Why Aren’t The Ground Zero Mosque ‘Religious Freedom’ Liberals Celebrating The Koran Burning?

Better put your mats down.

Not your Muslim prayer mat, but your roll-on-the ground-laughing-at-liberals mat.

Mocking liberals for their massive hypocrisy can be a dangerous sport; you don’t want to hurt yourself laughing at them by falling on the hard ground.  Take precautions.

We’ve been told by the American left – including Obama – over and over and over again that the Ground Zero mosque issue was a “religious rights” issue.  You may or may not like what the Cordoba Initiative is doing building a mosque as close as possible to Ground Zero, but they have the right to do it, and if you don’t celebrate their “religious freedom,” you’re a bigot.

Conservatives have been saying over and over again that it isn’t and never was about “religious rights” or “religious freedom.”  We’ve said that we recognize that they’ve got the right to build; but that just because you’ve got the right to do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

I wrote this the last time I dealt with this issue:

This isn’t about freedom of religion, and it isn’t about the Constitution.  It’s about right and wrong.

Let me give you an example of what I’m saying.  In this country, I have every right to go into a black establishment and repeatedly shout the N-word at the top of my lungs.  I have the right to go into a black church wearing a white robe and a white pointy hat.  But I shouldn’t do it.  And all rights aside, I’m profoundly wrong if I do do it.

On the Democrats’ morally idiotic defense of the mosque, the fact that the Muslims have a right to build it means therefore ergo sum that they should build it, and that anyone who disagrees is “intolerant” or is violating the Constitutional rights of the Muslims.

But that is every bit as stupid as my walking down the street pointing out every single black person and shouting the N-word, and then telling anyone who criticizes me for doing it that they are enemies of the Constitution.

And, of course, the only reason I’m wearing that white robe and that pointy hat is for “community outreach.”  You see, I want to create a “racial dialogue.”

So how DARE you criticize me.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll put my pointy hood back on and be on my way.  I have some black people to go shout at.

But the left were too fundamentally morally stupid to understand that.  Teaching liberals good ethics is like teaching cockroaches differential equations; they’re just not very good pupils.

An all-too-typical liberal moral moron wrote in the Huffington Post:

“The core American ideal of religious freedom has been put at risk…  These protests, diatribes, and campaigns against Park51 violate the ideals of religious freedom to which our country has long aspired.”

And then he proceeds to lecture us on the First Amendment.

Which is exactly what the Ground Zero mosque protest isn’t about, of course.

I will be looking forward to reading this guy’s column angrily demanding that we all support Pastor Terry Jones’ Koran burning day and lecture the left that if they don’t support it, they are all a bunch of religious bigots and freedom-hating anti-Constitutionalists.  But I’m not holding my breath.

Because I’d pass out.  And probably miss my roll-on-the ground-laughing-at-liberals mat.

Sarah Palin Twittered her view that the Ground Zero mosque should be moved because it represented an “unnecessary provocation” that “stabs hearts,” and that it should be rejected by Muslims “in the interest of healing.”  And the despicable, vile left demonized her for it, and made her “the face of intolerance” for taking a very legitimate moral stand.

Now we’ve got Pastor Terry Jones and his in-your-face Koran burning day.  And what are the left saying but that it is an “unnecessary provocation” that “stabs hearts” and should be rejected by Christians “in the interest of healing.”

Because hypocrisy defines the left; it is what they are to the core of their shriveled souls.

Where’s Obama to endorse the controversial plan to burn Korans? Where is that little weasel now to tell us “that a nation built on religious freedom must allow it”?  I want our moral coward in chief to be consistent for just once in his life.

And where’s the ACLU flocking to Florida and making sure nobody interferes with Pastor Terry Jones and his team of Koran burners?  I mean, my Lord, these people celebrated the rights of Nazis to march through a town filled with Nazi Holocaust death camp survivors.  With that kind of company, can’t they give a Koran-burner just a little love?

This nutjob Pastor Terry Jones has a tiny little congregation of just 50 lunatics.  And yet the way the Obama administration is going after them, you’d think they were the ones who were way ahead of schedule developing the nuclear bomb, rather than Iran.

