” to get a foot in the door, and when fair-minded people give them that opening, they proceed to begin to use crushing demagoguery and legal tactics to destroy all opposition. Even the quintessentially-named “Fairness Doctrine” is nothing more than a biased attempt to attack and undermine conservatives in the ONE area that they DON’T have a disadvantage (radio).

    Meanwhile, the media will NOT be fair.

  11. Ole Man River GA Says:

    What a mess? Senator Feinstein tells FoxNews “The world is a place of great conflict.” We have been trying to tell Obama that since 2000 and I suggest she has a word with her candidate. For good measure she states McCain has had “four bouts of a notoriously invasive cancer” seeming to imply she is his physician. Meantime Obama, his spokesman Dan Pfeiffer and David Plouffe worries about whether McCain will have a computer keyboard operator and someone to play with a Rubix Cube. Great Jeremiah [the Wright or Wrong one, anyone] will somebody please tell the Democrats the election is about electing a President and not a junior clerk for love email to silly Hollywood aspiring actresses or a waiter to serve Kool-Aid at the Presidential basketball court. Is Obama a nut or what is he? Meantime he tells us in case his daughters get impregnated by accident he will not “want them punished with a baby.” What sort of family does this guy come from? Pregnant by mistake or accident; I have never heard of it. Did that happen to his mother, or is that maybe how it works in Africa where his father hails from?

  12. Michael Eden Says:

    I can turn to public statements from Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and other prominent Democrats to testify that Obama is not ready to be President.

    I’ve been to Mt. Rushmore, where our greatest Presidents are immortalized. They weren’t all that great with computers either, yet I would welcome any of them coming to lead this nation today.

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