Obama Blaming His Pathetic Economy On ‘European Debt Crisis,’ Which Is Funny: Because He’s Trying To Saddle U.S. With An ‘American Debt Crisis’

Obama spent the last four years blaming Bush.  While he will NEVER cap that well – because Obama is a weasel who pathologically refuses to take so much as a scintilla of responsibility for HIS economy – Obama is now turning to OTHER SOURCES OF BLAME as excuses for the fact that his entire presidency has been one long failure.  Obama is now saying he can’t be blamed for America’s slump because of the “debt crisis” in Europe

But let me just provide on headline for you to point out what a laugher that is:

Lying Obama Claims He Didn’t Increase Spending As USA Today Points Out Real Obama Deficits Actually $5.6 Trillion A Year

Obama Promised To Cut Deficit In HALF By Now; Instead He’s Given Us The Three Highest Budget Deficits IN HISTORY OF ENTIRE HUMAN RACE

Obama, After His 2012 Budget Was Voted Down 97-0 and His 2013 Budget Was Voted Down 414-0 BY EVERY DEMOCRAT, Has Chutzpah To Demonize GOP Budget As ‘Radical’

U.S. Now Has Highest Corporate Tax Rate IN THE WORLD (But Emperor Obama Says Business Must Render More Unto Him Instead Of Creating Jobs)

Another Little ObamaCare Surprise: How About A SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLAR Funding Gap?

‘Recovery’ My Democrat Donkey A$$: 2012 Government Spending Is Higher And Tax Revenues Are Lower Than Last Year

Obama’s And Democrats’ February Budget Deficit Of $229 Billion Is Almost FIFTY PERCENT MORE Than Last GOP Congress’ ENTIRE YEAR’S Deficit Under Bush

Who Spent More? Average Bush Vs. Average Obama Spending Per Day Proves Obama Most Reckless And Irresponsible EVER

Obama Demands $1.2 Trillion Debt Ceiling Extension – Making Him Responsible For $6.2 Trillion In Just Three Years

Obama Says Bush Increasing Debt $4 Trillion In 8 Years Was Irresponsible And Unpatriotic. So Obama Increasing Debt By $6 Trillion In 3 Years Is WHAT?

Barack Obama is the hell of socialist European debt and failure come to America.

Stop and think about Obama’s argument: “You can’t hold me responsible for the U.S. economy because it’s really the Euro debt crisis that’s responsible.”  And you’re supposed to overlook the fact THAT OBAMA HAS BEEN DOING EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER TO BRING THE VERY EUROPEAN DEBT CRISIS TO AMERICA THAT HE’S NOW BLAMING FOR AMERICA’S PROBLEMS.

It’s analogous to a cheating husband telling his wife, “You can’t blame me for my infidelity, honey.  It’s really the live-in-maid’s fault.”  And if the wife has an iota of sense she’s going to reply, “Hey, A$$HOLE, aside from the fact that you’re responsible for your own actions, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THAT LITTLE HUSSY INTO OUR HOUSE TO BEGIN WITH.  AND I KEPT TELLING YOU THAT THE SLUT DOESN’T EVEN BOTHER TO CLEAN!”

This abject hypocrisy of Obama blaming the very sort of condition that he is trying to create for what is going wrong is part of the reason that we can mock liberalism as a completely vacuous pseudo-intellectual bowel movement.

An Associated Press story gives us still another laugher: “World stocks fall on dismal US hiring report.”  You see, Obama is blaming the failure of EUROPE for America’s problems while the rest of the world is more rightly blaming the failure of AMERICA under Obama for the world’s problems.  You see the irony?  If you want to see the world under Obama’s leadership, it pretty much boils down to a bunch of pointing fingers.  And more and more fingers are pointing at Obama now.  Including life-long liberal Maureen Dowd.

What Obama is doing is no different than what Greece is doing: they’re both failures led by clueless idiot Marxist demagogues, after all.

I asked the question, “US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece. And Why Is That In The Age Of Obama???”  What I was pointing out (and see also here) was the fact that if more government spending was the answer, both the US and Greece ought to be THRIVING, right???  The fact of the matter is that Europe has been in a perennial state of economic doldrums for forty years BECAUSE of it’s out-of-control socialist spending.  And it’s just at the point that Europe is truly on the verge of collapse BECAUSE OF THAT SPENDING that Obama and the Democrat Party says, “We should be more like Europe.”

We really shouldn’t.  Which is why Obama is “the first downgraded president.”

And it’s why I say, “Move Over Greece. Obama Taking America To Bankruptcy: U.S. Debt-To-GDP Now Exceeds 100 Percent While Obama Spends $2.52 To Get Us A Lousy Dollar.”