Attorney General Eric Holder is calling the Koran burning “idiotic and dangerous.”  But this same slimeball was out with the rest of the left celebrating the Muslims’ right to build that Ground Zero mosque which was the VERY DAMN THING that provoked this pastor to start showing that Korans burn at Fahrenheit 451.

Why does the left only care about the feelings and fear the provoking of Muslims?  Maybe if they had a functioning brain cell they’d think twice about that idiocy.

Hillary Clinton and her State Department went even farther, calling American citizens “un-American” for their participation in this exercise of the same religious freedoms and First Amendment rights they were celebrating when Muslims were sticking their thumbs in Americans’ eyes.

General Petraeus found it necessary to tell us that this act could provoke a response against our soldiers.  But where was either he or anyone anywhere on the left worrying that the Muslim Ground Zero mosque could provoke a response by Americans, and that it therefore it shouldn’t be built there?

And just who is more depraved and intolerant: the guy who burns a Koran, or the guy who commits an act or mass acts of murder because someone burned a book?

I don’t doubt that Petraeus is right, that the Koran burning would incite terrorists.  But on the other hand, you kind of have to laugh at this line of reasoning, too.  I can just see Al Qaeda saying, “We only kind of hated Americans when we flew passenger planes into their biggest buildings and murdered 3,000 of them.  But now we REALLY hate them!”

In all actuality, the fact that we’re worried about what Muslims will likely do just goes to demonstrate that the actual intolerant people are the very Muslims that the left has so ardently supported.  And if they’re as violent and evil as the left are now warning us about due to this Koran burning, then maybe we shouldn’t be encouraging these people to come to our country and burn mosques as close as possible to a Muslim act of mass murder just 10 years ago.

For the record, I think this Pastor and his “flock” are profoundly wrong for burning Korans.  Because – unlike the liberals, I am actually consistent.  I think it is wrong for Muslims to build a mosque right next to Ground Zero because it was nothing more than a provocation that resolves nothing, and I think this Koran burning would be a provocation that resolves nothing.

I don’t mind being labeled as “anti-Islam,” because I don’t believe for a second that “Islam is a religion of peace.”  It is, rather, a religion that boasts, “We will win, because we love death more  than you love life.”  But I am most definitely NOT anti-Muslim.  I’ve talked with quite a few Muslims, and generally found them engaging and polite.  If I saw a Muslim being assaulted I would come to his or her aid and help.  And if I saw a Muslim’s property being vandalized I would call the police.

I think Islam is evil, and I believe that we should document its evil teachings and its evil deeds.  But I don’t think that we should just insult Muslims with meaningless symbolic gestures merely for the sake of provoking them.  Which is why I earlier called Terry Jones a “nutjob” and his congregation “lunatics.”

On the other hand, the one thing Terry Jones and his band are accomplishing is demonstrating how vile liberals and most Democrats are.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, New York Maybor Bloomberg, and many other liberals have endorsed and supported the Ground Zero mosque.  And now they have now provoked at least one man (and probably others) to commit outrageous acts.  Americans overwhelmingly oppose this provocation.

Liberals are hypocrites to argue that the provocative Ground Zero mosque is a legitimate exercise of religious freedom and First Amendment rights, but that the provocative Koran Burning day is not.  And they are moral cowards for cheering the mosque which deliberately provokes Americans, but crying over the provocation of Muslims via the Koran burning.

If you support the Ground Zero mosque, I hope you support the Koran burning with every bit as much zeal.  But personally, I think you’re a moral idiot.

P.S. Speaking of true moral idiocy in the most blatantly morally idiotic sense of the word, Hillary Clinton’s State Department just came out with the following statemen comparing Pastor Terry Jones with the 9/11 terrorists:

“We hope that between now and Saturday, there’ll be a range of voices across America that make clear to this community that this is not the way for us to commemorate 9/11. In fact, it is consistent with the radicals and bigot – with those bigots who attacked us on 9/11.”

Only a liberal could be so profoundly stupid and fundamentally depraved to compare burning some books to murdering 3,000 innocent human beings.

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8 Responses to “Why Aren’t The Ground Zero Mosque ‘Religious Freedom’ Liberals Celebrating The Koran Burning?”

