Traitor-in-Chief Barack Obama Caught Red-Handed On Tape Playing Naked Politics With Critical National Security

You want to talk about a hard punch right in the gut of American national security.

Allow me to sum this up for you: Obama is telling the Russians, “I assure you that I’m going to cave in to you like the pandering weakling that I am.  But I can’t do it yet.  If I sacrifice American security before the election, the American people will rightly turn on me and I’ll be out – and you’ll have a strong leader to deal with who will confront you as an obvious opponent rather than the Neville Chamberlain-style Appeaser-in-Chief that you have in me.  If you give me ‘space’ to get re-elected I promise you I’ll bow down before you the same way I’ve already bowed down so many times before.  I’ll even apologize to you for America’s ‘aggression’  if you want me to.  Heck, I just got through apologizing to the people who murdered American soldiers!  So you KNOW I’m good for it!”

Hot mike moment: Obama overheard telling Medvedev he needs ‘space’ on missile defense
By NBC News’ Shawna Thomas

SEOUL, South Korea — It was a comment not intended for public consumption, and another lesson for President Barack Obama on the importance of being careful about what you say around microphones, especially in an election year.

At the end of a 90-minute meeting between Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, journalists rushed in to hear remarks from the leaders about the content of their talks.

Journalists spied the two leaders leaning close together and talking in hushed tones.  According to those in the room, the conversation was difficult to hear but the videotape revealed Obama asking the Russian leader to wait until after the November election before pushing forward on the topic of a planned missile defense shield.

“Pool” videotape provided more information about the conversation between the two leaders:

Obama: This is my last election…After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

While most journalists didn’t catch the rest, one Russian reporter managed to record the context with his equipment.

Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

Obama: This is my last election…After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

The planned anti-ballistic shield system has been one of many sore spots between the two world powers in the last few years.

Obama says US can reduce nuclear stockpile

Moscow says it fears the system would weaken Russia by gaining the capability to shoot down the nuclear missiles it relies on as a deterrent. It wants a legally binding pledge from the United States that Russia’s nuclear forces would not be targeted by the system.

That’s actually NOT what Moscow wants.  Yes, it is their rhetorical posture to make them sound “reasonable,” but the reality is that Russia doesn’t just want some “contract.”

Moscow wants the United States to abandon this missile defense system altogether.  Moscow wants to throw a monkey wrench into the entire system that the United States says is necessary to protect America from the now very real prospect of a nutjob Iranian ballistic missile attack.

You need to understand what current American policy is.  And then you need to realize that Obama is signalling the Russians that he is going to abandon his own policy and undermine American security if Russia just gets off his back so he can get re-elected.  Because getting re-elected is all that Obama cares about.  And he’ll violate any trust no matter how sacred if it will purchase enough votes.

To frame it in terms of the title below, if Obama was going to “stick” to the missile shield as is official US policy as of just a few months ago (December 2011), he wouldn’t have anything to be afraid of.  Which is to say that Obama is already planning on appeasing Russia; he just needs “space” to betray America:

U.S. sticking to missile shield regardless of Moscow
By Jim Wolf
WASHINGTON | Fri Dec 2, 2011 2:37pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama Administration plans to complete an anti-ballistic missile shield to protect European allies against Iran “whether Russia likes it or not,” the U.S. envoy to NATO said on Friday.

Moscow’s objections to the project, which includes participation by Romania, Poland, Turkey and Spain, “won’t be the driving force in what we do,” Ivo Daalder, the ambassador, told reporters at a breakfast session.

The U.S. estimate of the Iranian ballistic missile threat has gone up, not down, over the two years since President Barack Obama opted for a new, four-phased deployment to protect the United States and NATO allies, Daalder said.

“It’s accelerating,” Daalder said of the U.S.-perceived threat of Iran’s ballistic missiles, “and becoming more severe than even we thought two years ago.”

“We’re deploying all four phases, in order to deal with that threat, whether Russia likes it or not,” he added. At the same time, he urged Moscow to cooperate in both to deal with Iran and to see for itself that, as he put it, the system’s capabilities pose its strategic deterrent force no threat.

If the perceived threat from Iran ebbs, “then maybe the system will be adapted to that lesser threat,” Daalder said.


Daalder said the sides remain at odds over, among other things, Russia’s demand for the legally binding pledge, before any cooperation, that its nuclear forces would not be targeted by the NATO elements.

“They have gotten themselves quite hung up on our unwillingness to put this in legally binding writing,” he said.

The administration was not convinced that such a pledge would be ratified by the U.S. Senate, he said, nor should Moscow be convinced that even if it were, “we wouldn’t necessarily at some point walk away from it,” as the George W. Bush administration did from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, the only U.S.-Russia missile defense pact.