Obama’s essential bet has been that he could declare open war with business and that if he demonized and attacked business enough that he could force businesses to grow and hire while repudiating capitalist profits.  And surprise, surprise, he’s as wrong as you can get.

We keep hearing about Greece, which has basically been in a perennial state of meltdown for the last two years while European socialist liberals keep trying to put one band aid after another over arterial spray bleeding.

But Greece is only the tip of the iceberg, and like REAL icebergs (sorry to pop your collectivist bubbles, global warming demagogues) the debt iceberg is getting bigger and bigger.

Let’s go to Spain:

Spain is in ‘total emergency’, the EU in total denial
After a Spanish exit from the euro, there would be nothing left to exit from.
By Janet Daley
9:00PM BST 02 Jun 2012

I’ve never actually heard the term “total emergency” before, at least not in the context of global economics. It sounds like the title of a disaster movie. When it is uttered in sober tones by the elder statesman of an advanced democracy to describe his country’s financial condition, the effect is rather startling.
The man who delivered this apocalyptic judgment, former Spanish prime minister Felipe González, being a socialist, might be expected to detest austerity programmes that require cuts to government spending. But there seemed to be few disinterested observers of Spain’s economy prepared to quibble with his assessment.
Forget Grexit. Greece’s teeny, tiny economy is a footnote now. As is Ireland’s decision – which seemed more like a sigh of resignation than a plebiscite – to engage in however much self-flagellation the EU gods insist on, for however long it takes. What might have seemed dramatic a week or so ago has now shrivelled in importance by comparison to the realistic possibility of a spectacular crash in the fourth largest economy in the EU. Spexit (and Spanic) are lodged in the lexicon, and have become part of the psychological reality that moves markets. The equivalent of more than £55 billion was withdrawn and transported out of Spain last month – and that was before the country’s largest bank was nationalised. No one seems to be kidding himself that the collapse of the Spanish economy could be somehow weathered and overcome, as the default of Greece might be.
There is no talk of firewalls, or of simply letting Spain go, or of the European banking system being re-capitalised to compensate for the losses that it would suffer. Nope. This is it. The cancer has now spread to the vital organs of the EU. Spain is not a peripheral Mediterranean country. It is not an insignificant player in the political project. It is not a marginal going-along-for-the-ride-and-the-free-money passenger on the euro train. Not only is its economy so large as to be indispensable, but its ties with Italy mean that the Italian economy (which is the third largest in the EU) would be fatally compromised by its fall. “Itexit” is almost unpronounceable, so perhaps it’s fortunate that it will never be required: after Spexit, there would be nothing left to exit from.
With Spain’s “total emergency”, the point at which denial and bluster become absurd has been well and truly reached, but this being the EU, the gamesmanship goes on. Still the pointless demands for “decisive action” continue, even though the only action that would possibly constitute a remedy is politically untenable if member states are to maintain any pretence of democratic accountability.

To repeat (sorry, but it does seem necessary) what I have said before on these pages: however much she is beaten about the head by blowhards in Brussels, Rome, London and Washington, Angela Merkel cannot let the ECB (in effect, the Bundesbank) print money to soak up the debts of Spain, Greece or Italy. To do that would not simply be to fly in the face of her own electorate’s wishes. (What the hell, you might say – every European political leader is doing that.) It would be to contravene the constitution which was enforced upon Germany by the post-war settlement. In other words, it would be both undemocratic and illegal within the terms of the German nation state which, for all the hokum about European political union, still exists. And there it is.
This is the heart of the irreconcilable contradiction on which the euro is being broken. As everyone has been saying, in order to be viable in the face of market pressures, a genuine currency (as opposed to a pretend one) must have a “lender of last resort” – a true central bank like the US Federal Reserve System. But this is impossible within the EU because the constitutions of member states are not compatible with each other or with the principle of underwriting debt across national boundaries (as the states of the US are under their genuinely federal system). So, either the existing democratic institutions and historical principles of all EU countries must be forcibly reconciled in a Year Zero political reconstruction, or there can never be a monetary union (let alone fiscal union) that will be sustainable. This is where we are.
What would such a reconstructed political entity look like (assuming that someone in the delusional European political class should think of trying it)? Presumably it would involve wealth redistribution on an epic scale – since the most urgent problem to be remedied is the disparity between the poor, indebted states and the rich, thrifty ones. Fiscal transfers (meaning Germany pays for everybody) would be an accepted, perhaps automatic, mechanism, thus creating more or less permanent dependency of the less productive on the more productive. We have grown accustomed in Britain to this form of cross-subsidy, in which wealth produced in the South East is channelled to the North. Even within one country with a shared identity and linguistic culture, it breeds some resentment and resistance.
Applied across the boundaries of nations whose peoples have profoundly different historical experiences and social attitudes – and whose democratic institutions have been shaped by their collective memories – it would be incendiary. And it is worth saying that there is nothing invidious in this. For Germans to refuse to bend in the face of shrill demands to (as they see it) debauch the currency is a sign of conscience: an unwillingness to forget the shame and criminality into which such a process led them in the last century. It is ironic that Germany itself was one of the great drivers of economic union, and specifically of the democratic socialist model in which “the rich nations help the poor ones” as José Manuel Barroso (who seems less and less capable of remaining in touch with reality) likes to put it.
Now the “socialist” and the “democratic” sides of this utopian vision are heading for a collision: the EU can embrace wealth-redistribution wholeheartedly – with the full works of a central bank, fiscal uniformity and no nonsense about the will of the people – or it can accept the separate, and morally defensible, differences between its member states which will mean thinking seriously about other options than browbeating Germany. Generally, when given a choice, Europe ditches the democracy and keeps the socialism – so I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Aside from the fact that Spain DWARFS Greece and pretty much guarantees that the “European debt crisis” is a monster that WILL get out of control and create an economic calamity, there’s another interesting fact about Spain: and that is that Spain was basically Obama’s model for “green jobs.”

