On How Obama Will Damage America For Decades To Come

Obama is a disaster in every possible sphere of leadership.

But the question then becomes, “In which particular sphere does Obama’s disastrous failure of leadership represent the greatest danger to America?”

Thomas Sowell answers the question:

September 28, 2010
A Warning from Thomas Sowell
Anthony Kang

Frankly, there aren’t enough words or superlatives in the English dictionary to describe the great Thomas Sowell. With an unparalleled gift to explain even the most complicated subjects in simple and easily understandable terms, few can match the pedigree and contributions of the Hoover Institute senior fellow. Author of the new book, “Dismantling America,” Sowell recently sat down for an interview with Investors Business Daily’s David Hogberg. And along with a few priceless jabs at Michelle Obama, sociology, Newsweek, and the public education system, Dr. Sowell discussed why he (like Niall Ferguson) believes America may be entering a prolonged period of decline.

“The only analogy I can think of from history is when the Norman conquerors of England published their laws in French for an English-speaking nation,” Sowell says about the Obama administration’s governing style, a style he characterizes as unconstitutional.

As someone who, if forced to, would label himself as more libertarian than conservative — though he has irked many with his support of American combat missions in Iraq — most noteworthy (and a bit shocking) about the interview is what Sowell believes the greatest threat is — terrorism, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the international scene. Questioned as to what some of the current markers of national decline are, it isn’t “huge bills that fundamentally change the way the economy operates,” reckless government spending, social engineering programs and the national debt which worry the economist the most, it is national security and President Obama’s foreign policy.

And Sowell makes a few not-so-subtle Neville Chamberlain analogies that are almost impossible to ignore:

Of course, the one that trumps them all is on the international scene. That’s where Iran is moving toward nuclear weapons. I’m just staggered at how little attention is being paid to that compared to frivolous things. If a nation with a record of sponsoring international terrorism gets nuclear weapons, that changes everything and it changes it forever.
Someday historians may wonder what were we thinking about when you look at the imbalance of power between the U.S. and Iran, and we sat there with folded hands and watched this happen, going through just enough motions at the United Nations to lull the public to sleep. That, I think, is the biggest threat.

Sowell also condemns the president for affronting our allies (in particular, the British and Israelis) in “clever” yet unmistakable ways the general public may not notice, further hastening America’s decline:

His first foreign policy gambit was to fly to Russia and offer to renege on the American commitment to put a missile shield in Eastern Europe…All he really got out of that was a demonstration of his amateurishness and of his willingness to sell out allies in hopes of winning over enemies. That ploy was tried in the 1930s and didn’t work all that well.

These are no ordinary times, with no ordinary president. Leading up to the historic “Hope and Change” election, commentators on the Right could not possibly have attacked Obama and his intentions to fundamentally change the identity and economy of America more than they already had. Even so, not only has President Obama fulfilled every single “fear-mongering” indictment down to a tee, he’s exceeded them — making even some his most extreme opponents look clairvoyant. So with keeping that in mind, and considering all the new challenges we face domestically, that one of the greatest economic minds of our time would still elevate national security and terrorism to such a level truly speaks volumes about the reality and situation of Iran.

Also citing the lack of expertise and national discussion in international issues, former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton confirmed to Greg Gutfeld that he was seriously considering a presidential run on Red Eye last week. Bolton-Sowell 2012? One can only dream. But hey, if a community organizer can get elected, why not someone with ten times the accomplishments and wisdom?

I’ve said many of the same things, myself.  Just not as well, and not as succinctly.  For example, I said:

If Iran gets its nukes, it will be able to do a number of things: 1) attack Israel, assuring Israel that if it uses its nukes against Iran, Iran will use its nukes against Israel; 2) shut down the Strait of Hormuz, which would immediately drive up the price of oil.  The cost of gasoline in the U.S. would soar above $15 a gallon; 3) dramatically increase Iranian-sponsored terrorism worldwide.

If you don’t believe that a nuclear-armed Iran would pick a minimum of one of these options, you’re just nuts.

Just as I also pointed out that Obama was enraging our enemies even as he alienated our allies.

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Iran is employing a lot of rocket scientists to create a ballistic nuclear missile capable of striking the United States and Israel.  But when Democrats are in charge, even the most trivial aspects of common sense are akin to the most sophisticated form of theoretical mathematics.

It is a fact – a FACT – that George Bush tried to deal with the threat of Iran when it was possible to avert their nuclear ambitions; but that Democrats did everything they could to prevent him from succeeding against the insane jihadist regime.  I quoted an LA Times article from just three years ago in which every single Democrat presidential candidate stated that Iran was not a meaningful threat, and in which they denounced Bush’s efforts to draw attention to the danger posed by Iran:

“DES MOINES — Democratic presidential candidates teamed up during a National Public Radio debate here Tuesday to blast the Bush administration over its policy toward Iran, arguing that a new intelligence assessment proves that the administration has needlessly ratcheted up military rhetoric.