That withdrawal opened the way for the creation of an anti-missile defense shield that the U.S. government says is designed to protect the United States from countries like Iran and North Korea.

Daalder said that if the United States ever were placing interceptors to counter Russia’s nuclear missiles, “we wouldn’t deploy them in Europe. We would deploy them in the United States.”

The physics of missile defense intercepts make it “easier and better to approach an incoming missile from the opposite side than it is to try to chase it down.” he said. “That’s the way that it works.”

Russia knows full-well that we wouldn’t build a system designed to protect America from Russian missiles in Europe.  What Russia is trying to do is create difficulties that will make the missile shield politically impossible to build altogether.  The Russians also very much like the idea (which is why Russia has helped Iran develop its nuclear program to begin with) of America being vulnerable to Iran which very obviously gives Russia more influence and power over US policy.  At least unless we build a missile defense shield.

And ask yourself whether the threat from Iran has gone up or down given that Iran was just caught red-handed scrubbing evidence of a nuclear weapons program at its Parchin facility.

But Barack Obama is worried about the Iranian threat.  Obama isn’t worried about millions of Americans being murdered.  Obama is looking out for #1.  Obama is worried about his re-election and he will betray America if that’s what it takes to keep his job so he can continue his “fundamental transformation” of America from a constitutional republic into a Marxist banana republic. 

This has always been a nation that was determined to protect itself.  Barack Obama wants to “fundamentally transform” that.  He just needs “space” to do it so he can betray the American people with impunity.

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17 Responses to “Traitor-in-Chief Barack Obama Caught Red-Handed On Tape Playing Naked Politics With Critical National Security”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    his last open mike gaffe was all about insulting netanyahu, now he’s caught pandering to putin. you couldn’t find a more traitorous president if you went to central casting!!!

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    This one really is amazing.

    Liberals are trying to frame this in terms of “Obama can’t freely negotiate because he needs the election to give him credibility.” But that is such a giant load of bull crap.

    The bottom line is that Obama – who has never been anything but a candidate for president since he got elected – would have let us know his policy in a heartbeat if he thought it would help him with the American people. Which is to say that Obama knows full damn well that what he wants to do in dealing with Russia would anger the American people and he wants to betray us AFTER the election when it’s too late to do anything about it rather than before when we can.

  3. Questionman Says:

    I said it once, I’ll said again. This country is borderline disgusting. Thanks to racist, bigoted, extremist, and retarded right-wing of America. People like you are disgusting, sick, demented, and hateful. All the things you falsely accused President Obama of.

    you would attack anyone or anything American , if they disagreed in anyway from your narrowminded skewed conservative point of view . And here in your article you prove yourself no better than those perrenial detractors of the US who criticize the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan to end WW2 ,
    You’re a disgrace . and like your fellows would tear down America so long as conservatives are the last ones styanding . Your kind of thinking brought this country to the edge of default most recently . So for those like you it is revisionism and IGNORANCE that play into your pathetic repertoire of screeds , accusations and aspersions , even to the denigration of your own country so long as it props up your partisan agenda . What will you do next ? Slander those who died on the Normandy Beaches ? Your article turns my stomach ….shame on you .

    The GOP machine, like you, has fabricated so many lies about Obama that every evil that has ever taken place in the last 40 years is now attributed to Obama or some conspiracy Obama has supposed to have orchestrated. The GOP is nothing but a disgusting deliberate lying slanderous propaganda machine that is out to destroy not just Obama or the Democratic Party, but the entire country. The GOP has become so EVIL – no one believes their lies any more and no one trusts their party or their leaders. You are simply unbelievable!

    Yep, and if you notice, Obama hasn’t tried to abolish our government or create a collective labor authority over this one.

    Instead, he’s accepted more money from big banks than anyone else and has helped to enrich them with tax money.

    He’s a corporatist, not a Marxist. Marx would be speaking out against him if he lived today.

    Saying you lived in a Muslim country doesn’t make you a Muslim. Quoting from the Quran doesn’t make you a Muslim. Saying that MaCain never spoke about President Obama’s Muslim Faith (but left out “because I’m not a Muslim” which followed it) doesn’t make President Obama a Muslim. He is a Christian.

    George W. just about destroyed the country. If you remember correctly he added 3 Trillion dollars to the debt, he signed the affordable housing act, and the community reinvestment act (leading to the housing downfall). He was responsible for “no child left behind” (hows that working out for ya).

    He wrote more regulations, pass bigger government. Obama didn’t. But that’s something you racists want to forget!