Spain, you see, was the country that dived deep into the well of “green jobs” that Obama hailed as the answer to the U.S. economy.  The problem is that theory was and continues to be a giant load of crap.  In reality, the “green jobs” that Obama has been touting actually destroyed 2.2 actual jobs for every job they created.  And the jobs that were destroyed tended to be better paying jobs, at that.

The reality of Obama’s campaign to create jobs is that “Rapidly Worsening Labor Participation Rate Now Lowest In More Than THIRTY YEARS Under Obama’s Failed Regime. PLEASE LOOK AT HISTORY!!!

Now, I suppose that if you are a green energy enthusiast, you could still argue that green jobs haven’t been given a real chance in America because Barack Obama is so pathologically dishonest and corrupt in giving hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to his crony capitalist campaign contributors that he frankly belongs in a prison cell.

But other than that excuse, Obama’s and Spain’s “economic recovery plan” are a spectacular failure.

There are a couple of other things that need to be pointed out about the “European debt crisis.”  At the top of the list is the fact that liberals are constantly saying, “Spending cuts can’t possibly work!  They tried them in Europe and look what happened!”

Two things need to be pointed out: the first is the little fact that the troubled European countries NEVER actually “tried” austerity; what they did was first agree to austerity as a condition of receiving bailout loans, and then renege on any actual austerity in the wake of a constantly striking and rioting left.   France, for example, just elected a SOCIALIST to do the very opposite of what the IMF said they needed to do.  And isn’t it interesting that this open SOCIALIST’S major policies and Obama’s are virtually identical?

One place that DID try “austerity” is Belgium.  Here’s how that worked out:

Belgium economy: Austerity measures to save €11.3bn in 2012

The Belgian government’s austerity measures, which include public spending cuts and tax increases, aim to save €11.3bn in 2012. The budget also includes an increase in the early-retirement age to 60 years from 58 years (applicable from January 1st 2012 for new contracts and from 2015 for old ones).
The budget is based on the goals agreed with the European Commission in the 2010-13 Stability and Growth Programme: a reduction of the budget deficit from 4.2% of GDP in 2010 to 3.6% in 2011 and 2.8% in 2012. In January the government’s 2012 budget was criticised by the Commission for relying on an over-optimistic economic growth estimate of 0.8% for 2012. As this target is now unrealistic with the Belgian economy already in recession, the government announced in January that additional measures would be needed in light of a lower growth forecast for 2012 (0-0.5%).

When Belgium faced more problems, rather than riot, they cut more:

Coene Urges Additional Spending Cuts as Belgium Faces Economic Contraction
By John Martens – Feb 14, 2012 9:00 PM PT

Belgium needs additional budget cuts of at least 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) to meet its 2012 deficit target as the central bank forecast the euro region’s sixth-largest economy will contract this year.

Belgium’s budget deficit will reach 3.1 percent of gross domestic product this year following a 2011 shortfall of 3.8 percent that was narrower than previously estimated, theNational Bank of Belgium said today. The Belgian economy will contract 0.1 percent in 2012, the bank forecast, cutting a Dec. 14 prediction for growth of slightly less than 0.5 percent.

Central bank Governor Luc Coene urged Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo’s six-party coalition to maintain its deficit target of 2.8 percent of GDP this year and said an additional 1.3 billion euros of cuts are needed if the government wants to unblock planned expenditure that was frozen last month to win a reprieve from European Union sanctions.