While the candidates differed somewhat over the level of threat Iran poses in the Mideast, most of them sought to liken the administration’s approach to Iran with its buildup to the war in Iraq.”

But the fact that the failure to deal with Iran rests ENTIRELY in Democrats’ hands won’t stop them from blaming Bush when Iran rears its vicious head against the world.  Any more than it stopped them from blaming Bush for the 2008 economic collapse in spite of the fact that they had had total control of Congress for the previous two years, and even though they had repeatedly prevented Bush from regulating and reforming GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – which were at the epicenter of the disaster.

It’s just what cowards do.  And the Democrat Party is the party of moral cowardice going back to at least the Carter years, if not dating back to the waning days of the LBJ administration.

You can go back and review the record.  Nearly 60% of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate (29 out of 50) voted to authorize the Iraq War Resolution.  Furthermore, virtually every single top Democrat was on the factual record agreeing with George Bush and supporting his reasoning to attack Saddam Hussein –


– and yet Democrats en masse cowardly, despicably, and I would argue treasonously, turned on Bush and turned on our troops in time of war.  For no other reason than to treacherously obtain a cheap political advantage aided and abetted by a mainstream media propaganda apparatus that could have come right out of the vile brain of Joseph Goebbels.

In addition to their opposition to the Iraq War (which again 60% of Senate Democrats voted for, only to repudiate and claim Bush deceived them), Democrats opposed the Patriot Act; opposed Domestic Surveillance which allowed the US to track calls from international terrorists into the United States; opposed Gitmo, even though it is the clearly the ONLY reasonable place to hold incredibly dangerous terrorists that no country wants; opposed allowing terrorists to be tried in military tribunals to safeguard intelligence techniques and personnel, and to prevent the court system from being hijacked by enemies of freedom; opposed  even the most reasonable use of profiling to weed out terrorists intent upon murdering Americans; and even declared surrender in the vile “I believe that … this war is lost” statement of Harry Reid, the Democrat Senate Majority Leader.  I could go on.  It boils down to the fact that the left despise anything that help us win the war on terror or protect us from terrorism.



To the extent that Barack Obama has done anything – ANYTHING – right at all in the war on terror, it has only been because he repudiated himself and demonstrated that he was either an incompetent fool or a lying hypocrite.  Obama – after publicly denouncing, undermining and alienating the CIA – has continued the policy of “torture” by continuing the policy of “rendition” in which terror suspects are sent to other countries that use torture.  Obama – after continually denouncing Bush over Gitmo – has STILL not closed the facility down two full years after usurping the office of the presidency with lies.  Obama is using a surge strategy in Afghanistan after denouncing Bush’s successful surge strategy in Iraq and blatantly predicting it would fail.  And Obama is now continuing the Bush policy of using predator drones to attack terrorist positions inside Pakistan that US Special Operations forces cannot reach.

That said, Obama – in denouncing Iraq (the war we could and did win) while demanding we massively build-up in Afghanistan (our second Vietnam) may well prove to be the most disastrous military quagmire since the LAST time Democrats led us into the actual Vietnam.

Iran WILL get the nuclear bomb.  Democrats guaranteed that Iran would be able to do so.

Iran will become a plague upon global peace and security unlike anything the world has ever seen at least since the rise of the Nazis and the abject failure of FDR and Neville Chamberlain to deal with the clear and present danger.

And when that day comes, America will be unable to meaningfully deal with it because Barack Obama and the Democrat Party made us economically incapable of rising to any significant occasion.

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8 Responses to “On How Obama Will Damage America For Decades To Come”

  1. dw Says:

    You are absolutely correct in your assessment of the democrats behavior. They are appallingly traitorous and political at every turn. I distinctly remember them standing on the steps of the congress after 911 and wondering allowed how long it would be before they turned on Bush and start using the war as a way to gain back their political power.
    It is the same wonderment I had at all the fair weather patriots who adorned their cars with flags, as to how long they would maintain their fervor knowing hard times were yet to come. Many people it seems are child like in terms of understanding the hard truths of reality versus the wishful world they want to exist.
    As to Iran, the question is will Israel act before they actually have the capability of deploying nuclear weapondry. I think they will do something and then face the condemnation of the marxist and weak minded obaminites.
    You used a picture from one of my favorite movies. Does not the Knight who Guards the bridge and won’t let King Arthur pass reminds you of the democrats as he denies being injured even as he loses all his limbs. Facts always present them problems to deny.

  2. HL Says:

    I am often astounded at the absurd things that are getting news coverage in relation to the real dangers of a nuclear Iran and the dismantling and destruction of America Obama is executing.
    I have been reading ‘The Post-American President’ by Pamela Geller with Robert Spencer. Their pain staking documentation of what this man has done to make America and the world unsafe is staggering.
    Obama is a wicked man and so are his intentions, agenda and policies.
    I am also very dis-heartened at my fellow Americans who deny reality and live in a fantasy.

