Our Next Vice President: It’s Sarah! Governor Sarah Palin!

John McCain just won the Presidencey with his choice of running mate.

Oh, like the U.S Olympic basketball team (and so appropriately, both sexes!), the team has to play until its official, but from this moment on, McCain will increase, and Obama will fade.

Obama had all the hype about making a thrilling announcement by text message.  But it was a bust.  John McCain’s campaign knew how to keep a secret, and how to thrill.  What a bold, against-the-pundit’s “picks” move this was!

Barack Obama should have nominated Hillary Clinton, but he could not put his personal feelings and pride above his choice.  John McCain exercised the most important decision a Presidential nominee can make at hit a grand slam home run with the choice of a woman who has led a state, who has reached across party lines, who has championed the needs and goals of her state as a PTA member, a city council member, a mayor, and ultimately as a governor.  A governor with an 80% approval rating.  She’s a conservative Republican with blue dog Democrat street cred.

As Governor, Sarah Palin’s first act was to sell the jets that the former Governor had purchased, saying, “We don’t need them; put them on eBay!”

As Governor, Sarah Palin fought against the “bridge to nowhere,” saying “We don’t need that!”

As Governor, Sarah Palin took the perfect side on energy: she fought oil companies when they took put corporate profits ahead of doing the right thing, but she never demonized the oil they produced that our nation needs.  She wants to increase our domestic oil supply in a safe, responsible way.

As Governor, Sarah Palin put common sense and the best interests of her state and her country ahead of partisan pork politics.

Sarah Palin was called Sarah ‘Barracuda’ as a girl because she was a scrapper who led her basketball team to a championship.  She is a devoted and faithful wife who is celebrating her 20th anniversary with her husband today.  She is the loving mother of five children – one of whom has Down’s Syndrome.  In the greatest choice of love for life and for a child imaginable, the Palin’s knew their baby would have Down’s, and chose to keep him and love him.  Their oldest son demonstrated the character and courage of the Palin family by exercising his choice to enlist in the Army and serve in Iraq.

When Joe Biden or Barack Obama say our troops should get out of Iraq, Sarah can point out that her son is exactly where he’s supposed to be, and that he will come home as soon as America wins

She comes from a union family.  She was a union member, and her husband is still a union member with the United Steelworkers Union.  She’s a lifetime member of the NRA who used to get up in the morning to hunt moose with her dad to put food on the table.

Barack Obama gave a great speech, but no one’s going to be talking about it now.  People are going to be talking about the fulfillment of the dream that Geraldine Ferraro began and Hillary Clinton continued.  Sarah Palin, like the tough point guard she used to be, will take the ball and drive it home.

The first woman to be elected to the executive branch of the United States.

I’m not a woman, but I am so happy I’ve got tears in my eyes.

What a choice!  What a lady!

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