“The growth rate in government expenditure remains a fundamental problem that needs to be solved and it is closely linked to an increase in public-sector employment,” Coene told reporters in Brussels on Feb. 14. His comments were embargoed until today. “One should do more to stimulate economic growthand make the budgetary correction a bit easier.”

And what happened?  Well, it sure surprised the hell out of the “experts”:

Belgium surprises with first-quarter return to growth
By Philip Blenkinsop
BRUSSELS | Wed May 2, 2012 4:31pm BST

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Belgium’s economy returned to growth in the first quarter and was not in recession in the second half of 2011 as initially thought, data showed on Wednesday, in an encouraging sign for the broader euro zone.

Gross domestic product grew 0.3 percent in the first quarter from the last three months of 2011 and by 0.5 percent compared with same period last year, Belgium’s central bank said.

The rise in output followed a quarterly contraction of 0.1 percent in October to December.

The positive news from a country closer to Europe’s core contrasts with data in the last week showing both the Spanish and British economies sinking back into recession.

First quarter figures for the euro zone, which shrank by 0.3 percent in the fourth quarter, will be published on May 15. Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands are also due to release their GDP estimates on that day.

Economists were surprised by the positive Belgian growth figures, having expected austerity measures announced at the end of 2011 to undermine consumer sentiment and domestic demand.

Well, what the hell.  Let’s consider the mindset of these leftist “experts”:

Which is why no matter how many times they are refuted, the leftist “experts” keep insisting we go deeper into “solutions” that produce still more debt and more failure.

That’s one thing to consider.  The second thing is the fact that American conservatives are not talking about “austerity” the way the socialists in Europe are: because whereas the European socialists see the crisis in Europe as being solvable only with higher taxes (think about that: the same government that spent too much now says it needs to tax more), American conservatives keep pointing out that cutting tax rates and incentivizing growth and investment not only grows the economy but ACTUALLY INCREASES TAX REVENUES.

The other fly in the ointment for the European model of “austerity” based on hiking taxes is the fact that our CBO has studied this issue and concluded that if we don’t extend the Bush tax cuts we are going to fall off a “fiscal cliff.”  Which again serves to demonstrate that the entire model the Europeans – and the Democrats in America – are following is completely wrongheaded.

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10 Responses to “Obama Blaming His Pathetic Economy On ‘European Debt Crisis,’ Which Is Funny: Because He’s Trying To Saddle U.S. With An ‘American Debt Crisis’”

  1. Penumbra Says:

    The man was in Europe recently and tried to make us start spending more of borrowed money to revive the European economy. My guess is that he hopes it will help the United States. But the crises started in the first place due to the very borrow-spend policies. This will only cause inflation and force the European Bank to raise interest rates. Result = 0.

    Germany with Merkel maintains the correct line and I hope they stand by it. Merkel’s policies is to stop borrowing-spending and begin restructuring and streamlining the European economies. Our Swedish government agrees to that.

    However, France has elected a socialist for president – Francois Hollande – so it does not look good. Germany must resist the pressure from the socialists’ duo Obama-Hollande otherwise the crisis will deepen even more.

    Hi, by the way! I have not commented anything on your blog for a long time, but I have not forgotten you.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    It’s funny, actually, Penumbra.

    Essentially Obama’s argument is that Germany has the moral duty of financing the citizens of other countries to retire YEARS earlier with benefits FAR greater than the citizens of Germany have.

    Germany should pay for people in France to retire seven years earlier than Germans get to.

    Of course, the same thing is going on in America with unions vs. private sector workers: Wisconsin government union workers collect on average $14,500 more than a private sector worker with similar qualifications earns. That government union worker gets more than TWICE the health care benefits than the private sector worker. And worst of all, that government union worker collects more than 4.5 TIMES more in pension benefits than the private sector worker collects. And Obama is arguing that it is morally incumbent upon private sector workers to bow down to their union government masters and lavish benefits that dwarf our own when those government workers live off our work and our taxes.

    Moral idiots are people who think wrong is right and right is wrong. That is the quintessence of liberalism.

    France has been, for the most part, completely morally idiotic since the vicious Reign of Terror in 1789. Nothing they do surprises me anymore.

    I stand with you praying that Germany can stand against the Frances, the Spains, the Greeces of the world who dive into socialism and then demand that functioning countries bail them out.

    P.S. We’re brothers in spirit, Penumbra, and I have no doubt we’ll be looking each other up in heaven even if we never meet on this earth. People like us don’t have to exchange comments every day for that kind of bond to endure.

  3. Penumbra Says:

    Yes Michael, we are brothers in spirit, absolutely. Thank you for putting it so well in words!

    When the unions gain a great influence on the government, it is the end of the market economy and democracy, as you know it. We know what that means, very well. Watch out carefully for it.

