Obama Has Insurmountable Lead Over McCain… In France

In France, historically the European country with the strongest anti-American sentiment, 80 per cent would back Mr Obama, while Mr McCain would receive a derisory 8 per cent.

That’s right.  In the European country that most despises Americans, Barack Obama has a 10-1 lead over John McCain.

And we can fondly reminisce about Obama’s celebrated appearance before massive crowds before Hitler’s Victory-Tower phallic symbol and think of how great it would be if the American election were held in Germany, where Obama leads 67% to 6%.

Barack Obama also has a stranglehold on the Islamic “death-to-the-Great-Satan-America!” vote.

Barack Obama is a Harvard-trained lawyer.  If he can figure out a way to get the election moved – on a “change of venue” grounds – to one of those countries in which only the tiniest fraction of the people believe that America is a force for good in the world, he can win the White House in a slam dunk.

What can I say?  Woe is me, for I have an overwhelming compulsion to thumb my nose at countries that despise the United States.  And the more they hate us, the more I want blow a raspberry at them.

Campaign Slogan: Piss off France – vote for McCain-Palin

Alternative Campaign Slogan: Suck it yourself, Hollywood sluts – vote for McCain-Palin

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2 Responses to “Obama Has Insurmountable Lead Over McCain… In France”

  1. Wingman Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. America deserves an American as President for America. I have said that fifty times when the Two Clowns were described or idolized as Global Candidates. When Obama and Hillary were still enemies, I called them the Terrible Two or the Two Clowns.

    But my warped mind saw the baby [what do you call it] sticking the tongue out and your slogans in a Web page called Archive for September 2008. This baby may fill the place of the cartoon to start with. We change the slogan, put the November Election date in and have a slogan along the lines I suggested adapted for the baby making him say: ‘’My daddy could have told you that you were fighting McCain but your big ears were so full of your own voice with that silly “four more years of Bush” song you didn’t hear anything.’’

    Look at any other little things you guys can locate and let’s get some going. If you would ask one of your assistants to find similar possibilities and put them in any site like this one; just let me know where and I will help to select slogans or captions. We must not drop the cartoon, get your crayons ready but let us hit them with some babies meantime.

    About France: they have just plain simple never forgotten the shame of being rescued by America in the big War.

  2. Michael Eden Says:

    Just a note on the last paragraph:

    In the 60’s, France under Charles de Gaulle had become increasingly arrogant and anti-American. And de Gaulle started a campaign to get American troops out of Europe. President Lyndon Johnson said that this would take some time, as we would have to dig up the bodies of the thousands of American soldiers who died invading Normandy to save France in WWII. De Gaulle promptly dropped his demand.

    We get these moral lectures from countries that have been THE most evil, and THE most cowardly. Screw them.

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