    Anyone who calls Obama “fraud” is without doubt is a disgusting racist! I think the facts are obvious. The racist right hates having having black people in the White House. This is a hard-core fact. Why else are they STILL lying about his birth certificate?

    His birth certificate is REAL! He IS from Hawaii,You disgusting racists. The only record that Obama is required to release to prove his eligibility for office has been released. The birth certificate was generated and certified by the Director of Health of the state of Hawaii. It is hard evidence of his birth in the United Staes and would be accepted by any court in the land.

    Not one person has disproved this fact. Not one. Any other records that can be provided would do nothing to “identify” who he is, and would be used purely for opponents to sift through and dig up dirt, but would have nothing to do with proving identity. He is not required to release those records and I don’t blame him one bit for not doing so.

    I’m sick and tired of you hateful scumbags calling this man a fraud. HE IS NOT A FRAUD, YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST DESPICABLE LIARS WHO CAN’T STAND THAT A BLACK MAN IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

    That’s what you call this act of traitorism? Offering concessions? Are you NR becoming like FOX that is sliding over to the dark side? This fictional account of Obama sticking his head up Russia’s a$$ and selling out his country is disgusting and makes me very angry. Why didn’t he let Osama go? Huh? Answer that one! Why is he knocking the hell out of Al Qaeda? Huh? Answer that one! It’s sickening accusing this president of being a traitor. He wants to wait until after his re-election to discuss the Missile Defense System. Big deal! You Republicans are desperate to pin something on the president. You’re tired and weary from your Etch A Sketch nominee. So you make up CRAP!

    And at the end of the day, I was right, as usual.

  4. thegreataardvark Says:

    QUESTIONMAN needs to go live in Russia where without question he will become enlightened to the error of his ways.

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    Personally, I think he’d be much happier in North Korea where Dear Leader will surely find a nice comfy place for him in the midst of many fellow communist travelers.

    But you’re right: it’s too bad people like Questionman don’t have to live with the terrible consequences of their own tried-and-failed ideas.

  6. Terry Elwell Says:

    [Deleted by moderator] obama. enough said!!

  7. Michael Eden Says:

    Terry Elwell,

    My fear is that America has degenerated to a point in which people are either so blatantly ignorant and pathetically uninformed or else so blatantly depraved that Obama will be able to demagogue his way to a second term.

    We are close to the coming of Antichrist. If Obama is our president, all I can tell you is that we are VERY close to Antichrist.

    I thank God for the Rapture.

  8. Patti Burroughs Says:

    Questionman, if Obama was qualified to run for office, no matter, then he is a big enough man to take up for himself. That man, whom I’ll never call president, has just about ruined this country. I am so sick and tired of all the libs saying republicans are biggots. That is so not true! From where we stand, it’s the libs that are the misinformed pathetic people that go cry on Mommys’ shoulders when they can’t get their way. Oh, how do you, Mr questionman, say about all the things he did just last week? another finding of 17 trillion dollar spending that no one knows what is for, a republican found that just by READING Obamacare!!The hot mike thing, he is wanting Russia to back off and wait til he is re-elected in his own words”that it will give him more time to campain, then follow up on the deal after he gets elected. Obama has stirred up more racial problems since he has been in office. Look at the travon shooting. He has had no business in this at all. All he did was call up his “good ole boys”, Al Shapton, Jesse jackson, Spike Lee, to get hate fights started. Sorry, your president is not a president sir. He needs to be behind bars for treason, which after the election, he will probably find himself there.

  9. Patti Burroughs Says:

    Oh, and Mr questionman, these were your remarks:
    “His birth certificate is REAL! He IS from Hawaii,You disgusting racists. The only record that Obama is required to release to prove his eligibility for office has been released. The birth certificate was generated and certified by the Director of Health of the state of Hawaii. It is hard evidence of his birth in the United Staes and would be accepted by any court in the land.

    Not one person has disproved this fact. Not one. Any other records that can be provided would do nothing to “identify”
    That one I forgot about. It is being brought up in the S.C. Wednesday, I believe. So yes, eventually, he will have to answer to some one, and I hope Sheriff Joe Arpao is standing right beside him when he has to tell the truth!!!

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    I was as sick of Questionman (I can understand why people would question whether he’s a man) and blocked him. There simply comes a point when one has racebaited all of the possible racebaiting combinations.

    “Democrat” hasn’t had anything to do with “democracy” for a very long time. Now it stands for “Demonic Bureaucrat.” The fact that they haven’t produced a budget for well over three years proves that they don’t bother to take defensible postures; they demagogue, they slander and they lie.

    VERY good presentation of Obama’s crimes against America; and I notice that you just stuck with the RECENT ones!!!