    In Sweden, the employers’ organizations are struggling to make the private export industry be the norm for wage increases. That should also be the case in the United States.

    I probably have said it before but I will say it again – it breaks my heart to seeing the United States in such a bad shape. In previous discussions here in Sweden, I have always pointed out the U.S. as an example of perfectly functioning market economy and democracy. In this aspect, you are beginning to look more and more like Europe. And it is bad news – also for Europe!

    The French president, the socialist and apparently Obama’s new friend, has made his first political reform, namely to lower the retirement age!? You do not know whether to laugh or cry.

    God bless you, Michael!

  4. Michael Eden Says:

    And may God richly bless you and yours, Penumbra!

    It was through the labor unions that first Marxism and then Italian and German fascism rose to power. And the demands that the American labor unions are making here in America and elsewhere make the demands of the unions in the first third of the 1900s look more tame than a stuffed teddy bear.

    In Wisconsin, the average government worker a) made $14,500 more than a private sector employee of similar qualifications; b) had health benefits that were more than twice as good as that private sector employee; and c) had a pension that was more than 4 1/2 times more lucrative than that private sector employee’s. And it’s not enough for them!!!

    Chicago teachers are threatening to go on strike if they don’t get a 30% pay increase – while other workers are happy just to have jobs!

    The average pension for a firefighter in San Jose was $95,336 a year and they could retire at age 50 AND continue working at another job.

    Wisconsin, San Jose and San Diego – all uber liberal – just told the unions “Oh, HELL no!”


    Freedom isn’t doomed here, as it is in so many other places on this planet.

    Europe has been economically stagnated for decades because of their flirtation with socialism, and just as Europe began actually falling off the fiscal cliff Obama and the Democrat Party came along and demanded that the United States be just like Europe!!! And in fact MORE socialist than Europe given our high taxes that Obama thinks aren’t high enough.

    The thing about liberalism – as with most all the other “isms” – is that it is a worldview that innoculates its adherents from reality. They cannot even possibly see the world as it actually is. It’s like the academic joke that if the facts don’t comport with their theory, well, so much the worse for the facts.

    The facts say that what the left wants is crazy and in fact evil. But they are more hell bent to impose their way than ever and as we have seen they will RIOT if they don’t get their way.

    And the American taxpayers are finally – FINALLY!!! – starting to say, “You people are simply insane.”

    As you know, Penumbra, America was never great because it had a great people who were superior to all other people. Rather, America became great because it had the greatest and freest economic system on earth. Take away our Constitution and replace it with a socialist system and we are a mediocre people at best who will whine with agony as the privations caused by socialism start to pile up.

  5. Penumbra Says:

    Thank you, Michael!
    What you saying is interesting and very surprising, to me.

  6. Michael Eden Says:


    I myself believe the (unfortunate) key in Wisconsin, San Diego and San Jose is selfishness that is creating – finally!!! – common sense.

    Liberals have supported the Democrat Party and the union agenda for decades. But – again, FINALLY! – more liberals are starting to wake up enough to realize that the government unions that suck their money from the taxpayers and keep demanding more and more and more are taking that money out of the pockets of all the citizens who DON’T work for the government.

    The government unions clearly have come to see themselves as a privileged class of elites who simply DESERVE salaries, benefits and pensions that dwarf the private sector workers who pay for all of those extravagant perks. And people are starting to say, “They want more than we can give them.”

    Now, you’ve still got your ideological leftists who simply say, “It’s wrong to take these benefits away from public sector union workers; rather, private sector workers should be given these same benefits, too.” And the person with common sense – common sense being something that people who go through hard times tend to start developing – asks, “Where is the money going to come from? Who is going to pay for those benefits?” And the answer is, “Unicorn magic and fairy dust.”

    I said in my first sentence that this particular species of common sense derives from selfishness. What I mean is that the liberals who overwhelmingly voted against the public sector unions would gladly vote to force other people to give them stuff (i.e., they’re still liberals and they’re still selfish, self-centered people), but in this case they realized that THEY are the host of the parasite rather than being what they WANT to be – which is the parasite who gets to suck off some other host.

    Still, it’s better than nothing. It’s a step in the right direction.

  7. Penumbra Says:

    I hope you’re right, Michael. It’s a bit of an up-down world with a public sector as a wage leader.

    The European Socialists are very good at providing certain benefits to large groups of people who then will definitely vote for them. The American Liberals may very well copy that tactics.

    However, we had an awakening in 2006 when we switched from a Socialist to a Liberal government. Unfortunately, it looks difficult for this government to retaining power after the next election, 2014, due to the weak economic situation in the world. We are a small country and extremely dependent on export. When it goes bad for Europe and the U.S. it goes bad for us too.

