Inexperienced Obama Makes Experience The Issue

Politico has the Obama campaign reaction to John McCain’s VP pick, Gov. Sarah Palin:

Obama spokesman Bill Burton: Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.

When Barack Obama ran in the Democratic primaries, he was far away the least experienced candidate.  But it didn’t matter then.  He had “hope” and “change” on his side.  When Barack Obama began to run against John McCain, he was even farther away-er the lest experienced candidate.  But it didn’t matter then, either.  The man who opposed the surge – and the victory it has brought us in Iraq – said it was all about his “judgment.”

Now we get to see his poor judgment in action again.

Obama, you should have nominated Hillary Clinton.  Everyone knows it.  But you didn’t have the judgment.  You put your personal animosity and fear of being overshadowed ahead of what you should have known you needed to do.

And now you are showing a woeful lack of judgment again.  The more your people talk about Sarah Palin’s “zero foreign policy experience,” the more people will consider your zero foreign policy experience, and the fact that – unlike Sarah Palin – you’re running on the top of your lopsided-experience ticket.

And, for the record, Sarah Palin didn’t create the foreclosure meltdown, the way ABC proved your choice for VP did.  And what do you want to bet that Sarah Palin, whose son is going to Iraq, knows the difference between a brigade and a battalion?

For the record, she’s been to Iraq as many times as Obama has.  She’s led things.  Obama hasn’t.

Bad judgment is dogging you, Obama.  Your terrible judgment should have ruined your ambition when it was revealed that you had spent 23 years sitting in the pews of a racist, anti-American church.  But it’s surely going to (should I quote your spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright, for you?) “come home to roost.”

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7 Responses to “Inexperienced Obama Makes Experience The Issue”

  1. J. R. Miller Says:

    Two quick observation.

    First, the democrats say that this election is about understanding people in small town america. Yet their criticism of Palin is that she was the Mayor of a small town and this counts as 0 experience. So why do they disparage small town Americans as unqualified?

    Second, it is interesting to watch as the media savages another women as it throws Palin under the buss as a VP candidate while it celebrates a man with equal or less experience as a qualified presidential candidate

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Associated Press ran a story titled, “Analysis: Palin’s age, inexperience rival Obama’s.”

    Liberal sites such as Huffington Post disparaged Palin as a “hockey mom” and ridiculed her service with the PTA.

    As you point out, they managed to dump on small towns, and experience that put her IN CHARGE of stuff. Obama has yet to run anything.

    Liberalism is all about hypocrisy, and about rhetoric and style over reality and substance.

    Feminists despise genuine femininity. Sarah Palin is ten times the woman any of them are.

  3. Dave Says:

    Palin is an excellent choice and represents the type of individual that best governs on behalf of the people. If Obama’s mantra is that it is about judgement and not experience. I like Palin’s judgement over Obama or Biden’s.

    I also add the following observation. Palin not only has a better resume than Obama, she has a better resume than Obama’s chief rival throughout the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton. Palin’s resume dwarfs Hillary’s. Hillary has been a spouse of a politician most of her adult life and then recently got elected to the US Senate. Palin has been involved in running a business, running a city, and now running a state.

    For all of you Hillary supporters and Obama hypocrites, Palin is more experienced than either of your choices. If being a spouse of a successful individual qualifies you for the spouse’s position, then look for the New York Yankees to name Joe Torre’s wife as its manager after this season.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    McCain could NOT have picked a better running mate! Talk about some “change” and some “hope.” There should be absolutely NO competition between Senator McCain and Osama, I mean Obama. I fail to see where Democrats have reasoned this one in their own heads. Let’s see, choose a man with experience in everything, or a man who speaks well and does not know his head from his ass!! We are surrounded by many idiots who hear one thing that they want to hear, and everything else that he brings to the table is not even taken into consideration. A terrorist for President who wants “change,” will increase our taxes, and will DESTORY America as we know it, people wake up. There should be a new slot on the ballot for rounding up and shipping off to a third-world country ALL DEMOCRATS, starting with crazy Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Osama – Obama, just to name a few! They don’t like America, they want change, let’s give it to them in some third-world country! They know EVERYTHING, they will figure something out.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    Everyone in our household is thrilled about Sarah Palin being McCain’s running mate. We have hope for the future-I was so proud to be a republican yesterday and knew many other people felt the way I did. Our 14 year old daughter said she was going to write a letter to Sen. McCain saying,’the cat is in the bag”

    I don’t care about the first black president, the first woman president, the first quadraplegic president-As a white woman I would support an all black, male house, senate and cabinet headed by a black man AS LONG AS they were NOT America haters or white people haters with chips on their shoulders who got where they are thanks to affirmative action and want to raise my taxes to have tea parties with our enemies and give homes to lazy people who don’t have any ambition. In my opinion, Obama should just give up now-MEOWWWWWWW

  6. Raul Says:

    You know people like Lorraine are typical idiots , racist , I am a long time democrat, I was going to vote for Nader and Gonzalez but this lady Governon changed my mind, I find her to be a real ,kind ,intelligent , courageous , with a beautiful family, she cannot only be VP she could a better President then that hollow Barry Soetoro, {alias Barak Obama}a Joel Ossten preacher wannabe, I hope Americans of all believe really elect some one that will be for the poor, the middle class , and even for the rich, she really brings real change and hope , I love Hillary and hope she can somehow help this good american lady” Sarita Pallin”

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Way to go, Raul.

    This lady Governor has changed my mind, too. Today I gave a donation to the McCain-Palin campaign. There was a question that asked, “Did a friend refer you” – and I clicked ‘yes.’ I typed “Sarah Palin Selection.”

    This woman is magnificent. Her courage, her integrity, and her determination to serve the people is simply incredible.

    She’s “inexperienced,” but she’s more experienced to be President than Barack Obama, who never led anything. Palin submitted budgets, she vetoed spending, she solved crises, she negotiated with foreign governments, and she came into town and eradicated a longstanding culture of corruption with no regard for who’s political party the corruption belonged to. She’s the real deal; Obama isn’t.

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