Who Starred In That Movie ‘The Shining’? Was It Jack Nicholson Or Was It Joe Biden From His Debate?

I lifted this from a previous recent post that had a slightly different point:

Joe Biden mocked a lot of things in his debate Thursday night.  He mocked Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, of course.  But he also began to grin like the village idiot pretty much every time Paul Ryan began an answer, as if to point out that the world’s most intolerant lunatics can’t emotionally handle a different opinion in any way, shape or form.

Psychologist and brilliant political commentator Charles Krauthammer said that Joe Biden’s debate preparation clearly consisted in watching the movie “The Shining”:

And it’s a classic comparison: I don’t know how Jack Torrance (Nicholson’s character in the movie) would have debated any differently than Biden if he wasn’t allowed to take his axe to the debate.  In fact, I’ll bet Jack Torrance would have been slightly more polite than Joe Biden, and refrained from interrupting Paul Ryan 85 times the way Biden did.

CNN (which for the record declared Ryan the winner in their polling by a 48 percent to 44 percent margin) had an interesting find that was somewhat surprising: it said that women thought that Paul Ryan had won the debate by a larger measure than men did – which is exactly the opposite that one would expect given that women are considerably more likely to vote Democrat than men.

I have a feeling that many women put themselves in Paul Ryan’s shoes and saw Joe Biden as an overbearing, domineering, patronizing rat bastard who would mock them and denigrate them and smirk while a woman was talking so that everybody would know he thought she was an idiot.  And they didn’t like it.  And that debate performance may hurt Obama more than a lot of people realize right now for the very reason that it emotionally turned off the very women voters that Obama is most counting upon.

A female Republican pollster on Huckabee’s program pointed out that Obama and Biden actually depicted the two kinds of men women most loathe: Obama as the passive, uncaring, uninvolved man who couldn’t even generate the emotional energy to manufacture a little bit of eye contact; and Biden as the overbearing, loutish, patronizing, dismissive blowhard.

Personally I’d rather see Jack Nicholson’s face mocking me from the side of the door he’d just smashed in with his axe.  I mean, yes, Jack Nicholson in character would try to kill me; but Joe Biden in character would try to destroy me, my entire family, my way of life and my entire nation.

Some Democrat apologist said that she appreciated Biden’s performance because Joe interrupted Ryan every time Ryan stretched the truth.  You know what I would have done if I’d been on that panel?  I would have interrupted that idiot woman every time she spoke and said she was stretching the truth so I could interrupt her.  Pretty soon, after being cut off – oh, I don’t know, for the eighty-fifth TIME – she would hopefully realize how vile the tactic that she applauded Biden for truly was.  Because you know what?  BOTH sides think the other side is lying – and if I act like Democrat Nazis and decide that I have a right to interrupt a liberal every single time I think they’re saying something that isn’t true, well, guess what: that Democrat will NEVER get to complete a damn sentence.

Morally intelligent people – and yes, I know, that excludes the entire universe of Democrats – understand that the purpose of a debate is for both sides to present their views, and for the AUDIENCE to get to decide who is lying and who is telling the damn truth.  And that would have happened Wednesday night if liberalism didn’t equal fascism.

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