    The Swedish Socialists are struggling to return to power with promises that require higher taxes. They say that the money will be taken from the rich, but we do not have that many reach people and those that are really rich do not pay much tax, because they always find a way to escape. It will be as usual people like me, the middle class, who will pay for it and get absolutely nothing in return.

    So strange is the world, that we conservative Swedes are delighted when the Liberals take over the leadership from the Socialists! A conservative right does not exist in Sweden. I am hoping for a serious rightwing party founded on Christian values to immerge, but that looks very remote right now.

    However, that may change. The European Union is a Socialist/Liberal project and it seems to fail for that very reason. Politicians have “bought” people’s votes with borrowed money and free benefits. If the EU falls, there will be a possibility of major changes. People are beginning to realize that they have been ripped off and they are looking for new political solutions.

    Unfortunately, many Europeans seem to be attracted by the extreme right – the Nazis, or the extreme left – the Communists. That is what we see in Greece today. The situation is becoming increasingly complex. People do not seem to be as sensible here in Europe, and are angry that they have lost their good lives based on borrowed money by the very governments that they now hate but voted for, in the first place. What happens next depends very much on whether the European economies will recover or not.

    P.S. “Unicorn magic and fairy dust” is a funny expression! I’ll try to remember it.

  8. Michael Eden Says:


    I know what it’s like to have to choose between a bad guy (in your case party) or a worse one. We’re going through that right now, and we went through it in 2008 with John McCain vs. Barack Obama. I haven’t actually been truly proud to vote for a candidate since Ronald Reagan.

    I agree with Charles Krauthammer: “You should vote for the most conservative candidate who can win.” The idea of throwing away my vote on someone who isn’t resonating even when that candidate most/best represents my values has never made sense to me. We need to reform the Republican Party here in America, but to vote for some third party merely guarantees that a far worse party will hold power. How is that good? So I’d be with you voting for the liberals and cheering the defeat of the socialists. Even though I was gagging in between my cheers.

    I’ve frequently used the expression made famous by Obama’s former pastor for 20 years: “God damn America.” When God damns a nation, this phenomneon is exactly what you get: there IS no good candidate or a good party. Every choice is the choice between the lesser of two evils at best. A spirit of evil and deception owns a nation and the chance for genuine righteousness is impossible unless and until that nation falls on its face before God.

    I believe that the world is in the last days before Antichrist comes at last. But I pray for more time for the world and for my country. That said, when the beast comes, the whole world will worship this final, ultimate big government totalitarian and take his mark upon them. And that includes the USA just as much as it includes Sweden. I frankly never understood how America would succomb to that evil until 2008. But having already seen America fall prey to a false messiah, I can easily see her doing it for an even greater demagogue possessing the ultimate charismatic spirit of humanism.

    It has ALWAYS been the way of the socialist to offer the dysfunctional majority an opportunity to help themselves to the success and wealth of others. It is the Achilles heel of any democracy. It is why American founding father John Adamns said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Only a righteous people will make good choices when empowered to do so. Bad people will invariably choose bad ideologies, bad parties and bad candidates. Democracy is NOT an inherent good; as we are seeing in Egypt, it is an easy means to an end for a bad people to choose worse leaders.

    It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” We now clearly see his wisdom. Western Civilization is now in a death spiral in which it keeps voting itself more of somebody else’s money. And you can only do that for so long before catastrophic collapse is inevitable.

    When America collapses, it will happen overnight, with the “experts” assuring as that everything is fine just before we fall. Our debts are a cancer, and the cancer is spreading. We’re sick and getting sicker, but the sugar pills we keep taking help us feel peppier while the cancer spreads out of control within us.

    I actually argue that Nazism is NOT “the extreme right.” Nazism was socialism:the “National Socialist German Workers Party.” Nazism was German fascism, and fascism is national socialism whereas communism is international socialism. Workers of the world unite behind Stalin versus workers of Germany unite under Hitler. We’re not talking about “the extreme right” versus “the extreme left.” Rather, we’re talking about the extreme left (communism) versus the far right OF THE EXTREME LEFT (fascism). Under communism, the state simply nationalizes and owns what had been the private sector outright. Under fascism, the state imposes its will over the private sector through government decree/executive order, through regulation and through government-business partnership. In both cases, it is the STATE that determines what the private sector is allowed/not allowed to do. That’s not the right wing – at leat it most certainly isn’t by any American standard of what it means to be “right wing”; fascism IS the political expression of the left.

    In fascism, the government shapes the economy and decides which private companies are winners and which ones are losers. If you want your business to be a “winner,” you fall in line with the government agenda. Otherwise you will be driven out of business and probably end up in prison as well. In fascism, business cooperates with the government – whether willingly or under duress – and produces what it is told to produce. That is NOT right wing conservatisim.

