The Political Left Is And Always Has Been The Side Of Racism

A good find, and some great information, from Factreal:

LEFTY RACISM: Donny Deutsch calls Marco Rubio a ‘Coconut’
Posted by FactReal on February 23, 2010

The Left’s Obsession with Darwinian Segregation
Donny Deutsch Slams Marco Rubio With Racially Charged Attack: He’s a ‘Coconut’:
“MSNBC and CNBC contributor — and professed Charlie Crist admirer — Donny Deutsch used racially charged language on Monday night, smearing Republican senatorial candidate Marco Rubio as a “coconut.” Deutsch appeared on HLN’s Joy Behar Show and used the word, which both the New York Times and Urban Dictionary define as a “person who is tan on the outside” and “white on the inside.” Rubio is the son of Cuban exiles.”
DEUTSCH: …Like, you know, this coconut Rubio down in Florida. You know-
BEHAR: What’s his name? I don’t know him. Rubio?
DEUTSCH: Marco Rubio. He’s running against Charlie Crist, who I think has done a great job. And he is the new great, you now, hope down there.
BEHAR: So, basically, these people, the tea partiers are basically angry with the right and the left for the same reason, that there’s fiscal irresponsibility?
DEUTSCH: No, they’re angry- they’re basically- their argument is- and I think there’s a lot of racism underneath it– is- “He, they, are taking your civil liberties away. They’re stomping on the Constitution. They’re telling us how many bullets we can have in our guns.”
video Marco Rubio
HotAir: Such is my ignorance of this particular slur that I didn’t grasp the outrage when I first watched the clip. I took “coconut” to be some sort of archaic Three-Stooges-esque putdown, like “dimbulb” or “numbskull.”
But MM has been tracking the racism from the leftMore on Coconut Donny
Democrats’ Racist History

Click on the two links on the bottom of the above article, and you’ll find a host of both historic and modern examples of flat-out racism from the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party accusing Republicans of racism is rather like Adolf Hitler accusing Poland of warmongering.  Sure, Hitler did it; but one had to be a complete moral idiot to believe it.

Sadly, moral idiocy seems to accompany a veering toward socialism.

A couple of my own recent examples of Democrat racism (and hypocrisy):

The Democrat Party As The Party Of The Clean, Light-Skinned, Coffee-Serving Negro

Harry Reid Invokes Slavery To Attack Republicans: The Real Story

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