  1. K Says:

    We support freedom of religion – building the community center two city blocks away from Ground Zero, and freedom of speech – the Koran-burning.
    We compare the mentality of Jones with the mentality of the terrorists.
    That’s not at all what this post implies.
    I hope my post on this subject clears this up for you.

  2. Julie Says:

    Please run for president. I’ve been reading your blog today and you are AMAZING.

  3. Michael Eden Says:

    You see, I’m very different from you. I support freedom of religion, but oppose BOTH the building of the community center two city blocks away from Ground Zero, AND the Koran-burning. And for two reasons: 1) because with freedom comes responsibility, which is to say that people should use their freedom wisely and responsibly; and 2) because don’t people have the right to disagree with something and exercise their OWN religious freedom???

    Why is it that someone can do a terrible thing, and expect to be accorded better treatment for exercising his/her “freedom of religion,” than the person who exercises HIS freedom of religion by criticizing the guy who’s doing the terrible thing?

    And that gets me to your statement about “We compare the mentality of Jones with the mentality of the terrorists.”

    Seriously, what comparison IS there? One group is for peacefully burning books, which are lifeless things made out of paper. The other group is a violent, vicious group that is trying to murder as many innocent human beings as they can.

    Once you have one group of people committing acts of mass murder, it becomes morally idiotic to begin “comparing” them to others.

    Hence, while you “compare” Terry Jones with the terrorists, I don’t even think about comparing Imam Faisal to the terrorists – even though my comparison would be much more legitimate (e.g., the Imam has made statements defending terrorists, he has refused to identify terrorists groups as “terrorists,” and he stands as a representative of the religious worldview that brought down the Twin Towers). And the reason I DON’T seek to “compare” Imam Faisal to the terrorists is because, to the best of my knowledge, the Imam hasn’t murdered anybody.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    If I were president, I’d probably end up in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, within about two weeks.

    Still, it’s cool to think about.

    If Hillary Clinton can be Secretary of State, Sarah Palin – who actually built her OWN career – is certainly at least as qualified.

    And Ann Coulter would be my “press secretary for life.” I’d tell her to be nice to the media – unless one of them asked a stupid question. And then to unload on them with all of her majestic sarcasm in full force. Because the media need to look ridiculous, and I don’t think anyone could do a better job than Ann.

    Newt Gingrich would be my pick for chief of staff, because he would have not only wisdom, but proven ability to reach out to Congress.

    I think Steven Moore (of the WSJ) would be the first guy I’d think of for Treasury Secretary, because darn it I like the cut of his gib.

    I guess what I’m saying is that if I actually were president, I would consider as more important than anything else picking talented and reliably conservative people to fill the Cabinet. Because I would want to empower outstanding people to go out and take charge.

    You know, rather than giving 300 major speeches my first year in office.

    One of my chief platforms would be term limits for both branches of Congress: no more than three terms in the Senate, and six in the House. Because I believe that the “professional political class” is the greatest danger to our nation’s liberty. I would also seek to dramatically cut back on the benefits of the federal bureaucrat class, as well as de-unionize government workers (because why in the world do government employees need a union anyway? I mean, isn’t the liberal system all about using government to ensure worker rights? So why do you need a union to protect you from the government that ensures worker rights?). Oh, and under the guise of Civil Rights protections, I’d play the left’s game, and try make political affiliation another protected class, so that we didn’t end up with whole departments staffed by nothing but liberals (“Okay, 12% of your workers are black, that’s good. But why aren’t 53% conservatives?”).

    Because it’s not just the politicians who are leading us to ruin; it’s the millions of civil service workers and all the bureaucrats, too.

    It’s kind of a fun exercise trying to think through what your priorities would be if you were president.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. K Says:

    Michael, we’re really not that far apart. By “mentality”, I simply meant the irrational notion that all people in a group are guilty of the sins of a few. I certainly wouldn’t compare their actions.
    We are in agreement about the wisdom and responsibility aspects.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Well, you ARE my favorite Vulcan.

    To be honest with you, I don’t recall your use of “mentality.” But as you use it now, I don’t see how a “rational” person would argue. When one thinks that all people in a group (certainly a racial/ethnic group) are guilty of the sins of a few members, that defines racism. And no rational person would want to be a racist.

    I think that most of the Muslims I’ve met have been decent people.