    Conservatives favor free markets (the word “capitalism” which is used so frequently by the media was actually a rhetorical devise coined (or at the very least made famous) by Karl Marx who wanted to destroy freedom and the free markets that accompanied freedom. Fascism is every bit as antithetical to freedom and free markets as communism is.

    When you look at the Nazi Party platform, you see hardened LEFT WING socialism all over it:

    The abolition of unearned income;
    Nationalization of trusts;
    Inclusion into profit-sharing;
    Increase in old-age pensions;
    Creation and maintenance of a sound middle-class;
    Aguarian reform, which included the siezing of land without compensation;
    State control of education;
    Creation of a “folk” army to supplant or replace the regular army;
    State control of the press

    I write more about that here.

    Another question, if someone is going to say that “Hitler was a conservative,” is just what the heck was Hitler trying to “conserve”??? He was a radical “progressive” trying to “fundamentally transform” Germany, bottom line. Ernst Nolte – an expert on the subject – defined fascism as “the practical and violent resistance to transcendence.” Why did Hitler want to exterminate the Jews? Because he believed that by killing the Jews he could “kill God” and put an end to the transcendence-based moral law that had governed Western Civilization for 2,000 years. It is literally insane to label Hitler a conservative: Hitler was the ultimate “progressive” trying to create an entirely new world order.

    Those who argue that fascism and communism are polar opposites because they fought each other apparently don’t understand that they fought each other so bitterly BECAUSE they were so close ideologically. They competed for the same group of people who favored socialism. It’s like Coke versus Pepsi; it’s not like Coke and Pepsi are fighting against the orange juice market. It’s like Barbie dolls versus Bratz dolls; they’re virtually identical, but they are fighting each other to the death instead of fighting Lego Blocks.

    I’ve quoted Gene Edward Veith on this subject:

    “Part of the problem in recognizing fascism is the assumption that it is conservative. [Zeev] Sternhell has observed how study of the ideology has been obscured by “the official Marxist interpretation of fascism.” Marxism defines fascism as its polar opposite. If Marxism is progressive, fascism is conservative. If Marxism is left wing, fascism is right wing. If Marxism champions the proletariat, fascism champions the bourgeoisie. If Marxism is socialist, fascism is capitalist.

    The influence of Marxist scholarship has severely distorted our understanding of fascism. Communism and fascism were rival brands of socialism. Whereas Marxist socialism is predicated on an international class struggle, fascist national socialism promoted a socialism centered in national unity. Both communists and fascists opposed the bourgeoisie. Both attacked the conservatives. Both were mass movements, which had special appeal for the intelligentsia, students, and artists, as well as workers. Both favored strong centralized governments and rejected the free economy and the ideals of individual liberty. Fascists saw themselves as being neither of the right nor the left. They believed that they constituted a third force synthesizing the best of both extremes” [Gene Edward Veith, Jr., Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview, p. 26].

    And it’s the people who believe in the same “Unicorn magic fairly dust” who believe either one or the other… :)

    P.S. I wrote an article titled “Hitler Wasn’t ‘Right Wing’, Wasn’t ‘Christian’; And Nazism Was Applied Darwinism” that I think you’d find interesting.

  9. Penumbra Says:


    The attempts to single out conservatives as fascists and Nazis are the socialists’ and the liberals’ way to discredit us so that they can keep us away from power. We have a job to do explaining that this is not the case.

    There are many differences other than those you mentioned. Nazis are racists and they still hate Jews. They are followers of traditional racist theories from the 1930s and they still want to annihilate the Jews. I like the Jews, I respect them, and I recognize their right to their land of Israel. U.S. supports Israel, which is one reason, of many, to be America’s friend.

    I have debated with the Nazis on the Internet, anonymously of course. I find them disgusting and I hate them as much as the communists.

    I am in favor for democracy and democratic elections. However, I would like to see some changes in voting rights. I want to raise the minimum age to vote from 18 years (in Sweden today) to 24. People who do not speak the national language should not be entitled to vote, because they do not understand the debate. I suggest that people who misbehave lose their voting rights. In Sweden, even the criminals in prison are allowed to vote. I would like to see the right to vote as an honor which can be lost if you do not turn out to be a good citizen.

    It does not look good for the Western world. However, we must continue fighting against the decay of the society as long as possible. But if the last hour is on its way so be it. No one will be happier than me to meeting the returning Jesus Christ.

    And yes, I also miss Ronald Reagan. In Sweden, our mainly socialist media made him to a buffoon, but he was a great man. He and Maggie Thatcher were a fantastic duo. We have much to thank them for.

    P.S. Thank you for the link to your article! I will read it in the coming couple of days.