  11. EmmBliss Says:

    GUESS WHAT QUESTIONMAN? THERE IS NOT A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE! He is MULATO! A Mulato is white and black but he really looks more arab. And to be perfectly clear, he is actually a British Citizen, since his father was a citizen of Kenya which was a Protectorate of the British Empire. As most countries laws have it, the citizenship is based on the father’s citizenship.

    Additionally, according to the United States Constitution, Article II, in order to be President of the U.S., one must be a “Natural Born Citizen,” be 35 years or age, etcetera. One tiny detail. What is a “Natural Born Citizen?” Natural Born is when BOTH PARENTS are born in the United States. Barry’s Dad was born in Kenya! Native Born is when a person is born in the United States and therefore are a citizen. Notice difference between natural and native.

    More information, when his mother, was pregnant with Barry out of wedlock with the polegamist/adulterer Barrack Obama Sr.,a muslim. Stanley Anne Dunham was forced to get married to Barrack Sr. so Barry wouldn’t be a bastard. Turns out Barrark Sr. didn’t stick around too long, he wanted to pursue his education (plus Sr. also had already abandon his women back in Africa). Stanley Anne soon divorced Barrack Sr. Stanley Anne didn’t waste any time falling in love with another muslim from a faraway country. Stanley Anne married Mr. Soetoro and Mr. Soetoro adopted Barry and then Barry became a Muslim, because in Indonesia, when you are muslim and the head of the household you don’t let your American wife make decisions about the child you just adopted and is living in your house.

    So a few questions Questionman? How long are you going to play stupid? How long are you going to be played? If you are black, how long are you going to be kept down in the urban jungle? Your messiah Obama wants you to fail. You are just another vote for him. We want you to have knowledge and to succeed. Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he has fish for a lifetime. Go to Stop being used by Obama. You will never grow by working for a poor man or a socialist. Salvation is not collective. And no one goes to the Father except thru Jesus Christ alone!

  12. Trollolol Says:

    @ Questionman

    1) “Anyone who calls Obama “fraud” is without doubt is a disgusting racist!”

    Awesome, lets totally… how did you put it?

    “attack anyone or anything American , if they disagreed in anyway”

    2) “His birth certificate is REAL! He IS from Hawaii,You disgusting racists.”

    Where did anyone say anything about race in this thread? why are you caught up on that point?

    3) “his fictional account of Obama sticking his head up Russia’s a$$”

    So… what do you define as fiction? Because I define fiction as something that did not happen, this is appearing to have actually happened.

    4) “Why didn’t he let Osama go? Huh?”

    Seriously this ones a freebe, because he needed good press and a serious voter boost going into this next election.

    5) “I said it once, I’ll said again. This country is borderline disgusting. ”

    No one said you had to stay. If you feel so strongly about your country and your own people, why are you still here?

    and if you’re not here in the US, why are you talking.

  13. Michael Eden Says:


    Great synopsis of Questionman’s psychosis.

    Questionman is an example of pure, distilled racist hypocrite. It’s okay for him to rabidly hate white people but white people who think anything whatsoever about black people that he thinks about white people are evil.

    The way Questionman thinks, white people are completely entitled to be racists. Because all they’re doing is protecting their race and their perceived interests the way Questionman does with his race.

    Bottom line: either Questionman is a demon-possessed cockroach, or else we should just have the race war and white people should just exterminate all the competing races while we still have the numbers to do it.

    Me, I say Questionman is a demon-possessed cockroach and anyone – black, Hispanic, white, etc. who thinks the way he thinks is pure evil.

  14. John Sandy Boswell Says:

    Questionboy,I couldn’t make out what you were saying……Sounded like “Mumbleing” ,maybe you should try backing away from Obama’s Ass so we can hear you.

  15. charlie Says:

    Obama is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country, he is a traitor, racist, muslim, and he hates everything about this country. Anybody with anything less than [deleted by moderator for profanity] for brains would have to understand this! I don’t care if he is black or [deleted by moderator for profanity] purple-he is a worthless peice of [deleted by moderator for profanity].

  16. Michael Eden Says:

    As Cavuto would say,

    I’ll put you down as a definite maybe when it comes to approving of Obama.

    By the way, while I think Obama is perfectly at home with the radical jihadist view because he believes America needs to be chopped down just as the terrorists do, I really don’t believe that Obama is a Muslim. Because to be a Muslim he would have to first believe that there is some greater being in the universe than himself. And I truly don’t believe that Obama has that realization in his diseased soul.

  17. Mmmmmmmmm Says:

    The muzzy traitor is not worth talking about…just my two cents.

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