  3. Michael Eden Says:


    Former Democrat strategist Pat Caddell (“former” because the Democrats who allow so much diversity kicked him out when he criticized their sheer stupidity of the last two years) said that the Democrats have gone beyond myopia – they have become a cult. And he referenced the basis of their cult as a massive superiority complex (“We’re so smart and you’re so stupid”). He (and I) would certainly see the “It’s just a flesh wound!” mindset of the Democrats.

    I might write that up as an article: “Democrats Hack Economy To Pieces, Say, ‘It’s Just A Flesh Wound!'”

    In order for Israel to strike, they need an airspace corridor. And either the US (Barack Obama) or a Muslim country (Saudi Arabia or Turkey) will have to grant it. If Israel flies through US-controlled airspace, it will be assumed that the US let them fly through. I don’t think Obama would be able to sleep nights thinking he helped allow Israel to save itself from evil.

    Second, Israel simply doesn’t have the means to do enough damage in a single raid. They learned from Iraq’s nuclear program that Israel destroyed; they hardened and spread out their nuclear facilities. A lot of experts just don’t think Israel can do enough damage.

    Which puts all the onus on Obama to prevent what will surely lead to WWIII. Only he’s the weakest, most incompetent, most anti-Israel and pro-Islamic, and most ideologically-radical, administration in history.

    There was a time in American history in which both Democrats and Republicans saw the world and the threats to the world in largely similar ways. Both parties believed in God, and both believed in having a strong defense and facing our enemies. Their disagreements were largely over economic policies and money. Those days are gone.

    Now today’s Democrat party is fundamentally opposed to everything JFK stood for. And they have become fundamentally perverted and depraved.

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    I’ve said this many times: my “moment” was the Jeremiah Wright tapes, in which Obama’s “reverend” and “spiritual leader” said things that were depraved beyond belief again and again and again.

    I knew then that Barack Obama was genuinely evil.

    I didn’t know a great deal about politics, and had never been politically active (beyond faithfully voting); but I knew that Barack Obama had steeped himself and his family in a truly evil and fundamentally anti-christ church for 23 years.

    That was my moment. And I saw with such clarity what the world would be like under Obama that it has vividly stuck with me to this day.

    And the most amazing thing of all is that – as awful as I thought an Obama presidency would be – it has actually been even WORSE.

    But as bad as Obama has been for America, Democrats today lack the psychological, moral and spiritual resources to comprehend it. And, of course, by the time that the crimes against America that Obama have committed become so manifest that even Democrats can understand it, Democrats will have found a scapegoat to blame the disaster on.

  5. HL Says:

    I agree Michael, it has been worse living under Obama then what those of us who ‘saw’ what was coming thought.
    The anti-America ‘Left’/Democrats are despicable and I wish we could try every last one of them for crimes against the Republic and the producing/tax-payers that make this country work.

    I’m grateful I found you in the Spring of 2008, you continue to document the truth and give insightful commentary, Michael.
    May our Lord bless you for this good work you continue to do.

  6. dw Says:

    At a certain point when it becomes obvious to Israel that obama will not support their survival in a meaningful way I do not believe they will sit back an allow their demise based on the technicality of not having permission to fly through someones air space. Nor will they be detered by whether or not they may have to do a prolonged series of raids to accomplish their objective. Theoretically and historically they have superior air abilities and their warriors are better motivated to succeed or die. Men fighting for dictators seldom match the tenacity of men fighting for their homelands very survival.
    Once Iran is engaged, obama will face a decision as to whether or not to support Israel or let them be destroyed. Of course this leftist ideologue would, if left to his own devices, probably choose to follow his democratic base over fighting with our historic allie against a common enemy, but again he would be flying in the face of public opinion, which he has shown to be comfortable in doing, but that could further lead to his undoing.
    The bottom line is that Israel will not wait for permission to defend themselves if they feel it is the last option availible.

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Thanks, HL. The support and encouragement you’ve given me has meant a lot.

    What you bring up –

    “I wish we could try every last one of them for crimes against the Republic and the producing/tax-payers that make this country work”

    – has been brought up before. David asked, “Why do the wicked prosper?” Read Psalm 37.

    This world is unfair because it has been contaminated by sin. God says, “Trust Me. In the end, I will repay faith and good with great eternal reward; and I will repay unbelief and evil with the fires of hell.

    These people will get theirs. They can laugh and yuck it up now, and it will seem like the evil get off scott free. But God is keeping accounts, and one day they will pay.

    People like to think of Jesus like Barney the Dinosaur. But when He returns as King of King and Lord of Lords, He will deal in blood with those who rejected His salvation and His kingdom. The One who came to save those who would believe Him and accept His ways from hell talked more about hell than ANYONE. Look in a concordance and see how many times Jesus spoke of hell – you’d be amazed.

    So you just keep the faith, HL. Because the scales of justice will be balanced. And we won’t have to lift a finger!

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    I hope you’re right on all counts.

    One thing that will make it FAR more difficult for Obama to leave Israel twisting in the wind would be a Republican majority in the House and the Senate. For Israel’s sake – and for ours – let us pray for victory in November!

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