  10. Michael Eden Says:


    My point is that ultimately, the Nazi hatred of the Jew wasn’t “racist,” but theological. Were the Nazis racist? You bet they were. They thought that the Russians, for example, were subhuman. They certainly had similar thoughts about black people.

    But why target the Jews so fanatically? It “transcended” race because the Jews as the people who “invented” God and wrote the Bible were the people who represented a transcendent God. And by expunging the Jews, the Nazis believed they could expunge God and transcendent morality once and for all. That was ultimately their purpose.

    As a Christian, I believe that not only are the Jews still “the people of God” (in a way that no other ethnic/genetic people can claim), but that God still has a plan for Israel and Jews. We are in the Church age; when that period ends (with the Rapture) and the Tribulation begins, God will turn His face to Israel once again and ultimately God will fulfill every single promise He made to Israel.

    But as a thought experiment, let’s say that the Nazis hated the Jews exclusively because they were racist. The next question is, “How does THAT make them “right wing”???? Other than the fact that what we continually see is that the left ideologically and demagogically defines anything they don’t like as coming from their opponents. The fact is, however, that I can talk about “left wing racism” until the sun goes down. The Soviet Union practiced outright genocide. Take for example ethnic Ukrainians: Stalin murdered some 10 MILLION of them – more than Hitler killed Jews. The Soviets were also practicing genocide of their aboriginal peoples well into the 1950s when countries like America were feeling guilt for their treatment of their aborigines (American Indians) for going on a century prior to that. In America, the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the DEMOCRAT Party and attacked blacks and white REPUBLICANS. Woodrow Wilson, often called “the father of the progressive movement,” was a thoroughgoing racist who resegregated much of America. The 1924 Democrat National Convention was so dominated by the Ku Klux Klan that it was called “Klanbake.”

    My point being that anybody who tries to assert that “racism is right wing” is merely a fool.

    And of course the same sort of fools that try to do that also argue that Nazism was “right wing” because it was militaristic. And it sounds good because don’t American conservatives want a strong military? But there’s a little problem of HISTORY: the Soviet Union was NOT militaristic??? Seriously??? As a soldier during the Reagan years, I can assure you that the military of the USSR DWARFED America’s; and even the combined power of the NATO nations TOGETHER were dwarfed by the USSR military machine. In April 1961, the Chinese military actually boasted that they had an army of 200 MILLION active duty and militia soldiers. We can look at North Korea and many other communist countries and clearly see that “militaristism” in absolutely NO WAY makes an ideology “right wing.”

    And in the same way, any argument that somebody tries to make that “Nazism is right wing because …” can be blown apart.

    Nazism was “right wing” in the sense that it represented the “far right” of the extreme left If you were a socialist, Nazism WAS “right wing.” But the thing is that if you are a socialist, YOU ARE LEFT WING. There’s the rub.

    In America, we have the same problems that you have with voting. Ballots must be printed in Spanish and given that a requirement for citizenship is the ability to speak English, you kind of wonder how these people are citizens and yet can barely speak a word of English. It is a fact that “Along with showing a basic knowledge of U.S. history and government, applicants for citizenship are required to display an ability to read, write and speak ordinary English.” And while there are exceptions to this, IT IS THE LAW. And yet that law has been tossed away and NOBODY has to speak English or demonstrate any understanding of the English language in order to vote.

    And as you point out for your Sweden, such people have absolutely no comprehension of what America is, or stands for.

    America historically has been a “melting pot.” The Statue of Liberty says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” The idea was that other nations can send us the people they think are their REJECTS. But if they yearn to be free, they will contribute to the greatness of America. But that was at a time when America demanded that its immigrants BECOME AMERICAN. They were expected to “melt in” and be absorbed by embracing commonly held American beliefs and values. That has been completely spurned. And now there is no longer any common uniting thread connecting “Americans” together. It is a shame and the very thing that made us great (immigrants) is now leading to our undoing.

    The founding fathers understood these things far better than most people today understand. That was why they limited voting to property owners, to people who had an actual STAKE in what happend to “their country” (literally).

    As a former soldier, I believe that military personnel deserve privileges that those who have not served do not. If you are in uniform and deemed suitable to die for your country, I believe that you should enjoy ALL the privileges that citizenship provides the day you are sworn in. With that exception, I agree that “18” is an idiotic age to allow a LOT of privileges that we bestow.

    It’s interesting: the American press gave Reagan the same treatment your Swedish press did. But there’s one difference: In America, we LIVED with Ronald Reagan, and therefore we know that the media was full of crap. According to Gallup – the foremost polling organization in America – Ronald Reagan is America’s greatest president. And may God bless his soul.

    May God bless YOUR soul as well, Penumbra. I’m always pleased to hear from you.

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