    At the same time, there are so many violent and radical Muslims in the world today that I think that most “decent” Muslims in entire regions are fearful of confronting them. And hence they become part of a very ugly thing, by their fear, their paralysis, their unwillingness to put a stop to the evils that are being done in the name of their religion.

    And it didn’t have to be this way. There was a point in time when militant Islam was sufficiently weak that “decent” people could have stopped it.

    Also, there is the fact that we’ve never really seen any kind of Islamic democracy. Rather, the opposite: Islam has been the nesting grounds of some incredibly ruthless and evil dictatorships, just as it has also been the nesting grounds of some incredible madhouses where bands of various jihadists occupied a block or few blocks (think Lebanon in the 1980s, or Somalia today). And again, the “decent” people had a chance to stop it, but failed.

    Contrast that with this country. Going back to the Revolutionary War, we have been a people who have refused to put up with tyranny. And we have risen up and ended situations, nipped them in the bud, before the spirit of tyranny and fear took hold.

    I acknowledge that I’m a Christian before I say this, but I believe that Islam has a fundamental problem. It is not creating the kind of strong people who will stand for freedom and true righteousness.

    But, to bring this to a close, what you say about “the irrational notion that all people in a group are guilty of the sins of a few” being irrational, I don’t associate all Muslims with terrorism, or anything else. Partly by the way I was raised, and partly by my own individual wiring, I generally start out liking the people I meet. I’m also the kind of guy who enjoys starting conversations with people. And if they are friendly and polite, I like them more (and of course if they are mean and rude, the opposite).

    And I find most people to be friendly and decent regardless of the color of their skin, or the name of their theology, or whatever. And if I encounter someone who is rude, say a black person, I don’t associate “black people” with rudeness, because I’ve met a heck of a lot of really neat black people in the past. And the same goes with Muslims, or Mexicans, and even (gasp) Democrats.

    The funny thing is I’m probably more likely to find I can’t get along with a white Democrat than I am darn near anyone else from anywhere else.

  7. CJD Says:

    I don’t think supporters of our Constitution (“Religious Freedom” liberals as you call them – I like that one!) all WANT the Ground Zero Mosque; however our Constitution states that it must be allowed. Similarly, I do think those darned “Freedom of Speech” lovers would like to see the Koran burning stopped, but again our Constitution says it must be allowed, and no one, not even our President, will force it to be stopped. Just because one believes in Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean that person will celebrate every time it is being exercised – although they must allow it. Similarly, people who oppose the Mosque might not be happy about it, but they must allow it.

    The reason that all freedom of speech loving Americans are pressuring the burning to stop is that people, Americans, will DIE if it happens.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Your first paragraph is entirely true, in and of itself. But you don’t take on the double standard and hypocrisy of screaching about “religious freedom” and the First Amendment for the mosque, but denying those very same things for the Koran burners. If the Ground Zero mosque was JUST about religious freedom and the First Amendment, as the left has been saying, then that would apply to the Koran burning – and they should be celebrating religious freedom and the Constitution there, too.

    Conservatives who oppose the mosque construction at Ground Zero have been saying all along it wasn’t about religious freedom or the First Amendment; it was about an unnecessary provocation. SAME AS THE KORAN BURNING.

    As for your second paragraph, two points: 1) Since the Ground Zero mosque became an issue, there have been at least two arson attacks on mosques, and one Muslim had his throat slit. Not to mention a scheduled Koran burning. So why aren’t liberals pressuring the mosque construction to stop? Nope, they’re self-righteously standing on “religious freedom” and the Constitution and saying we must be willing to fight for these sacred principles.

    But the Koran burner? Suddenly these sacred principles must be tossed out the window. We must capitulate to their threats. We must appease these people, lest they display for the thousandth time that Muslims are violent and rabidly intolerant people who will murder us at the drop of a hat. But that of course Islam has nothing to do with it.

    The ACLU left has an appalling history of thwarting and denying religious freedoms, when those freedoms involve Christians or Christianity. Bottom line: it’s not that the left hates religion; it’s that they despise Jesus Christ, and those who would sincerely follow him.

    P.S. The Koran burner is wrong; but he is wrong for the same reason the Ground Zero mosque construction is wrong.

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